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2007 - 2008

Telepathic Communication

Telepathic-communication is simply another dimension of current mind communication. 

Telepathy and the construct of being able to communication telepathically, is the manifestation of what communication has become as the current nature of communication: Which is communicating from the mind, in the mind and as the mind, not as self here equal and one as the living word in expression.

Furthermore, the introduction of telepathy is to exalt some select few to attain their desire to be defined and seen as special in their own eyes and through others' eyes.

I'd suggest focusing on what is real here, you actually communicating you and hearing the words you speak clearly, for within speaking you as sound as you express - you hear you - and can within this effectively assist and support you to hear you as the words you speak to see for you, yourself self honestly within what words, as what words you're not yet one and equal as, but where words consist of ideas/perceptions/beliefs/definitions in separation of you, thus speaking from the mind in separation, instead of actually speaking you here equal and one as the living word in expression.

Furthermore, I'd suggest considering rather focusing on self communication as self intimacy, applying self forgiveness aloud, hearing the words, hearing you, hearing for yourself whether the words as self forgiveness spoken, is actually you self forgiving you, you living self forgiveness as actual practical self change, or whether you're merely speaking empty words of self forgiveness hoping it'll change you, instead of realizing that you must change you as the words as self forgiveness spoken in the moment.