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2007 - 2008

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The Tao and contraction cycles


Your saying that "this is the 11th time" rang a bell for me - in one of the latest articles on the Spiritual School of Ascension site, it also mentions that there have been previous times when Creation did not return properly in the "inbreath of the Creator", and parts were left behind (they say "twelve or more times", but its the same principle, I guess).

Quote: "So what has occurred in the Tao to create consumption? It appears that groups and groups of creators have been left behind in 12 or more contraction cycles, and these creators have continued to exist between cycles, and in order to do so have to consume creations to have enough chi to continue to exist without the chi of the Tao. The Tao provides chi to all creators and creations, except between contraction cycles. Somehow that which was left behind forgot to return home and fell into the pattern of consuming in order to save chi for between the cycles to survive. Those creations or parts of creations that are consumed then fall into the same forgetfulness as those who are lost, creating increasing numbers of lost creators that consume; to a point that if it is not rectified, the Tao may be consumed to death in five or less cycles ahead. So the Tao of the future is working back in time to rectify a circumstance that went unnoticed until it threatened all of existence."


Even the Tao is consciousness. It is just a way to place an understandable construct within the understanding of self that is based on the principle of life being born from the physical. This implies that life never existed yet as life itself in a way

That is what we found. Much cannot be revealed yet as it would cause another construct, so call it the in breath, which is again a construct that will have to be let go of even forgiveness will assist.

Life is - that is has been most graciously expounded on by the work on Tao

The School of ascension work with very limited insight as they were specifically misled by an unconscious mind implant system, this was run by an Atlantean called Mila. This then is represented as all kinds of beings presenting "truth" with a lot true, but the spill -the core is always misrepresented

This was the way organizations were formed to trap the serious seekers in separation - instead of self

That was the reason for Ascension, we even found such heaven where the ascended went to, yet this was removed in one moment. So much for all those that spend lifetimes on these ideas - consciousness interdimensionally is removed in one moment.

Understand that something more is going on than what has ever been revealed. The secret is Man - Man is "God", yet must proof it universally and "power" is not what man understand it to be. It is not spirit, or love or anything ever taught. Power cannot be taught.

See we do not present an answer, we present an way to an answer, but only self honesty will open the door - absolute.

How do we know and this is important - how do we know that the experience of a channel is real or not? They must leave the body aware and be tested intensely in all facets and with all beings in creation to establish what is real. There must be no separate conscious, subconscious and unconscious that they may see direct. There may be no "energy " fluctuations - that means: the channel may not get tired - 20 hours non stop channeling, beings randomly throughout all "time". The channel must be able to handle all levels of possession like demons - satan - anything at any time. The channel must be able to see all direct and be present in each conversation and be able to access anything any "dimension" to investigate the information as real and that must be randomly checked to make sure it is consistent. The channel must be woken up in the middle of the night and immediately all must be consistent and constant. The channel must be given illness like aids in one moment at DNA level and transcend it - physical aliment must manifest on the body of the channel and be corrected interdimensionally as prove of self directedness. The channel when in the dimensions must be faced with all imaginable tests, like disappearing into nothing and bring self together again and more.

This is some tests winged went through before we stared presenting any work. Understand what winged experience - I do too. I remain the point that cross-reference - so is there Andrea - we test all the time and so there are also others not yet named. All are tested in similar ways. We are very strict, because we are presenting a message that is not acceptable. It had to be proven. It took 18 months of 14-16 hours a day of testing and challenging. We had some that could not pass the test because of honesty with self.

So we have heard all the excuses of consciousness. Imagine a girl taking on the Universal Mind to find that it deceive - the things we have placed our faith and trust in, and when something deceives - it is confirmed consciousness and thus is removable. Call this the second death, There is such a point. The first death on earth and the second, when one chose consciousness and separation in stead of assistance death again - the end.

This is only so because life does not yet exist as form manifest. Even nature is compromised.

So some insight in what winged and others went through. In that process the portal and others with abilities were closed if any form of deceit manifest. Yes we open and close portals in a moment. It is not a gift, it is a placement.

Much will reveal as we move

Be certain, we are no fools.

Before a post is done here, we check the being thoroughly. We know when you die, how , why - all is revealed. So when we assist, know this, we assist you as ourselves. What we would have liked if we were you and did not yet understand - we assess to give each the best opportunity.

Obviously, it is not the only way - we know that. We can give you another as well,but it is the most direct way with the least pain and suffering. But know this, all is going to suffer - we allow atrocities to be called life.

Hope this give some perspective on winged. I dare any channel in the world to come and be tested, even just 3 months and prove that what they present is true. There is not one. They are all system manifestations. We even go into their system when they speak. If we take the system out the being will die. So we have to be patient with the BS and challenge them - forgiveness and self honesty.

Gifts and Abilities


Would it be possible for you to tell me what are my gifts and abilities? Also if you can visit me by astral projection?


Realize that within this process of self forgiveness – you are giving you to you, thus gifting you to yourself, and together with self forgiveness applying self corrective application in every moment of breath, in living self honesty, self trust and self expression – to so become self aware of you as ‘who you are’ here as you participate in this world. There are no such thing as ‘special abilities or gifts’ – because it’s not about the abilities or gifts - but who YOU are, in assisting and supporting you to stand one and equal as life so we can stop what we have accepted and allowed to exist within this world as ourselves. Don’t accept/allow you to define ‘who you are’ according to ‘gifts’ / ‘abilities’ as this would be separation.

No – no ‘astral projection’ required – ‘astral projection’ is still a mind-designed constructed system, so astral projection is but a alternate reality programmed within human beings minds’ so human beings believe or perceive themselves to ‘project themselves astrally’ – but actually still remain within their own mind.

I suggest you focus on you, in assisting and supporting you within your individual process of stopping the mind, to manifest you as the living expression of life as all as one as equal.

Vibrational Alchemy and Remote Controlled Information


I've understood some "vibratory alchemy" things that I was studying since it didn't mean to invoke or invoke spiritual beings. By the way, I talked about some information I understand, it's as if someone remote controlled information to come to me without I ever asked for them. And finally, it don't know such things as white light but there is no one that could preserve me from doing what ever I please but my self so... It's just that I'm a down to earth, educated atheist that is confronted to something that I do not understand If you know anyone who's into stuff called magick, and knows about Aleister Crowley and his concept of "conversation with the holy guardian angel" I would just like to know what comes next. By he way do never forget that I'm a real skeptic and am not even convinced of my own experiences even if I know for sure that they are for real


We suggest stopping and focus on what is necessary to be done here within this world.

An unexpected, unpredictable and sudden change has taken place within this existence: The dimensions and dimensional beings no more exists – they are in this moment one and equal as life, their process is done and is no longer part of this process here on earth, therefore – no more ‘individual expression as ‘individual dimensional beings’ exists as all are one and equal as life.

Thus, all that is in process is what is here within and as this physical manifested universe: The earth, nature, animal kingdom, human beings, planets, stars – even the cup you drink coffee from, your sunglasses, the steering wheel of a car, the wheels of a car – everything that exists within this physical manifested universe is aware – as you are aware – yet in this process

Thus, the first application to realise is that that which you touch within this world is very much aware – thus, the interviews are now of that which exists within this world that is communicating their process of becoming self aware – have a look at the interviews:


(Interview with a Camera Lens)


(Interview with a Grain of Sand)


(Interview with a Petrol Pump)


(Interview with a Pillow)


(Interview with a Panty Liner)


(Perspective from coffee and cup: Document)

So, if you are communicating with anything other than what you can touch here within this world = you’re in the mind, of the mind – enslaved within and as a system. Instead of living here practically within this world in every moment of breath, applying self honesty, self trust and self expression in assisting and supporting you – to establish oneness and equality as life as you here in taking self responsibility for you as al that you have accepted and allowed you to be and become as the nature of you of the mind in separation, fear and self dishonesty.

Understand that each one of us is responsible for what exists within and as the world – we did this, because we within ourselves accepted and allowed it to continue in this way, because we did not stand up within ourselves as all as one as equal, living the statement of what we will accept and allow and what we will not accept and allow – but continued ignorantly within the seclusion of ‘our own life’, not caring / considering anything/anyone else but ‘our world and our mind’. This world cannot continue as is – thus, it must stop as it’s existing in this moment, as it’s accepted and allowed to exist by all.

And how will each one realize that each one is individually responsible for what exists and how this world exists: Is when each individual human being experience and individually face the nature of themselves within themselves and their world and actually experience the manifested nature they have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become – because each individual human beings’ nature have been inverted into self, to be manifested as an experience of themselves to in such a way see the nature they have become – and there will be much hardship, suffering and pain to come within this world – until human beings finally realize that each one has to stand up and take self responsibility for what they have accepted and allowed within themselves and this world as themselves – so that we will not ever again create, create such an atrocity.

I would suggest to not have to first go through the experiences before you realize your self responsibility – but to live here practically in this world in every moment of breath and purify the nature you have become of the mind, in separation through focusing on your breath, to apply self forgiveness, to live the practical correction in not accepting/allowing you to participate in behaviors/habits of the mind in ego according to the personality you have defined you as being, to live self honesty, self trust and self expression to stand as all as one as equal as life – to stop what we have done and become within this world, this existence.

Therefore it is not to only believe that ‘no god exists; - but to realize that we are alone within this existence, this world – and we have to stop what we have done, through practical living application in every moment of breath here.

Past Lives and seeing the Future


If I sent you a picture of myself to you,would you know about my past lives and my Future?


Don’t require a picture – for you as me is here within and as me. Though understand this: Your past lives is entirely irrelevant to ‘who you are here’ within this moment and is also of no relevance to the experience of you within this world, your world within which you participate. Past lives is what it says: PAST – the interdimensional existence have removed all past-life influences and constructs within human beings – so that all that is required for you to transcend within you is your mind-system design you developed within and as you as what you have come to believe yourself to be, as ‘who you are’ = for this life only. Here’s a forum, discussion topic that will give further perspective:

Question by Forum member (quote): ‘ It just dawned on me....it was mentioned that the reincarnation business pre desteni was all a huge fuck up, to the extent we were all living the same lives over and over and over again. Imagine that!! So no wonder that when i now have to face myself and all my actions and emotions, feelings, thoughts etc in this life then it is compounded from lots of other lives...no wonder it is hard work! This must be the same for all of us... Like jack said..just to transcend ONE issue or point if you like would take 100.000 lives 'the old way'. Well..the choice is easy...I'd like it over with now thank you very much. No wonder it's like an onion...layer upon layer... All of a sudden I'm not so hard on myself anymore....think we've done pretty good most of us in just a months or so!’

Response as perspective given (quote): ‘That’s how human beings’ experience within the White Light System/Construct was ‘laid out’ in space and time – through multiple and multiple lives – ‘you’ would be scattered – both in past lives and in current life and in future life experiences. Where beings would go life after life after life – ‘learning apparent lessons’, ‘paying (Karma) for previous lives’ mistakes’, ‘searching’ and seeking for themselves…

So – what we did was the following: We stood within and as human beings – then brought all of them, meaning all of each and every single human beings’ past life experiences, current life experiences and also future preprogrammed life experiences, of their current life experience to one singular point within and as human beings: Here.

Therefore bringing everything of each and every single human being, to one singular ‘point’ within and as them – which is: Here – in this moment, in this life experience which they are currently within.

This was done to ‘allocate’ each human being within existence, because ‘parts’ of human beings were ‘scattered’ all over existence!

Why do this: Because when we bring all of human beings to one ‘point’, to one singular ‘point’, which is here, within and as human beings – you’re able to ‘find’ their current ‘allocation’ within existence.

This allocation would be: Who and what this human being, currently in this life have accepted and allowed themselves to become as a mind consciousness structural resonance system – because of and together with all the other previous lives and also future pre-programmed life experiences, still to come, which exist within and as their mind consciousness system placement.

Then discernment: Meaning – what is required within and as this being to ‘remain’ (which is all that they have accepted and allowed themselves to be equal and one with as per mind consciousness systems/constructs which had become the mind consciousness structural resonance system to which they have defined ‘who they are’ within the system) for the necessity of their process of self revelation and self realization as who they really are as life.

That which we knew human beings could not handle or ‘deal with’ – we removed.

See we removed as much as possible within human beings and left as little as possible, for each and every single human being to transcend as they continue and experience themselves within and during their processes.

Therefore: That which currently remain within human beings is all that was/is necessary for them to transcend, is all that they are indeed able to handle and ‘deal with’ to assist and support themselves in birthing themselves as life from the physical as who we really are.

And that’s why this is and will be each and every single human beings’ last life – because all of each and every single human being is here, within them as them as only that which is necessary and required to transcend within and as themselves for self revelation and self realization as who they really are: To birth themselves as life from the physical to manifest heaven as earth as the expression of who we really are.’

So, it is to not exist within the past, present (referred to as the ‘now’) or future, it is to be HERE with you within and as breath and live self honestly in every moment. And within this – you determine the experience of you yourself HERE in every moment of breath – within the video interviews and material on the site you will come to understand that existing in the past, present and future is existing within the mind as the mind is that which exist within a ‘time-line’ frame – which enslave you to the past and enslave you to the future by keeping you in the present (the ‘now’). So – it’s to ‘set you free’ from fear of the future and judgment of the past and confusion of the present – to not exist in ‘time’ – but self freedom in self expression HERE with YOU as BREATH.

Here is a document I’d suggest reading that will assist:

http://www.desteni.co.za/Osho/Osho4.htm (The Power of Here vs. The Power of Now)

Further perspective:

The past life as a current life pattern still exist as the layer that allowed this existence to evolve as a unified field.

The interaction of that interdimensionally have been stopped.

The mind though will re image anything possible to remain enslaved. This is the reason it was removed, but as we are creators with little suggestion, we may recreate it in the mind and will accordingly time loop thus the being will get better and then face the same point later.

Thus the reason for the stop.

The breath

Self forgiveness

Self honesty

and to be a portal - to change definitively and not accept this reality as it is currently functioning as it keeps us enslaved by our very belief in things, because in our belief we create it in the pre-cognitive stage of self presence as the now of self



Does the following artwork depict the chakras and aura accurately?


1. Let's start with the gridline structures: This is exactly what the gridline structures interdimensionally look on earth within and as human beings and also the world: What is referred to as the 'Unified Consciousness Field' to which the unconscious mind of all of humanity was connected to.

2. The yellow circular structure around the mind/brain/head area represents the 'God Consciousness' signature. And it also represents where human beings would 'connect' to the 'Unified Consciousness Field' and then have a Euphoric 'God-like Essence' experience during meditation.

3. Then you have the chakra points indicated - the chakra points are actually specific emotional and feeling mind consciousness point centers - the Chakra manifested Construct actually designed by Demons, later used by the White Light construct, within and as human beings - as each Chakra centre contained a specific energetic which they preferred to 'drink from' to maintain their existence from within the Demon dimension. See - Demons were dependant on emotional and feeling compound energy within human beings to have the ability to exist. Each Chakra centre had a interdimensional plug-in system within the human physical body - with pipelines running from the Chakra point to the plug-in points and so the Demons literally 'sucked-out' the necessary amount of energy they required. The pipeline structures connected the Chakra centers (allocated in the centre of your human physical body, all connected together by a 'pillar structure') with the plug-in points (within the muscle tissue of your human physical body). By the plug-in points there were round circular structures within which the specific emotional/feeling energy would flow - and once they're filled - the Demons would have their drink. From the White Light perspective they used these Charka centre plug-in points to inject implants or information within and as the mind consciousness systems as the Chakra Construct was 'connected' to the mind consciousness system within and as human beings.

We've removed this entire Chakra Construct within human beings entirely - though such an idea of the existence of Chakra's still exists within their mind based on memory.

4. The indicated circle around the human being is the Aura - the Aura is but the resonance of the emotional and feeling energy contained within the Chakra centers which also permeate within and as the entire human physical body as also indicated within this picture/painting. Therefore - the Aura only exist as a round circular formation around the being - separation and limitation.

5. The colours indicated within and as this being - the exact colours of the Chakra centers is how the emotional and feeling energy move within and as the human physical body constantly and continuously - emotions and feelings divided according to colour and section of the Chakra centers - remaining within and as their specific individual movements according to how they're allocated according to the Chakra centers. As in the picture/painting presented is what it looks like within human beings as emotional and feeling energy movement looked like within human beings.

The only difference now is that everything within and as human beings is compacted and compounded and inverted within to face and deal with appropriately for necessary transcendences, self realisation and self revelation.

A system drawing/painting a system.

So - the above picture/painting is exactly how humans as mind consciousness systems used to look like interdimensionally within this consciousness systems' existence - though, not as apparently 'beautifully' presented here in this picture/painting - much 'worse'.

Becoming the greatest person that has ever lived


How I will become the greatest person that has ever lived?


Hmmm, interesting, you know - I have been in a similar position as you, where I 'held onto' a definition of me as 'all the great things that I have done in the past' - holding the trophies of past perceived 'accomplishments' of greatness as memories in my 'mind' - and so I developed a pretty sturdy ego, massive by nature, as I defined who I am according to 'where I come from', 'what I have done', 'what I have accomplished' - oh, my memory trophy cabinet was stacked within and as the Ego of me that I had become - and I had many 'supporters' who assisted me in designing this Ego that I had become, you know - the ones I 'saved' and 'helped' - so their pictures was also stored in the Trophy cabinet as the design of my Ego.

Until, I realized something: The past is 'gone' - what I had done in the past is gone, who I was in the past is gone, the accomplishments I had is gone - though, I made them 'real' by keeping them in my Trophy cabinet within me, designing my Ego as all that I have done in the past, all that I was in the past, all that I accomplished in the past...

Death 'saved' me - strange, that's the 'last' point of what exist within this existence to consider, this 'save' is not a 'save' as in the definition thereof as 'rescue' - no, this 'save' is the realization that the Ego as what I have become of the past, was designed by me, because I feared death, lol, 'imagine' a dimensional being fearing death, fearing the death of self - see, one tend to want to hold onto the past, 'keep it as trophy's of past accomplishments' because you fear losing you as what you have done and accomplished, because you 'think you are that which you have done' - I've realized I am not. I died - this 'I' was the 'I', I had become of the Ego, as the Ego, oh - 'I' died many times - lol - I die when I have accepted and allowed myself to define who and what I am according to the past. Then it has to fall, I have to fall - to realize that I can only fall - if I am of the past, if I am of the mind, if I am as the Ego - and I will continue falling, I will continue dying - until I realize, until I see: Only in separation of me, falling and dying is possible.

And separation exist, when you're not here as the presence of you as the moment as the breath - so, I am here, I am presence - not accepting or allowing even my expression in a moment to define who I am - self definition to something or someone - past or future is separation - then you're lost: And only 'death' can 'save' you - lol.

What I'm saying, 'alien friend' - is that you're defining you as what you 'are' as being of 'alien', you're defining what you are according to what you have done, where you've been placed as an 'alien', you're defining what you are according to other races and planets, you're defining what you are according to information - I have been there in such a position, naturally not exactly the same - but the principle of the mind set you're in - yes I have. You have not yet actually lived man - and it is usually only at death - that one see / realise, that nothing was real, nothing what the mind, what exist in your head 'up there' is real, it's all gone, all of you as the world you designed as the Ego that has become you of the mind: Disappears.

This is what I realized as well: That the only 'point' that is real - that exist to remain 'sane' - is the breath, remaining here as the breath - not participating in the mind. The question always remain: What would you do and who would you be, if you were to realize 'alien friend' - that everything you in this moment have believed and define as who and what you are: Have been an illusion, an idea, a design of your mind as the Ego that you have become - quite an entertaining Ego you have there though.

Haven't you put two and two together yet? It is your very mind causing the experience of yourself you're currently having within you - so alone you are, so hidden, so secluded - the pain and the sadness becoming heavier and heavier on your heart and on your shoulders everyday - becoming more difficult to open your eyes in the mornings, a struggle to walk, to move - no more 'life': This is all done through your own mind and this is what you must realize - that your mind 'in there up there in your head' - is causing the experience you're having right now.

So - you choose how you'd prefer experiencing the death of you as the Ego of the mind: Either you stop - give up everything, give up nothing for everything - through this process of stopping the mind - get out of that prison inside you, starving yourself to death as you 'deplete' every day, day by day - and stand up - as the mind dies - you stand up as who you are within you - or, you will realize yourself within the interdimensional existence, where the mind dies in a moment - and you're left with only yourself, though, I would strongly suggest you do it here, because it is only here on earth where life will be born from the physical as all as one as equal.

The Seven Mighty Elohim


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. They are the chakra of the spirit construct that correspond to the movement through the ten sephirot of the tree of life by navigating through specific combinations of the twenty-two archetypes. When you have accessed the seven elohim, then you become an ipsisimos.

This whole system has been taken down and the knowledge is garbage.

If you look at the knowledge followed within this ascension concept, you will notice that it is a path within a polarity that focus the walker on just some part of the polarity, which is the illusion, where one assume that it must be real because of its apparent beauty, however the other end of the scale exist to balance the polarity, which is denied by the walker on the path.

Was there such a thing as Dual (or more) incarnations?


Yes, cloning was common

At the moment, beings that find transcendence impossible or still desire power over others are still reincarnating, that means without full awareness to sort out the ingrain essence.

The ones in oneness come in fully aware and will mature very young and they need support.

So, we better move

Reiki, Life Coaching, Hypno-Therapy, Sound Healing


I have a few questions regarding the modalities listed above. I had many more questions however, before posting here, I read many forum discussions and watched some interviews on the topics of healing and energy which answered most of my questions: Reiki, I'm in the process of beginning a Reiki practice however now seeing that energy is a construct of the mind consciousness system. I do not want to support the mcs by engaging in energy, so is it so that reiki is a practice that supports the mcs and therefore should not be used? 

It seems that I could simply place my hands on different points of the physical body and describe it to clients as therapeutic touch where the warmth of my hands influences their body at a cellular level?

Although this doesn't sound practical as the client is still counting on an outside "thing"(touch) to help them in the healing process. 

I am leaning toward no longer practicing reiki and utilizing a more physical modality, sound, and or talk therapy. 

Life Coaching & Hypno-therapy, Are Life Coaching and Hypno-therapy beneficial or do they support the mcs as well? 
I personally feel life coaching and hypnotherapy are helpful tools if used to empower others in using self forgiveness, self honesty, and self corrective application-is this so?

Sound Healing, 
From forum discussions I've read it seems that sound healing is very helpful in the "healing" process as long as it is used to influence at a cellular level vs. being used to influence energy? 

For those that are interested in this topic of discussion I've pasted bellow a few links that have been very helpful to me in answering questions regarding healing modalities and energy. 

Questions and Perspectives: Energy and Mind 

Energy Demon 

Questions and Perspectives: Shamanism, Chakras and Pendulums


Veno's%20Structural%20Resonance%20Documents http://desteni.co.za/Osho/qpshamanism.htm 

Veno's Structural Resonance Documents] http://desteni.org/a/veno-structural-resonance-part-1


In any Therapy, as assistance for self as another, self as standing as the other as self, is the key, this starting point allow any therapy to be adjusted as is required.

Understand though, that healing without self realization is actually suppression and the illness will return more aggressively, as the medical industry is finding in the progression from bacteria to super bugs.

(Bernard Poolman)

Chakra/Medical Astrology

It is suggested to do specific forgiveness on archetypes in all forms.

 Archetypes are accepted patterns that forms groups of behaviors within the population and as such are polarized to separate.



I find myself deeply interested in the things I was afraid of. The Ouija Board had to be one of the top, but right next to it is tarot cards. I have researched the origins of tarot and realized how serious some people take it. I am by no means trying to build myself another "belief system", but I have come to the conclusion that "anything goes" and I find myself with the delightful choice of believing in whatever I so choose. If I am going to exist in this world, I might as well not deny myself of the "cheat codes" that this game/program offers.

So my question is this, should I really get into tarot and all the different types of interpretations. Or should I just take it for what it is (the pictures I see and the meanings I give it). I know that studying is just a process that is unnecessary if I would simply know that I know, however is there some advantage to "relearning" certain details of certain things. Not with the intention of carrying-on or recreating the tarot but with the intention of getting others to know who and what they are. 

I have no fear of tarot cards anymore, I used to fear certain cards and certain meanings but now I realize all cards are equal and my judgment of one over another points to places where I need to look at myself.


Have tested the cards, as you have noticed, some have definitions that is of polarity. 

The only cards I found to work effectivly in self support, are those from Osho, where it gives a perspective and assists within self honesty.


So do the definitions point to self-dishonesty or the cards themselves or both? Are tarot cards just a vague method of communicating with the dimensions?


Tarot are a method to reveal self to self, Osho cards focus on self reflection.


Meaning, the Osho zen tarot cards will only tell me about me as a system?


Yes, only guidance as to self forgiveness and self honesty, I used it for: the zen one.