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Firstly I would suggest to not in any way whatsoever define your child as ‘indigo/crystal’, but to experience you with your child as one and equal as you.

See, parents’ fear within them of the wellbeing of their child bring them to do all sorts of unnecessary actions within which they participate, which the parent believe is the ‘best of their child’ – when it is not, because that which they apparently do which is ‘best for the child’ is done in and of fear and concern which will have a consequence in the child life.

For instance: Such as believing their child is a ‘indigo/crystal’ child for instance when the child in actual fact is not at all, and when or if the parent think/believe the child is an ‘indigo/crystal’ child – it influence the child’s entire expression as ‘who they are’ and thus influence the child’s life for the remainder of the experience of themselves within this world because the parent defined their child as being ‘indigo/crystal’ and thus treated the child/behaved around the child according to the child apparently being an ‘indigo/crystal’ child and this really, extensively cause unnecessary harm within the child’s experience of themselves in this world – instead of the parent being one and equal as the child.

Realise that your child is here – an individual expression within this world as yourself, and thus it is to assist and support your child as you in developing her self expression as who she is as the individual she is within this world. In other words: Experience with her what she enjoys – have a look at what she enjoys and participate with her – in realising that she’s actually here as a ‘gift’ for you, to also assist and support you within this world within the experience of yourself currently, because in participating with her what she enjoys – she so, in such a way develops her self expression as ‘who she is’ – one on one, you and her alone.

Though – don’t define your child as being ‘indigo/crystal’ child – but realise that she is who she is in every moment as she participates in this world – thus, enjoy her presence as you.

Perspective on: I am an Indigo

I would suggest not defining you according to being an ‘indigo’ – otherwise you will experience you as ‘who you are’ according to that which you define yourself to be, to be one with and equal to = which is unnecessary. Realise that ‘who you are’ exists here in every moment of breath.


What happens when an indigo child dies?


What happens when an indigo child dies compared to a normal person?


No matter who or how or what you are or have become in this world: Each being’s processes they go through in ‘death’ is exactly the same – except of course each one’s individual experience within the dimensions as they go through the processes and face all and everything of themselves throughout existence – to herein stand up and take self responsibility.



Perspective on: ET's upgrading children--Indigo's


I listened an interview from Mary Rodwell on youtube , she talk about people abduction by aliens, she explain that ETs are upgrading human which explains indigo children for example. Many of children abductees or adult say that aliens seem to be friendly ( greys and reptilians have been described) and are just healing them.

What do you think, are they evil or not?


Hmm - there is much 'deception' with regards to Indigo Children due to 'perceptions' / 'ideas' instilled within human beings minds - here is an article about Indigo children as well as video interviews we have done:

James - this world is not what is seems or what human beings have come to believe / make it to be through interpretation based on the mind. Indigo children are most definitely not 'upgrades' - when you read the article and watch the video interview you will see why I say so and understand their particular mind system design for the purpose of generating the rest of humanities mind systems' within this world to maintain separation and enslavement within the unified field as this world within which all of humanity experience themselves.

With regards to aliens / greys / reptilians: No more such beings exist. Aliens / greys / reptilians will are 'interdimensional' - meaning that human beings within this physical manifested universe were the only beings in existence that maintained physicality. Before 1998 - 'abductions' did occur yes for a moment, though after 1998 - this physical manifested universe was 'closed off' to all interdimensional beings -this including 'alien races' / 'reptilian races' / greys - human beings remained the only manifested physical form along with all that exist within this physical manifested universe. At the moment - there exist no more such 'beings defined' as aliens / greys / reptilians - all of the interdimensional existence has been 'cleaned up' / 'cleared out': To go into this specifically will take me a few months - this is why we do the video interviews and present the material on the website within which all is given perspective of the process in the interdimensional existence and why I say there exist no more aliens / greys / reptilians, so I suggest you have a look and a read.

Though human beings still 'seeing' such 'beings' / 'communicating' with them - but still exist as a projected illusion within their mind, as a 'programmed system' = because after 1998, this entire 'enslavement system' of the world within which human beings as mind systems experience themselves became automatic - not even one dimensional being 'bothered with earth', except the occasional 'once a month' visit to earth to 'check up' / 'maintain' the system: And that was it - all 'apparent' dimensional communication was human beings communicating to a 'programmed design' of their own mind within them. I understand that this must be much to 'handle' - thus why I suggest you first go through all the information we present before 'making assumptions' within your own mind.

Reading / watching the material I suggested with regards to the Indigo Children you will also understand why I say that it is most certainly NOT 'upgrades' / 'healing' taking place James.

I will after this document 'leave you' with some more 'perspectives' which will assist.

Forum Support - Emotional Children and Indigos

By Bernard Poolman

Understand that where children are emotional that they are busy within the evolutionary Design of the Emotional Body, they are attaching an Energetic System within which they are discovering who they can manipulate, how they can manipulate, why they can manipulate – and they will do it to the extent that they are capable of doing it.

If you as a parent allow that to develop = you will become the victim of the such manipulation – therefore you’re going to have to remember the basics of Discipline and the context of ‘do on to another what you want them to do on to yourself’ or the way I dealt with my children is very simple, when there was an emotional point, I would simply indicate:

‘Who would you be if you were on the receiving end of what you’re just doing?’ and ‘Would you like the same to happen to you?’ and if it’s not resolved, then I will act exactly as the child act in the same emotion, and I will return Equal and One what has been done on to me as an example and say then ‘Stop’ immediately – Remember, I am not becoming emotional, I’m using emotion. So, is the same I can use anger in any way I want, but I’m not angry – the child is actually angry or emotional, so therefore it is a state of possession which I bring to clarity through simple mathematics and through example and thus, deal with it.

It is very important if one give-in the one think you are the problem, if you are unable to stand as the discipline point and as the example to bring an end to abuse = then you are the problem. Get somebody in to help you then and then you can no longer be the parent because: you are only going to allow the child to become more abusive.

Then, give the child to somebody that can actually use discipline effectively and be an example. After all, children is not the offspring of the genetic parents, children is the offspring of a system – and therefore everyone is responsible, and within this context, Discipline will be of great importance as the Will of Man is being shaped into a new pattern.