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The Beginning

Perspective on: In the begining

What is the beginning, where is the beginning, who is the beginning? Who and what is responsible for the manifestation of Man, the manifestation of existence, the manifestation of the universe, the manifestation of earth , the animal kingdom, nature, the oceans, the human physical body, the manifestation of mind consciousness systems...?

We 'delve' into the histories, searching for answers for the reason and purpose and how, what, when, where, and who of life and the beginning. Looking at the past of 'what has been done', though not who those of the past were as beings. This seems to be an important factor human beings of this world tend to miss: They look at the history at what has been done, the acts and not at who the beings were and how they actually experienced themselves: I am an example of this.

Therefore, the answer to the question of the origin of life, the beginning, the starting point of existence of all 'living' things won't be found, won't be discovered by or within anything that exist within this existence or of this world, because it is being attempted to be found/discovered with what exist of this world and according to acts/occurrences that have taken place in the past. Instead of looking at the past as who the beings were that participated.

Why has the search for the origin of life, the beginning, the starting point consumed so the minds of many of this world?

Will the 'ultimate answer' really change anything.

Here we've done an interview with the first molecule, does this change anything as who and what human beings have accepted and allowed themselves to become?

It's fascinating yes, though, why be obsessed and possessed with the origin of life, the beginning, the starting point if we clearly see that what we've done in the 'past' was not life - so 'here' is manifested as the experience of man the 'outflow' of our 'beginning' or 'starting point'.

Thus, we have discovered a starting point, a beginning, the origin of life as who we are in every moment of self honesty within and as oneness and equality.

You will not find the beginning, the starting point, the origin of life in the past. The answers will not be there because it's the question that contains the 'problem' in the first place.

Life has not yet existed. A 'beginning' , a 'starting point' has not yet existed. Such words were 'built' and 'designed' of a system, to understand and comprehend such terms as an experience. Much to Anu's example...

A system cannot know it's origin or it's starting point or it's own beginning because the systems' beginning, starting point, and origin was not designed by itself, but by an outside separate source or creator.

Anu, as all that has been known in the past, all the knowledge and information you have of the past thus far is all of this system, designed and created by a separate outside source.

If you want to know the 'real' beginning, the 'real' starting point, the origin of existence of all expressions within existence, 'get to know yourself'.

Anu is but an example of all, that 'part' within us all. Human beings, if you want to live, you apply self honesty, self forgiveness and self application in every moment, here as you exist the answer to the origin, the beginning and the starting point.

You might be surprised at what you see, discover and realise as you.

Mykey (known on earth as 'Hitler')

The First Molecule

Interview by the First Molecule in existence:

yes, I do "know" what happened and what is happening and what will happen.

all equations, which include sacred geometry, the merkhaba etc., are of limited design that follow the rules of consciousness/unified fields to achieve a higher state, all which is separation, as it is defined with a beginning and and end. This is not what life is, although life may express in this form. The form is not life.

The unified field is formed through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind in this particular field called human consciousness and experienece. This forms part of a universal consciousness, subconscious and unconscious, the earthly one is here to bring together the various unified fields as so much have been allowed that plays at an unconscious level that all creation is enslaved and in trying to find ways out, creation expand polarities with ever more either deceptive or glorious ways to "enlightenment" that only postpone the inevtable facing of what we have allowed.

We are not of the unified field, yet find us in it where many have lost themselves to become of the unified field, to stop their lostness, the unified field is dropped and all is "free"

Say all is "learning to be"creators" and what it means to "birth" life as a self creation, how tough will the school be?

Tough enough to make sure each understand equal and one?

Tough enough that all delusion is understood?

Tough enough that each point is experienced as self and transcended as self and in this, what is "time" really? (2008)


If there was no "intention" for the very existence of the first molecule and for it to expand (except that it was "lonely"), and for it to have become the entirety of what we have now, "existence" of everything would just be irrelevant, meaningless?


look at the following:

Will knowing/understanding the beginning make any difference to who you are in this moment?

Will knowing or understanding the beginning make any difference to your application as who you decide to be in every moment?

Will knowing / understanding the beginning make any difference to the 'future' that is already playing out because of our participation in every moment as who and what we decide to be?

See, what it is that must be considered and understood, is that we as each and every single human being and dimensional being is responsible for the creation / manifestation of this world in every moment of who we 'decide' to be of every breath. If we continue to exist of the mind of the unified consciousness field, we will manifest a future of the mind and if we remain self honest in every breath as who we are of life within and as oneness and equality, we will manifest the expression of who we are as heaven as earth within and as oneness and equality.

There is no God, but the 'God' as you in directing yourself and your world effectively in every moment of self honesty as you within and as oneness and equality, to birth yourself as life from the physical and thus to birth all as life from the physical, to manifest this existence as an experience and expression of who we are as life within and as oneness and equality.

Then, the only beginning the 'matters' is the starting point of you in every moment of self honesty.