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2007 - 2008

What are Demons?

Basically a demon is any being alive or dead that no longer is able to switch themselves off from their specific thoughts constructs and emotions.

We perceive that a demon is a dead person only, yet I am able to tell you that in essence whether you're dead or alive the basic understanding within your mind consciousness design as a human being applies in both realities. If you're an emotionally charged angry being (alive) and you become obsessed by your anger as a self-defined expression then it eventually consumes you and then de-humanizes you. Demon/de-manned – is what I'd term the expression of demons as.

Thereafter, when you cross over to the dimensions, you will then be no other than a demon. Demons as we all know, that exist in the dimensions are human beings as mind consciousness who at the moment of death yet again could not let go of their earthly obsessions as emotions and thoughts of who and what they had become and were - while still experiencing themselves on earth.

This is how a demon is created: Human beings who throughout their lives become stuck in one thought application which they weren't to able to let go of as a self-defined construct of who and what they were on earth. They later on in their lives don't even realize how their entire existence has evolved around this one thought (usually generated by a singular emotion). Then when you die you pass over within this same thought and emotional construct and due to your anger for your own experience on earth you end up fighting with whomever you are able to due to how you have immense compound emotional energy as anger for instance that you need to express in the form of self-destruction.

Self-destruction is somewhat complex when you're dead and you experience very little about who you are or what happens and become of you. If you are able to inflict pain and sufferings on the living then you are somewhat satisfied – the role demons played within the interference of human beings' experience of themselves.

A demon is also only able to be a being that requires strength from other living beings; therefore possession is yet again not just for the dead. Anybody who requires possessing a person for their essence or drain and utilizing their strength will therefore fall into the category of a demon – using for instance superiority expressions on those that experience themselves as inferior and unworthy. The inferior and unworthy give the superior the power and control to be who they are and allow for abuse and manipulation.

You see, demons as we know them dimensionally were as a direct result of what they allowed or experienced when they lived on earth. Demons were beings lost within their own mind consciousness system – even when crossing over to the dimensions after their experience on earth. No-one, no beings in the dimensions had ever turned to support demons – instead they feared them, leaving them to infinitely be lost within their own thought and emotional construct system.

To give you an example for instance: We still found Piet Retief within the demon dimension – still chasing after Zulu's which had passed over with him during the war they had participated within – after 200 years!

There were for instance children who had passed over many years before – moving within the demon dimension asking and searching and looking for their parents – with no-one supporting them at all – no beings.

Be as it may, demons are no longer around due to the fact that heaven (the dimensions) have assisted the demons and released them from their application. This was done about a year ago with the support of a group of people, we ensured that all beings lost and trapped in expressions such as demons experienced the process of forgiveness so they may set themselves free from that which enslaved them as one thought and emotional construct of which they had never been given any method of how to release themselves from it.

If you know of anybody who claims to be experiencing demonic activity then look no further than the human mind.

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Questions about Jack’s Dead man’s diary articles


" How did he get permission to "walk in" on all these folks who were barely capable of identifying a real reality let alone an entity? Was their own higher-self insufficient to answer in their reach for desperation? Or, are we to suppose that the entity named "Jack" is the "All that is for this universe" and has the right to answer this call? Are we truly Jack, individuated? Do we own that story (you know, the one Tobias told)? Are we willing to set it free in order to change? We now longer need to know the inner machinations of the mind. We are adequately aware!

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(Typed through Andrea)

Date: 15 July 2007

Yes it seems to all beings who's responses I have 'monitored' after my article, that it is somewhat shocking and irrational that I as the being that I am here with all my support and assistance methodologies as I walk beside Bernard and co. - why would I have wanted to become the worst beings in the world? Well my friends have you ever heard of the saying 'do onto others as you want done to yourself'? This saying to me is quite relevant here even though you might perceive it as somewhat misplaced? Yes do unto another what you would have done for yourself. I was willing to risk myself to maintain the equilibrium that will be required from the dimensions to truly assist and support man kind.

The assistance modality that Bernard is able to work with is vast as he truly understands the human mind - because he understands and has transcended his own mind. What's fascinating is that if you transcend your own mind, you'll have the ability to assist all of humanity transcending their mind, because all minds are exactly the same: There's no difference! The dimensions are able to assist you with the same because of the fact that we have been each of these mind creations or at least studied them in depth (all done though within the being). However for Bernard to get to the point where he is able to truly assist any being that walks through the door we will require to build up a system where we are able to have many beings stay with us and work with them extensively, supporting them. Do you think for a moment that pretty words will correct and stabilize this world? No somebody has to become the worst imaginable traits within the human being for it to fully be understood and then STOPPED. If you were in my shoes and the only way to truly understand the rapist would have been to step into that with full understanding - would you have done it? Would you have done it in the understanding that the rapist, as who the rapist really is 'beyond' their system becoming as a rapist, is equal and one with who you really are, then risking everything to directively support the rapist 'out of' their becoming of a consciousness system rapist into self realization as who they really are equal and one with who you are.

Realize, you may have different manifestations of consciousness systems within this world as who and what human beings have become, so therefore, you are no different to the rapist because at this very moment you are but a consciousness system! All of humanity has become different manifestations of consciousness systems in this world - you're one too Shelly and if you deny the existence of the rapists' actions, judge it or resist it etc. what else are you doing but judging, resisting and denying the consciousness system within yourself as who and what you have allowed yourself to become...

The question that you ask comes from the perspective of 'how on earth does me validating what I had to do, make it any easier on your ability to make peace with demons that exist in each being?' Yes during my writings you will come to understand that during the preparation work for this process I use to be a demon - long story short I will go into more detail soon but for now understand that I have walked in the shoes of each application possible to get the results to be able to direct human beings, who are equal and one with who I am, from consciousness systems to the realization of who they really are.

Demons were quite simply the law upon all ruthlessness. Given the fact that I knew exactly what I was doing at all times while I was either in the application mentioned in my articles or whether I was losing myself in the demon application, the point is that no matter what humans were never the wiser with regards to who walked inside of them. The dimensions under the rule of the White Light were quite simply not allowed access to any being unless they were being directed with specific 'heavenly beings' watching over the process or they were given direct text, to speak and even how to express the words! Even though the White Light was the manifestation of all control of the mind of the human they had no control over the demons.

So what did I become early into this process - a demon. This allowed me to walk within beings as the White Light did nothing to demons. This gave me freedom to get the work done. I was able to communicate and interact with beings that would not have been possible if I had been with the 'White Light'. It was the standing between the sanity I once knew and the delving into a pit of darkness that I not only had to simulate and place as my own reality but, most fascinatingly I had to still remain lucid through it all incase I truly got myself lost!

This took many attempts before I eventually got myself fully into this application where I was able to stand within the being as they were applying yes I was one part demon one part Jack. I had made a pledge right in the beginning of this process along with many others to never allow us as the beings responsible for this planet to fail. Many of us in that moment realized that in order for this to work we had to place ourselves according to certain 'time and gridlines into very taxing processes of both understanding self as well as follow through on the application of understanding what is called human 'nature'.

Your one question to me was how I got permission? Well to put it frankly as you mentioned humans are not even aware of the words they utter from their constantly 'in use' mouths let alone be able to realise that they are standing before the most vicious demons known to man kind. I quite personally never even saw a flicker of recognition from people who called themselves 'psychic or intuitive'. Not even intuitive people who are able to foretell your cards were able to recognize demons, and this is how we worked from even the smartest psychic to somebody half asleep: --> The dimensions at that stage as we have mentioned consisted of many levels (called astral planes). During my application here on earth (as I came with many) as the standing within understanding of the human psyche I placed myself in these currencies that required of me to be able to slip into the human. I was quite a clever bugger (and would like to say still am) when it came to understanding the words spoken by humans and how to express my desire to speak to their minds, giving me the opportunity to 'slip' past all defenses.

Let us say you are a murderer, your entire mind is created within a specific structural resonance so that you may become that of the murderer. Now I approach as I am to become one with you, fully prepared and knowing of how to infuse myself into your entire mind system. Originally I used words to speak myself into the beings head if I required to direct them or ask questions, yet in the case of observation it was more the monitoring of their inner dialogue as well as the observation of the inner activation thoughts/words used which they were to act upon. So there the being sits with the current mind creation that is him/herself (as you are physical, emotional, psychologically). Now I stand beside you, initially me being me, you just there in your application. What I was then able to do was one of two things:

1. I would either in the moment that you became 'tuned' into you structural resonance as the murderer, just step in holding myself locked into that mind set, creating the mental fusion required for me to fully understand. So later on when the murderer was back to his/her 'normal' way of behaving (when they were not accessing the murderous traits) I would not be linked to the mind. Yet when the murderer engaged their 'mindset' (I use this to describe the structural resonance that is the mind set) of being the murderer from preparation to follow through, I would then myself get locked back into that 'mode'. My mind would then for that period of time become the murderers mind.

2. The other method that I used was to start walking within the being earlier in their life as they started to access the points within their structural resonance that finally turned them into a murderer. This was usually the longest process as I would stay with the being as they transformed themselves for many days, sometimes weeks. This was done so that I may come to understand how the murderer came to be from an 'innocent' person to juvenile delinquent. This method was the most horrible for me because as you are able to imagine the days went on with me having to stay inside the being watching them, me still as myself and the person fully themselves. Then as they start 'preparing' themselves according to all the points within their structural resonance I would just stay within them watching observing, 'taking notes'. Then once the being had expressed themselves I would step from their body and return to my dimension.

So the two ways that I was able to access the human mind was either becoming interlocked into the mind so that no matter where I was I would immediately have full understanding or I would walk within the being monitoring their lives. With the first one no matter where I was, once the interlocked connection became that of what the person was busy with, I would, no matter what my current application, (whether going about my business with other things) become locked into the mind of the murderer. How I had designed this within me (yes dimensional beings are able to do exactly that) was that whenever I became the mind set of the being I was working with (sometimes I was locked into many beings) I would immediately move that part of myself back to the being so that I was able to stay with them, not bringing myself to harm either, meaning I would rather have that part of myself attached to the being then me floating around the dimensions as a murderer.

This was done as follows: the dimensional beings are a particular frequency of energy. We are able to become therefore the energetic of anything, changing our own frequential energy to that of another. We are therefore able to become a particular mind set, a demon, an entity, an emotion, anything just by changing our energetic structure to that of what we are to become. I mostly stayed with about two beings at a time, splitting myself up so that no matter where I was that part was always able to go to the being I was working with. Depending on the situation and how much focus it required I would either just stay with two people or if I was just monitoring beings I would split myself up to as many as 100 beings. This ensured that I was able to find safety for myself in the presence of the being.

This was something like the attachment of an entity onto a beings energy field. I would immediately be placed beside the beings body almost like when you strap a baby to somebody's back. It was an instant lock onto the beings body as energy attracts and connects to energy. I would be locked into their energetic signature as they started with their expression, remaining for example next to their arm or near their head. This placement of myself also then allowed the same application or shall I say placement of the leech! By doing this I attached myself to be able to lock into the beings body or mind. This specific placement of myself either next to the arm or behind the neck/head area allowed me to 'peek' into the person's body (torso and legs) to check for physiological changes or to see where the pathways of the mind (neurology in relation to the actions/deeds) are running/activated.

So to get back to the question on how I got permission: I would like to use an example that you and all other beings are able to relate to. Let say the mind for a moment (which it is) is like a great big TV and broadcasting PRODUCTION station. What signals come in determine the signals that go out in the form of what is produced within you as your structural resonance. Your structural resonance becomes the 'making and directing' of the movie, which is then structurally locked into your broadcasting station (your physical body) - then broadcasted to all of the world (as your pictures and deeds)who you have become as you are now this new movie (refer to Bernard's article on TV and broadcasting stations).

This means one thing and one thing only - each human is and always has been the direct result of other's input into who you become. They send out signals all the time and you allow yourself to become that which others direct you as. So as for me stepping into a being to watch or direct them is quite simple. The question here is why would I want to use this 'antenna and input' system when it is the exact thing we are working at re-programming in each being? Well we have to start with what we know about the human form. What we see within each being has always been more than this. So for a moment yes we stood within beings directing or monitoring their lives. Something that each human (except those that are willing to ask the questions) are not even aware of is how many demons WERE actually walking around inside each and every human. When we started taking out demons (which we did approximately a year ago) we were astonished at how many people were walking around with multi-levels of demons existing within them! There were even levels that existed within each being that encompassed their current level of consciousness. These levels were accessed (as I did myself) by the demons, as each demon had their own requirement! So when you hear people blabber on about multi levels of consciousness as well as my all time favorite the seven chakras - well thanks to that the demons had the time of their lives. Imagine seven fast food 'joints' that either offers you burgers, pizza or just a milkshake. Everything that the demons needed lived within the human as their 'fast food' needs.

Demon possession alone, from the perspective of the demon is worth watching this space for. We will soon be giving each being here on earth the truth about how badly most beings were possessed - sorry. So as for permission - why not when humans are walking talking broadcasting stations - open to anybody wanting to program you. Only now that we are bringing it to your attention are you actually able to become aware of you antenna and inner broadcasting working - and are you able to actually start monitoring what you produce. So yes some might say that what I did was rather shocking and you ask if it was really all that necessary - why could I not just have said ' oh heck lets make peace with the mind so that it doesn't cause global trouble'. Well to tell you the truth the greatest truth that exists within this world is the extent to which consciousness has given you the impression that it is this little problem that requires a little bit of understanding - and wham you have global peace. No- what is happening is that consciousness has what one may call many layers consisting of plan B, C, D, E.......the list goes on. When you start asking of these levels to just go away in the name of peace then consciousness has trapped you somewhere between level D and E. Then you float blissfully unaware again for the next 1000 years until you wake up to children still being raped and you bolt upright saying 'oh crap it's still happening'. So now we have found that one way that is the most effective is the full understanding of consciousness that require somebody to do the dirty work. But in actuality we will all be doing 'the dirty work'. This will be done by heaven standing inside the being and understanding FULLY what they are doing and why - then you guys here on earth will take that which we have understood and practically use it. So we will all come together in our own 'unique' applications and utilize each others 'strengths' as well as our own expansions as we go along and get this done. You are either a part of the solution or you daydream in lalla land in the dream world that consciousness presents. So there you have it - Jack is here to assist you and if it means being the sick guy with the track record then so be it.

I have a simple question for you: You're asking me where I got permission and it's simple. I gave myself permission. All and everything of you is known within the dimensions and there exist no secrets of any human being in existence, and the relevancy of who exactly takes what responsibility in terms of humanities process here on earth is not important. The question I have is as follows: You, as who you are now, have been enslaved by dimensional beings designing a consciousness system within you, designing your entire pre-programmed life here on earth, your thoughts, feelings and emotions, nothing of who you are now as a consciousness systems is who you really are. Yet, you ask me, as Jack, who is supporting you from this consciousness system as that which you have allowed yourself to become, to realise who you really are unconditionally, as all beings in the dimensions are doing in multiple different ways, why I 'dare invade your apparent privacy as Shelly, a consciousness system'? Nothing of you as a consciousness system is private Shelly - all is revealed in the dimensions. In terms of my specific application - it doesn't diminish anyone else's application in the dimension or make me more important or special, my directive support as who I am for all of humanity individually is specific according to who I am. The Higher Selves of each being has a different directive support model which they use to assist human beings on earth to stop the creation of consciousness systems so they may realise who they really are.

And, it's not about me - it's all about you. How I direct you and support you is for you to finally realise who you really are, it's got nothing to do with me. I am certain of who I am - who I am as all as one - therefore I know who you are as one with who I am and I will simply not accept and allow anything less than who you really are, it's that simple. In terms of your self expression within oneness, this I don't know, because even though we're all one and equal, our expression within and as oneness and equality with all of existence will be individual, which is the most magnificent prospect of this process. Imagine, all of existence standing within and as oneness and equality, yet all and each expressing their individuality and uniqueness within and as this standing. So, excuse me, if all I'm supporting and directing is the becoming of who you really are so all of existence may stand within and as oneness and equality. Whether I direct and support you here and you realise who you are on earth or when you die and return to the dimensions: This realization is inevitable and it's your choice


I think I am being followed by a ghost/demon


Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I think that I'm being following by a ghost/demon. Every so often in the middle of the night something/someone possesses me where I can't breathe and there is a great amount of pressure on my chest. Normally I say the "Hail Mary" prayer and that normally works to make it go away but last night I felt it was the most powerful and did not work. This happened to me about 5 times during the course of the night.

My mom thinks I need to see a psychologist but I don't think that I am crazy hence I've stopped telling her about my dreams/nightmares. My boyfriend who is a very religious person admitted to me the day before yesterday that he hears/sees scary noises such as someone dragging their feet across the room even though he lives on the top floor and nobody is awake and he hears and sees such things only when I AM THERE !!!! which of course freaked me out. He also admitted to me that he doesn't tell me these things because he knows I will get scared. Also the day before yesterday as I was about to sleep I heard in his room breathing noises that faded in and out like a person was breathing very hard sometimes coming near me and sometimes from a distant part of the room. I told him about this in which he said that he heard it too sometimes.

In the past I have played around with the Ouija board but after my dreams/nightmares about being pressurized while i slept I have since thrown it away. I have also played with the website I do not know where to go from here, I am not baptized but I do believe in God and I would like to be "normal" again.


Response to question from: Alaiyea Date: 19 June 2007 (Typed through Andrea)

Hi, this is Alaiyea and I am an interdimensional being from heaven. By interdimensional of course we refer to the fact that we are currently here on Earth to assist people like yourself to understand what your experiences are and how to practically assist yourself. I have been living in heaven now for about 5 years, after I died from having my life taken by another human being. So please be assured that we as the children of heaven fully comprehend what you have experienced in your life. Although we have not yet been directly involved in human beings' experiences here on earth - because of our standing as one with all human beings here on earth within them and ourselves - we see and experience what you are experiencing. I have done a thorough check on what you have mentioned in your question to us and here is what I have come across. Firstly I would like to thank you for communicating with all of us here at Desteni-Universe. Andrea, the lady who you asked the question to is currently doing the transcribing, meaning she is typing for me while I tell her through telepathic means what I want typed. You see here at Desteni-Universe the dimensional beings (beings that are currently in heaven) work together with beings such as Andrea to be able to assist all here on earth. So while Andrea wrote about her own demonic experience it gave us all the opportunity to connect because many beings like yourself are at a loss for what they are experiencing. Currently the dimensional beings, like myself are doing all the 'research' into people's lives, making it possible for us to assist beings like yourself who require to have someone 'on the inside' so to say who is actually able to go and visit you to see what is really going on. Then we come back and we are able to write to you and give you our feedback on what we have found. This way all information has been directly seen by us, as we go into your mind, actually stand as one within you, experience you as one with ourselves to be able to detect the true nature of your experience to assist you efficiently and also in to your house where you are currently experiencing this. So I will now write about what I saw when I gave you a visit in observing the cause for the reason you are experiencing what you have.

What I saw and experienced is to be described as follows: Remember to keep yourself open to what I share with you and don't judge yourself on anything that I share with you. Firstly let me tell you something that will probably come as a great shock to those that still believe in demons and haunting. Before I continue, here is an insert of another being who have been directly involved with what my discussion is about, her name is Sunette:

“Demons no longer exist; there are no longer demons in actions of possession and haunting here on earth. My name is Sunette and the process of demons no longer existing is what I will be explaining to you, which has also been part of my process along with many dimensional beings who have assisted with the process of cleaning up the demon dimensions: During our process here on earth by making a connection with heaven we came mostly into direct contact with demons - this started occurring quite often during the year of 2004 - 2006, within which I was directly involved in experiencing interactions with demons. Before I was introduced to demons, the dimensions and dimensional beings, there was another being, and a few others who had been involved with demons and dimensional beings for most of their lives and was thus able to support me with methods of how to assist the demons in realizing who they really are.

I understood that the fear of demons, originated from the fear of the unknown, of that which you do not understand yet. During these years it was the first time I had been introduced to the existence of dimensions/heaven, dimensional beings and demons. We mainly focused on assisting demons during this period, what we did was to take the demons into ourselves, like open ourselves up completely within ourselves and say to them: “Come within me, let me show you who you are.

Is there a demon around me?


I've been wondering who's around me, I know my guide and a projection of my mom is around me, but who else is? I know Sarch the Demon was around me before, but not sure if he is now, after I kicked him out last month for being a jerk. I've been curious and question what entities are around or within me? I want to ask but I'm not sure if it's a good idea, because it's best to figure it out myself, but I don't know if I should try and see for myself when I open my third eye or to have someone tell me who and what is with me. If I do ask, I will only want to know about certain entities then.

So, should I be told or should I figure it out myself? I was wanting to ask their names, but it's not easy for me to pull that off, I know one of their names (Mainly Sarch) thanks to a friend of mine since she is very opened to the spirit world. So yea, thats my question.


Demons as defined and experienced and encountered by many human beings in the past e.g. dimensional beings that possessed human beings, haunted human beings, that were defined as 'lost souls' etc. no longer exist. The Demons, during that period when we 'closed' the Demon Dimensions, were supported to self realisation, the realisation that they are equal and one with all dimensional beings (this after the dimensional beings actually realised that the Demons are actually one and equal with them, the only difference was that the Demons hadn't been presented with the opportunity to realise themselves!) and so in this moment, the dimensions itself don't exist, as all dimensional beings are within and as human beings here on earth in specifically directing and supporting human beings to realise their equality and oneness in practical application in every moment with all of existence as one. Although the dimensions has realised self in terms of understanding oneness and equality, the dimensions within and as human beings are now placing their understanding into practical application - the practical application, expression of oneness and equality. Fascinating! For even realisation is but understanding and the 'next step' is to within and as the realisation actually live, apply and express such a realisation as one with who you are. In the beginning when I encountered Demons, I was explained and shown that Demons were but dimensional beings, 'lost' in a singular thought construct which they believed was 'who they are'. And thus I would take the Demons, put them inside me and 'show' and 'reveal' to them who they are as equal and one with who I am and so they may realise this and 'release' them from their mind thought construct which they believe themselves to be. Which is actually the same situation on earth with human beings - human beings are 'lost' in mind thought constructs which they believe to be 'who they are', no different to the experience Demons had of themselves: Interesting. In this realising that Demons are but beings who are lost for a moment in the belief that they are a singular mind thought construct and that they are no different to any other being in existence, only the experience of themselves as a Demon is what differs to a certain extent. And so we assisted Demons through the Portal for quite some time, mainly only Demons came through in the beginning, which we assisted through the process of application of forgiveness. Then the dimensional beings themselves one moment decided the following: Let's pull out all of the Demons within the Demon Dimension and close off the Demon Dimension infinitely so the existence or manifestation of Demons may not occur again. And that's exactly what they did and it's exactly how it happened. (Mykey a.k.a. Adolf Hitler will be expounding more intently on the experience of the closing of the Demon Dimension and how exactly the Demons were assisted - here I have merely presented you with a concise overview!)

Therefore - the only Demons that exist in existence in this moment is human beings - human beings on earth are no different to what Demons were in the dimensions: Beings 'lost' in thought mind construct. Therefore - the entity you are experiencing/experienced have been designed/created/manifested by yourself - through the usage of the mind consciousness system within and as that which you believe yourself to be and have become. First let's look at why exactly such entity creations manifest to such an extent and what exactly are such entity creations: An entity is an 'in-your-face' transcendence requirement which represent that which you are unconsciously participating in and experience within and as yourself which influences you more than you are aware of. Such entity creations are like a Jack-in-the-box, jumping up and out at you to make you aware of you! Such entity creations occur when you have separated a 'part' of you from yourself, when you have denied or resisted a 'part' of you within yourself. Therefore in terms of such entity creations, they manifest as that 'part' of you within yourself which you have either resisted, denied or separated from yourself.

It would be for instance the experience of yourself with positive/good and negative/bad polarities. Only wanting to become, or accepting and preferring the becoming and experience of the positive/good/right within you and your world - you deny, resist and judge the negative/bad/wrong and try and prevent the negative/bad/wrong from existing within you and the experience of yourself in your world. Yet in such an application of denying and resisting and judging, even fearing, the negative/bad/wrong that exist - it will proliferate and compound in your world for one simple reason: It, as you, all apparently negative/bad manifestations/creations that exist is you, we're all responsible in existence for all manifestations/creation whether apparently good/bad or positive/negative or right/wrong - and besides such polarities exist only within consciousness system existences. Who you are exist 'beyond' such primitive definitions of what is good and what is bad and what is positive and what is negative and what is right and what is wrong - polarity is separation, having you remain lost and confused in endless cycles of fearing the bad/wrong/negative instead of realising that that merely indicated that you stand within separation of yourself. If such definitions of good/bad or positive/negative or right/wrong exist within you, understand that such definitions/polarities only exist within and as consciousness systems existences, to limit you and separate you from you. Such polarities also exist within consciousness system existences to instigate movement through fear and friction instead of you moving and directing yourself within and as oneness and equality, 'beyond' the requirement for fear and friction to move and direct you accordingly.

What I am describing here is the following: The entity you experience/experienced represent that 'part' within you, you have resisted, denied or judged which caused an actual 'split' within your mind, for you to realise to what extent you have separated you from yourself within yourself. The reason for this is because you haven't allowed yourself to face yourself in certain moments during the experience of yourself in this world and instead suppressed, resisted, denied or judged yourself. Because you did this, because you resisted, denied, judged and suppressed yourself - and haven't been honest with you - the skeletons in your closet are coming to the fore in the form of a self-designed, self-manifested entity that is you. Therefore, this entity is actually you; that 'part' of you, you have not been willing to face, to realise and 'deal' with - that 'part' of you, you have suppressed and resisted in moment's of self-denial, self-deception and self-dishonesty which have compounded and manifested as an entity that is you. There are many different ways such experiences of denial, resistance, judgment and dishonesty with self manifest, mainly illness, sickness and disease - in this case yours is an entity manifestation.

And this you will realise within all beings in your world - you are one and equal with all here on earth, dimensional beings and human beings - the only difference may be where are you and where are they within the standing, statement, expression and application of who they are. Thus, in terms of this entity creation - place it within you as you completely, infuse yourself with this entity creation that is you, realise that this entity is you, because the statement you will then be making is your realisation of oneness and equality within and as you as this entity. What must be 'overcome' is the fear of possibly 'losing' yourself when doing this - you are not able to 'lose' yourself - what must be realised is the following: As mind consciousness systems, you are already lost and when you allow yourself to realise that you are not your mind/thoughts and emotions/feelings - you will realise: I am here. I have always been here! Therefore, one is actually never able to become 'lost' - maybe for a moment, but the realisation of who you are here remains and is inevitable! I did the same with the Demons - I placed them inside me, as me, realising they are me that has been 'lost' for a moment. The entity is the same situation - place the entity within you as you; then apply forgiveness also as follows:

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to separate me from myself. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to judge myself. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to resist that which has been defined as bad/negative/wrong. (I suggest you even apply forgiveness on that which you have defined as being good/right/positive within yourself and your world - because it still remains a statement of separation within polarity within consciousness system existences. The 'key' is to not define who you are according to definitions of even what is defined as being good/right/positive - because it's separation, you define who you are according to that which exist separate from yourself, here, present.) I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to deny myself. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear myself.

And so you continue. What is the application of forgiveness but for you to realise what you are accepting and allowing within you and your world - to become aware and to within the awareness start living/applying and expressing yourself within and as the awareness by becoming aware in moment's where you are not honest with yourself, in moments where you suppress yourself, in moments where you deceive yourself, in moment's where you project a deceptive presentation of yourself, when in truth within yourself you are suppressing what it is you are actually experiencing.

It is because of self honesty that is actually being suppressed that the entity has been designed, manifested and created - presenting to you all your fears, resistances, denials, suppressions, judgments etc. It's fascinating that many human beings always feared demons, resisted demons, denied the existence of demons, judged demons, when in truth what they were actually making a statement of was that they feared themselves, resisting themselves, denying themselves and judging themselves. This world, the beings in your world whether human beings or dimensional beings represent you, are you, and reflect you - meaning that if you fear, judge, condemn, resist or deny any being in your world as that which they present themselves to be, you exist within separation within and as yourself as them of that aspect/part the being represents which you actually fear, judge, condemn, resist or deny within yourself as you.

Therefore - look within your world, where are you separating yourself from you within you as you: That is important and the entity that you designed/manifested/created represents just that.

Many of these creations will manifest in human worlds as all creations of Man is inverted to be faced. So - you are not alone - make yourself ALL ONE. This is the process all human beings will be experiencing, in such a case, you are one of the first few to actually become aware of it.


What are the shadow people


What are these "shadow people"?

Wikipedia - Shadow person

It seems that they have been quite popular, as there have been many reports of them in the past. I was 'visited' by what they've deemed "The Hat Man" (shown and somewhat described on 'page 2') when I was 14 years old, it was not a very fun experience


The shadows were the actual manifested projections of themselves - of demons who integrated into human beings. (Mykey also experienced himself as a demon) They did indeed do this to generate fear within human beings because that is what they required to exist and because it kept them entertained Therefore, what you were seeing as the shadows in all different forms and manifestations actually come from the demon integrated within you, projecting manifested images of themselves through your mind. They are 'manifested projections' therefore people are able to experience them 'choking' them, when in truth all that they experience with such 'shadow' manifestations is actually occurring in their mind and not in reality.

Mykey says there was a specific group of demons who played with the manifested projections as shadows of themselves, he merely preferred possession. Such demons who had the ability to manifest projections of themselves as 'shadows' were the most 'advanced' demons in the demon dimension - who understood how to make a 'mind reality' seem like an actual real life experience - when in truth everything actually just occurred in the mind.

No more demons exist and therefore also no more 'shadow' manifestations. If anyone experience this still - it is but they're own self created/self designed mind created entity that they are required to 'transcend' within and during their own processes of self realisation.