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i have been a salesman most of this life--It is not so easy--as it requires a presentation of self to convince the buyer

thus I looked for products that support the buyer--and I focussed on selling educational products--as that assist the user--

there should be products you are able to sell without making people belief

that will support you

Sales is cool as in meeting people one get to know much about life and the rules of the game

Perspective on: Hitler's Monetary System

"We were not foolish enough to try to make a currency coverage of gold of which we had none, but for every mark that was issued we required the equivalent of a mark's worth of work done or goods produced. . . .we laugh at the time our national financiers held the view that the value of a currency is regulated by the gold and securities lying in the vaults of a state bank." -Adolf Hitler, 1937 (CC Veith, Citadels of Chaos, Meador, 1949.)

"And it proved sound. It worked. In less than ten years Germany became easily the most powerful state in Europe. It worked so magically and magnificently that it sounded the death knell of the entire (Zionist) Jewish money system. World Jewry knew that they had to destroy Hitler's system, by whatever means might prove necessary, or their own [system of usury] would necessarily die. And if it died, with it must die their dream and their hope of making themselves masters of the world. The primary issue over which World War II was fought was to determine which money system was to survive. At bottom it was not a war between Germany and the so-called allies. Primarily it was war to the death between Germany and the International Money Power." --William Gayley Simpson, 'Which Way Western Man' (p.642)

Perspective on: Money

My feel is that all that is raw materials from the earth should belong to the people of the land by virtue of birth.

Life must be the only value worth money-- thus a sufficient amount for all to allow self-expression-- at the moment a word as we haven't the foggiest idea what self-expression woul be-- when I ask people what they would do if money and survival and social status are no issues and all that remain is to express yourself as self fullfillment-- I get silence

No corporations

No tax

Money is not evil-- what people do with it in most cases - is questionable and cause what we experience

There will be a fascinating progress in events to come that will cause the rethink of all matters of control and money-- some is coming without the creators that tried to control it realizing what they did

The global structural resonance follows fascinating ways of correction and Veno will explain more

The script is written for an experience that will force mankind to look at life from all perspectives-- nature is compounding expression and it will get really rough-- humanity will have to stand up

There is quite a few voices going up about monetary change-- when placed as a permanent trustworthy solution, a few points stand, but as long as money dictates in any way-- we are slaves.

Summary of Desteni Money Revolution Videos - By Alex

I typed the Money Revolution videos into text format for people who would like to see an overview of it. Here's the first ten. I wasn't able to put this in the transcribed text section because I am not the moderator, but I hope this could be moved there later. Enjoy.

1. Stop Poverty and Debt

Do you have enough money to live without fear, or are you in debt?

Is your money status: 1.Having enough, but it's a secret, or 2.Being in debt because you have no alternative?

Do you live in anxiety or fear of either losing the money you have worked for or never being able to live without debt? Who decides the rules of money and the value of money? You do! We all participate in the money system of the world.

How? We participate through: 1.Voting and proxy (giving our power to leaders that have a price tag) 2.Consent (accepting without question the disasters debt creates) 3.Ignorance (ignoring the problem as long as I can at least survive)

Realize this! We have enslaved ourselves to money! We created an invisible elite that we blame for our enslavement. Can we blame the illuminati? Can we blame the banks? Can we blame the governments? Can we blame money? No! They are doing what we allowed them to do through our passive permission! Can we change the world by changing the rules and value of money? Let's see!

What do people and corporations do for greed and money? 1.We make war 2.We destroy nature 3.We destroy the ocean 4.We destroy the environment 5.We destroy the rainforests 6.We allow half of humanity to live in poverty 7.We create religions 8.We pray unceasingly for power and riches 9.We steal secretly 10.We defame 11.We fight 12.We scheme 13.We lie 14.We deceive 15.We manipulate 16.We live in fear of not having enough money 17.We gossip 18.We segregate the rich and poor into suburbs 19.We hide in soap operas of wishes and dreams 20.We slaughter animals for fur and delicacies for the rich 21.We create cheaper chemical foods to control human obedience

All our choices are controlled by: 1.Fear of losing money 2.Fear of foreclosure and losing our homes 3.Isolating ourselves in groups that deny the problem through spiritual escapes

The question is this: if we understand the problem that faces the world, will we change the rules that create the problem? The problem!

Who can change the value of money and the rules that govern money? We can, when we stand as one and allow each other equal access to money!

How? We must realize that we are all here on this planet called earth at this moment now! We cannot get what we are not willing to give to each other. See, we are all in the same boat! If we respect ourselves enough and respect every person enough, we will start forgiving each other!

Why? In our fear we missed the obvious solution and created a mess.

The solution is that we agree: 1.To start over as humanity 2.That the value of money is based on life 3.That life is valuable beyond measure

Thus the value of money is well founded and stable as life support. When the value of money is backed by the foundation of life, money becomes more valuable than gold!

Ask yourself: How will your life and the lives of others change if all have enough money for a lifetime? The following will happen: 1.Poverty will stop 2.Environmental abuse will stop 3.Crime will diminish drastically 4.The need to deceive will stop 5.The need to pray for money will stop 6.The division of people based on money will stop 7.War for resources like oil will stop 8.Corporate greed will disappear 9.Individual self expression will evolve 10.New ideas that will serve man will get attention 11.Control will stop 12. And much more!

What can each person who understands the solution do? Be a part of the money freedom revolution! Remember, the elite, the rich, the illuminati are the minority! With this proposal we will find out who really cares about humanity and who wants power for the sake of power. We at Desteni invite you to stand with us to solve the biggest problem in the world! Money for all, from birth to death!

2. How Will Life Change?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if from birth each is given an equal amount of money to live and nobody would have to work for money again? If you were born into this new money system, what would your life be like? What would your parents experience be if they did not have to worry about money? How would your experience of life change if your parents worked doing what they enjoy as a part of their self expression? Would schooling be based on development of self rather than the development to become robots that support the current money enslavement? As an adult, would your application be based on self expression or survival (how to get more money)? How would your attention shift from worrying about money to actually living?

What does this mean? How would it affect humanity? 1.No more poverty 2.No more animal/nature abuse 3.No more wars 4.No more religion 5.No more fear of death 6.No more limitations 7.No more abuse of life through deceit

3. Politics is Polarity Tactics

Imagine a world governed by people who are governed by fear. Imagine a world where money has become more important than life! Is this the world as we know it today? Have you taken response-ability? Look and see for yourself. Have you given your response-ability to someone else? Does that mean that they can respond and you can't? Without your response-ability have you become irresponsible? What would happen if all take response-ability?

All are equal as all are equally response-able. Only then are we able to change from multiple hierarchies to all being responsible. Do you want to change this world from a feudal/futile system into a world where all are response-able and all are equal and one?

4. Money and Free Choice

Are we ignorant enough to believe that we have a free choice? Let's see... we can choose any food, car, clothes, jewelry that we want! Let's now consider the following: did we actually choose, or did advertising make the choice for us? Is this the illusion we believe our choice to be?

Now let's ask the question: why does advertising pacify and control our choices? 1.We believe that as an individual we are powerless to change the current system 2.We believe that our religion is the truth 3.We believe that crime is a culture 4.We believe that only people with money may have food 5.We believe that we must earn a living by the sweat of our brow 6.We believe that our children must get an education in order to survive 7.We believe that we have no control over the bad thoughts in our minds, without even knowing we have relinquished our free choice!

How? 1.Survival. Most of our time is spent on survival and the belief that we need to survive. When the need of survival is partially taken care of, then comes... 2.Entertainment. We believe that entertainment is important and through years of brainwashing this has become our reality. When both survival and entertainment has failed us, we turn to... 3.Religion. Confirming to us that we are born in sin/debt and we must pay for our sin/debt.

Wake up! We are all in this together. Stop passive permission now! Only believers are slaves.

5. Let's Ask God

If we as man will not question our own motives, then let's dare to question God's motives. Why? 1.Because we hide behind the excuse that it's God's will that millions suffer, as long as it's not us who suffers. 2.Because God answers our prayers, but not the prayers of the suffering majority

Let's look at God and religion. Do the rich claim God's favor? Do the poor suffer God's wrath? What is the nature of a being that abuses the defenseless? Is the destruction of nature God's plan? Is the slaughter of animals God's secret pleasure? Are credit and debt God's enslavement and the presence of his (Holy Shit) Holy Spirit? Are the currencies the current flow of the spirit of God? Is starvation the shining star of God? Is the “Buy and Bill” the book of our religion called “Money”? Is technology and TV the rapture and enlightenment we reach? Are our hearts of love pouring from our mouths, or are our minds of fear pouring out of our mouths?

Money cannot buy Heaven!

Are the rich the fittest in the survival game? Why does buying bills lead us to the hell of stress and anxiety? Does God feel pleasure watching banks create poverty?

Consider this. If you were God in your life/world, what would you do for you and yours? Would you give that to everyone else as well, or would you become the next rich person and forget the rest?

What if God designed this reality to see who would really stand up as his image and likeness as life? To test if man is worthy as the image and likeness of God, will we be able to stand at the end of our days without shame? Is any excuse on God's green earth acceptable for what we have become as life?

Let's change the rules of money and buy no more bills!

6. The Ten Commandments of Money

How has money become a religion? In the beginning, God created the idea of money and man accepted it. Man saw money and thought it was good. Over time man also accepted the commandments about the use of money. 1.Thou shalt require money all your life 2.Thou shalt pray to the money system, lest you starve 3.Thou shalt place money as life 4.Thou shalt have a bank account number as identity 5.Thou shalt produce all goods as numbers of money 6.Thou shalt be called lucky if you get money for free 7.Thou shalt be devoted to money from morening to knight 8.Thou shalt the spies/despise those with less money as lazy 9.Thou shalt aspire to be like those with more money 10.Thou shalt kill in the name of money

Money now has over six billion devotees. The illumined ones are sitting are the feet of the throne of money. The rich ones are living in the lap of the grace of money. The aspiring candidates to Moneydom all have degrees of success to the eternal salvation of Moneydom. The poor pray for money all the time, but are not devoted to the system- thus, they must starve.

Is money your religion? Do you place your abillity in a bill? Are you response-a-bill? Is the buy-bill your bible?

Man has become numbers and didn't notice! May man live as long as there is money.

7. The New World Order's Origin

We allowed the New World Order. How? 1.We accepted crime to be human nature 2.We accepted human trafficking to be human nature 3.We accepted child abuse to be human nature 4.We accepted animal abuse to be human nature 5.We accepted the slaughter of animals for food 6.We accepted the exploitation of the oceans 7.We accepted the exploitation of nature 8.We accepted the destruction of the breath of earth: our forests 9.We accepted war as human nature 10.We accepted fear as human nature 11.We accepted religious promises as the solution 12.We accepted alcohol as entertainment 13.We accepted dishonesty as human nature 14.We accepted starvation as God's plan 15.We accepted technology as human evolution 16.We accepted politics as free choice 17.We accepted that to be self dishonest means we must allow self dishonesty 18.We accepted pornography as self expression 19.We accepted history and stories to be the shapers of the future 20.We accepted education to be survival training 21.We accepted love to be followed by hate 22.We accepted Earth to be all there is 23.We accepted laws without question 24.We accepted television as our highest desire 25.We accepted medicine to suppress our fear of death 26.We accepted debt to be our income 27.We accepted our personality to be our avatar 28.We accepted poverty as the natural flow of life

In our inner confusion we realized that we must stop ourselves, and we are doing that. How? 1.We design chips to track us and be our conscience 2.We design laws to protect us from ourselves 3.We empower leaders to remove our self destructive nature 4.We place controls for our minds because we are not in control of our minds 5.We place responsibility in dishonest leaders, so that we may remain dishonest in our lives 6.We create saviors because we are apparently flawed

So if we are flawed, our society and our government will be flawed, because our world is a mirror and we are looking at ourselves! But we don't realize that our thoughts created this world! Stop the thoughts and self control will replace mind control when we become self honest inside ourselves. Our world will become the Golden Age.

8. Hell on Earth

What is human gullibility? Let's see... we are made to believe that technology watches us all the time!

We think we can run a business and keep up with the paperwork. Impossible! With an average of 6.6 billion people on the planet, do you really think there is enough surveillance to watch each person? Do you think technology can keep track of your family? Do you really think it is possible for the government to know all your secrets?

Look at internet and computer functionality. Only basic tasks are possible, and there is certainly not an all-seeing eye! On average, people complain that computers and the internet provide a very bas service.

Why do we place so much value in the idea of superior technology? The controller controls through belief! If somebody wants us to act in a certain way, all they need is for us to believe in the way they propose. Then we believe so strongly that we say, “it must be so!”

Look at Jesus! Apparently he died and resurrected himself! So, he should be alive right now, sorting out the dilemma of this existence, and stopping all the suffering! Yet he never arrives- why? Does he love suffering in his name? There are humans that believe that this irrationality is a gospell. Yet if we question the believers, they accuse us of being irrational, not even noticing their own madness.

So, the elite want power and money, and the easiest way to gain power and money would be to sell all the secret technology to people. Oh, how people love new technology! People will love the new gimmicks and adore the creators of it... and we believe this urban legend of the elite? Instead, it's apparently secret. Because we all talk about it, it must be true, right?

Look at money! Have you ever cooked the books, or become insolvent? Yes you have, and everyone does this: false tax claims, overcharging, fraud, kickbacks, false insurance claims, insolvency... and with all the money disappearing off the books yearly, there should be no money left. Yet this is not considered in calculating the money supply.

Is there something fishy here? Yes, humans are hypnotized and gullible because the elite/mind criminals do not want us to have equal opportunities. Humans do enjoy being less than something or someone... just look at religion, politics, and celebrities! To make sure they remain superior, we must believe that we are inferior, and apparently this makes sense to us! It's all just pictures and thoughts, and we believe this through our pupils as our “I.”

Let's look at our fears. How many times did we say to ourselves, “I was stupid to fear this or that... it wasn't real!”? Why don't we apply common sense? Yes, we all do this, and yet we keep on fearing. Does fear serve any purpose?

Are we gullible? Yes! Are we stupid? No! Let's get real. What do we really depend on for our survival? Well, the plant and trees provide our oxygen, but we blissfully kill the planet while we adore the rich and beautiful... isn't this madness? Who can you trust? Nature provides, yet it looks like nature is our enemy because of the way we kill and destroy it!

What should we honor? Nature- not money! Money destroys nature, thus destroying us! That's hell on earth... but who created hell on earth? We are all response-able! We must all say, “Till here no further, lest our gullibility turns into stupidity!”

9. Is Money a Cult?

Let's see if we are able to compare the definitions of a cult to the definitions of our money system.

Cult: An obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, of thing. 1.Authorization in their power structure (they have full control over your life) 2.Totalitarian in their control of the behavior of their members (your behavior and lifestyle is pre-designed) 3.Pyramidal structure (various levels of authority, ending with one or a few that make all the decisions) 4.Uses thought reform techniques (convincing you that belonging to this group is what is best for you and your survival) 5.Isolation of members from society (keeping members from being influenced by society) 6.Uses deception in recruiting or fundraising (never revealing to people the true reason that they require money) 7.Promotes dependence of the members on the group (dependent on this group to be able to live, travel, and feed yourself) 8.Totalitarian in their world view (these groups believe in their greater power/knowledge) 9.Uses mind altering techniques to stop critical thinking (they use pictures and words to change your way of thinking) 10.Appear exclusive and innovative (they claim to have the best solution for mankind) 11.Charismatic or messianic leader who is self-appointed and has a special mission in life (being able to give man deliverance) 12.Controls the flow of information (members are only told what they need to hear) 13.Instills a fear of leaving the group (members fear what will happen to them if they leave the “protection” of the group)

Those are the basic definitions of a cult. The question is: could that mean that money is a cult? Let's look at what definitions of money we have accepted: 1.Authorization in their power structure (those who own and manage money in this world dictate your lifestyle) 2.Totalitarian in their control of the behavior of their members (your behavior and lifestyle within the money system is pre-designed and dictated) 3.Pyramidal structure (various levels of authority in the money system) 4.Uses thought reform techniques (convincing you that without the money system you will not be able to survive in this world) 5.Isolation of members from society (those with money use their money to separate themselves even further from the poor) 6.Uses deception in recruiting or fundraising (never revealing to people the true purpose of money in this world) 7.Promotes dependence of the members on the group (we are dependent on money to be able to live, travel and feed ourselves) 8.Totalitarian in their world view (the entire world fears the “power” and necessity of money) 9.Uses mind altering techniques to stop critical thinking (uses pictures and words to change your thinking to, “I must have money, too!”) 10.Appear exclusive and innovative (the money system claims that it is the best solution for all man's problems) 11.Charismatic or messianic leader who is self-appointed and has a special mission in life (the rich get richer and the poor get poorer) 12.Controls the flow of information (do we really know what is happening with our money or do we just believe what we are told?) 13.Instills a fear of leaving the group (we fear what will happen to us if we have no more money)

The question is: does money control us? Does money determine our lifestyle? Do we accept the rules of money because we are too afraid to change it? Is money a worldwide cult, which nobody is able to break free from? Why have we accepted that we are not able to change the money system? If we accepted the money system as it is currently, then don't we determine the outcome?

If each one of us changes our fear-based beliefs in the definitions of the money system, then we are no longer controlled and directed as members of this money cult! Ask the questions, push for answers and see the conformity!

10. Good and Evil

Living in a world of good and evil, in the light of the day, evil flourishes. In the darkness of the night, good worries. By the fruit of the tree, the tree is known. So let's see who is owned.

What is the fruit of the labor of man? This will help us understand. My needs are fulfilled by my labor. My labor is my savior. What is the fruit of good? What is the fruit of evil? Both have the same need. Both have the same seed. Both have the same feed. Both have the same greed. Both have the same beliefs. “Money is my fruit,” says the good. “Money is my fruit,” says the evil.

Who would have thought there is only one God for both good and evil, a God that requires both to give all? So how do we keep book of credit and debit when the good book and the bad book are the same book? So who is the bookmaker of the human race? Who wins, who loses, and who chooses? In the light of money, it's the credit. In the night of money, it's the debit. And we all said it.

Who makes the rules of money? Rules! So isn't it funny, that for good and evil the tool is money? And the rules are funny, wrapped up like the Easter bunny, in the book of the cunning. That makes sure that all are done in. When the good awakens, their world is shaken. All has been taken, because to those with money, more will be given, and to those without money, all will be taken.

So who are the fools that lost control of the tool? Who is now good, and who is now evil? Because if evil feeds evil, and good feeds evil, then God is the Devil! Let's see if this news travels and brings good and evil to level.


Perspective on: Debt as enslavement

Fascinating enslavement model-- debt-- riding on the back of religion and the concept of the debt of being born in sin-- this is structurally ingrained in most humans--

born in sin-- live in debt

Perspective on: Working and an Equal Money System

It is important to look after your financial well being --the system is relentless and all will be blown to pieces if you do not --I have tried this to the extreme several times--the system always wins

an equal money system will give us the time to explore what currently is not possible due to our dependence on various points--all controlled by money.


Perspective on money and working

Yes - we're in this world, for a moment and for a moment money is a requirement to survive in this world. It is changing and will change - this is one of, actually the primary implimentation to change this money system of the world.

(See Jack's article: The Power of Money of which he is not finished yet, he'll be continuing in terms of how we'll practially impliment such a money system.)

Therefore - remember, it is not about what you do or where you are, it is about who you are, who are you in every moment. I hear your statement, yet don't allow yourself to be controlled/influenced by that which currently exist and have manifested in this world - remember, we're all equally responsible for what has been allowed and accepted to manifest in this world, so be careful not to judge that which has manifested in this world.

I have the following suggestion: If you are required to take this particular job to assist you in terms of money, it's okay. Make peace - and it will actually also assist you in ways you couldn't imagine through your own individual process. For instance being in a situaiton where you will actually see what exist in this world and what we have accepted and allowed to manifest here. As you work there - observe yourself, observe reactions, observe judgements, observe resistances within you, apply forgiveness in every moment until you stand clear within yourself. Do this for you - apply for the job as part of your individual process as well, as working there would assist you within and during your process in terms of who you are. Its about who you are Marianne in every moment, no matter where you are, or with who you are or what you do. Because if you still allow such separate manifestations to control/influence you - it is actually still controlling and influencing you within separation. If this is allowed, then how, when the time comes are you going to be able to effectively stand up and direct any and all situations or manifestations in this world as you stand as you as who you are - 'untouchable'?

I suggest you apply for the job, as I have explained, and have the starting point for the application of the job be for you, to assist and support you through and within your process of oneness and equality, standing as who you are in every moment, no matter where you are, with who you are or what you do.

The starting point is the key Marianne, the starting point as you!

First assist and support yourself Marianne within and through your individual process and applying for such a job may just effectively support and assist you in such a way. Observe you during the experience, apply forgiveness in moment's thoughts, reactions or judgements 'pop-up' - when you experience that which you understand is not who you are and so you walk in every moment and continue. Until you in one moment walk through the doors of the clinic and nothing moves you - I am here - this is who I am as I stand equal and one with me as me!

Forum Support - Jobs and the System

By Bernard Poolman

Okay Jobs and Systems and how do I go about handling that? – this is Forum Support.

Understand, within the context of where we are in the Process, the System dictates, Income dictates, Food dictates – you do the work that is available for you to do - many people have no work- do it and do it to the best of your ability in a way to be an example of what Equality could be, but there is going to be points that you’ll have to do because there is no alternative – the Power of 10 System that we are busy with, will eventually bring about the Equal Money Solution – then, when the Equal Money Solution is in place, then obviously one is going to approach the situation differently, but your Basic Survival Needs will be taken care-of.

While in the Survival System: do what you must do to have an income – it is very important to be financially stable, because if the System gets hold of you where you are not financially stable = you are going to be in deep shit and no one can help you there, we can’t help you there – make sure you have a job, make sure have a income, it is not a point of compromise, everything is compromised, you’ll see as it unfolds how we solve the problem.

So don’t… remember what we’re busy with is a Process of understanding the problem and a process of understanding what to do about it – don’t get too fearful about any mistake you may make, you are making thousands everyday anyway without you even knowing yet, so that’s really not that important.

But when the answer is clear and you understand the mathematics of the solution, then it becomes imperative to live by the answer step by step, breath by breath.