Acceptance and Allowance

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Example: in Accepting myself to be defined by / exist as Emotions and Feelings, I Allow myself to be able to be manipulated through Emotion and Feeling and to thus manipulate myself through Emotions and Feelings.

Whereas - as Breath, Here, the same in every moment -- I am now able to see the movement of Emotions and Feelings in me from a completely objective starting point, wherein I realize - ahhh I am not these Emotions and Feelings, they are not who I really am, but they exist in me, as me because I have Accepted and Allowed them to.

I am now able to begin to investigate the patterns of Emotions and Feelings I experience day to day - what 'triggers' an Emotional or Feeling experience, and when / how did this pattern originate in me? When / how did I Accept and Allow myself to create / begin living this pattern as myself?

Within seeing what one is Accepting and Allowing within one's self - one is then able to look at this World and the rest of Humanity and See that the way we are all living together here currently, the way we are creating this world is Equal and One to that which we are each Accepting and Allowing within ourselves, as ourselves. Thus - we are each Responsible for that which we have created this world to be through our Acceptances and Allowances.

Example 1.

In Accepting that we are not supposed to understand how things manifest in physical reality - we are Allowing and giving permission for the existence of physically manifested conditions such as poverty, starvation, rape, war, animal abuse, nature abuse, etc. to continue.

Example 2.

In Accepting the existence of Profit - we Allow for the existence of Loss - thus manifesting cycles of Profit and Loss Equal and One to our Acceptance and Allowance.