Astral Projection and Near Death Experiences

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Astral projections and NDE - Near Death Experiences


One thing is that she mentioned when she has astral projected and gone to another dimension that, as long as you are not in the mind, you see and hear nothingness. Now, I have read a couple books about out-of-body experiences and I remember one in particular where the author did say that, in fact, it is very likely to see illusions. HOWEVER, he also said that all he had to do was think or say CLARITY CLARITY CLARITY, and the illusions would disappear and the REAL things would remain. So, in other words, there were still REAL things that could be seen and felt on the very real astral plane. This wasn't a place where there was simply nothing going on. This is what I am confused about.


Here is a video interview within which Astral Projection is explained with regards to how astral projection in its entirety is a mind-manifested experience of the unified consciousness field – therefore, the human being does not actually really experience the dimensions – but an mind-alternate illusionary reality within and as their own mind:

(Astral Projection Exposed - to be placed here)

Therefore, leaving your human physical body as being a Portal is not of astral projection and therefore you cannot compare leaving your body in being a Portal according to Astral Projection – as all beings who have participated in astral projection have merely explored the realms of their own mind’s alternate projected realities and have not actually accessed the dimensions at all – the reason for this statement is explained within the video above.

With regards to OBE – the exact same – no different to what beings experience within astral projection, meaning – they only experience alternate realities of and within and as their own mind. Here is what has been discussed of OBE within the Forum of the website:


‘NDE – how can you ‘nearly die’, it is impossible to die, from the perspective of you as who you are dying, so therefore, in essence death doesn’t exist – because not even your human physical body actually die as all as everything that exists is aware – so therefore = ‘near death experiences’ are not real.

NDE/OBE occurs when the mind consciousness system within and as the human physical body experience a sudden, unexpected event within which it’s not ‘programmed to handle’ where everything within and as the human physical body as the mind consciousness system goes into a complete and total stand still. Because the mind consciousness system containing your life essence has no other way to handle/deal with the situation/event that suddenly/unexpectedly took place (as it was not programmed to) – it ‘creates’ it’s own individual ‘alternate dimensional shift’ within, within which the mind experience itself accordingly – which human beings would refer to as the NDE/OBE.

It's another method the mind use to 'deal/handle' something for which it's not prepared/programmed/designed to handle/deal with.’

No human being in this world has actually left their body entirely and completely and experienced themselves within the interdimensional existence as Winged does. OBE and Astral projection is still mind experiences – beings experiencing realities within and as their own mind – therefore, leaving your body cannot be compared to OBE or astral projection at all.


So, the stories of people in comma after an accident that remember things that had happen around them, witch they say that they could see "standing out of the body" are...

How can you explain this fact, if it is real?


No - previously this world and all human beings experienced within it, including within themselves - was pretty sufficiently and effectively controlled, even to the preciseness of NDE's being an alternate mind-reality shift - 'showing the human being what they (dimensional beings) want the being to see'.

Look at the following Common sense = you do not even have directive principle within and as you with regards to the mind, so from their perspective then, it was quite simple to orchestrate an experience within NDE of an 'amazing venture to the afterlife' for a moment = which was actually but still within the human beings' own mind.

The dimensional existence was most certainly not a place of 'angelic beauty and pure bliss' - it was filled with ignorant, arrogant, 'couldn't care less' beings - who used human beings through NDE to mislead humanity within a perception and idea of the afterlife that was but an illusion for further enslavement purposes.

Therefore no - NDE was not 'real'.


Out of the Body Experiences (OBE) and Near Death Experiences (NDE)


A man was clinically dead and he said that god through jesus has saved him from total darkness. My question is if he is right, because you said in your videos that jesus would have been part of The White Light/Soul Construct enslavement. What is the truth for this matter, could you give me your perspective on this?


yes, the manifestation of OBE's and NDE's was a deliberate program manifested within the Mind Consciousness System of human-beings - that, when the Body/Physical unexpectedly goes through extensive trauma / momentary-death that was not pre-programmed into the human beings' life-design in their one-life - there was a 'reboot system' within their Mind Consciousness System that would activate. This reboot system was a system-manifestation of extensive amounts of mind-energy and physical-energy mixed. That when the body shuts-down when it was not supposed to, the pre-programmed life-design would activate this reboot system - the reboot system would activate it's physical and mind energy and move itself as a substance throughout the Mind and Physical to get the Physical-Body moving/heart pumping again. Obviously this did not always work - it depended on the extent of physical-damage done unto the body in the accident/situation/experience that caused the physical to shut down. So - remember, when the physical shut down - the Mind Consciousness System is still active during that time. And what they'd so with the beings' in the NDE / OBE is transfer the being in the Mind Consciousness System into a dimensional-containment. This dimensional containment was aligned with a program / simulation of Heaven/Religions/Spirituality of this Earth, and so the being would experience themselves in this simulation while the Mind and the Physical repairs the connection for the physical to restore itself and for the Mind to be able to continue functioning/existing. The program that would activate would be specific to ensure the individual remain within a pre-programmed life-design path and not see the reality of what was/is really going on as their entire Mind Consciousness System design/manifestation and what was really going on in Heaven.

And there were various such reboot system designs that ensured the being, while the body and mind relationship is reconstituted - they would shift into this simulation-program for a moment, believing they accessed heaven - when they only went into a dimension in their own mind.

I suggest, when and as you can - to invest in the Journey's into the Afterlife Series available on EQAFE-Store - where what was Really going on in Heaven and the Mind is walked in detail.