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Placing Self in a trance


I did that stop exercise as I was studying Gurdejeff too... I had a really bazaar experience that I have be meaning to ask about. Well I did the one where you try to remember yourself. I decide to do this as I was walking down the streets of NYC one day. And what happened was as I was focusing on remembering me in the moment... the very next thing I remember was, I was in a doctor’s office! I don’t know how I got there, why I was there all I remember was taking a walk. And then in some doctors office. It totally Freak me out!! I ended up going to the receptionists and asked if I had an appointment and what kind of doctor is this. I don't remember going there; I didn't even have a doctor or an office that I ever went to. I really panicked and got myself home and was close to a break down, Somehow I calmed myself down and only told a few people about it. So it was like as I tried to remember myself I went into an unconscious blackout


Adele, you placed yourself into a trance by focusing on the 'remembrance of you' - though this 'you' you were focusing on to 'remember' was defined according to a memory of a doctor's office when you were a child within your mind - so, your mind 'took over' and walked you to a doctor's office - according to the definition of you within the mind of a memory connected to a doctor.


The practical use of Memory


So now when she pops up in my head, she is most welcome. Because I now know that it is not her that is popping up, it is a reminder of the work that needs to be done in myself. And so, I let go of her and attend the real issue.


This is an example of a practical Way of Looking at Memories and not accepting/allowing them to become/be 'Personalized' as approaching them from reaction, but directly seeing what they're showing/indicating about/of 'who you are' in the moment and how you're able to utilize the point coming up in assisting/supporting self within one's Process.