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Voices in the head and Self direction


So I have been getting into painting again after a long lay-off. before i stopped i would often paint around 12 hours a day. Many interesting experiences, When i paint i could feel how my ideas would restrict my flow and i painted most freely without my mind so to speak. Anyways I enjoy the experience of painting only i am in constant internal dialogue with myself. It’s quite overpowering sometimes. I used to think paint paint paint paint paint paint, and i used to listen to that demand allot and that’s why I painted so much. Now it’s kind of the same, one voice says "paint paint paint paint paint", the other says "calm down you don’t need to paint". Back and forth they go! I wish they would just stop! So i can enjoy painting or get on with whatever it is that I’m doing. If i don’t go into my studio straight away in the morning i get hounded by this voice until i get working. This is the reason i stopped painting, because it controlled me. Even as i write this message this voice is saying "ok breaks over, don’t you think you should be painting now" I really do enjoy painting, I think, It has taught me allot about myself and actually, if it wasn’t for some of the experiences i had while painting i probably wouldn’t have been as fascinated with the information you offer here at Desteni.


So - the question is: Are you going to continue to allow yourself to be controlled by 'a voice' in the head or are you going to stand up and say: 'Till here no further? YOU must take your power and stop the 'voices' - stop the 'thoughts' because you are accepting and allowing them to continue in your mind.

The mind cannot exist without participation - STOP playing mind games with yourself. STOP playing tennis - hitting the ball back and forth - back and forth. How do you stop? Throw down the racquet and walk off the court - stop the thoughts and voices and get out of your mind.

Must I personally come to you and give you some extensive ass-cramps to give you something else to be 'concerned' about - to get you 'out of' your mind?

I forgive myself that I have allowed this voice to 'hound' my mind.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to be a slave to the voice in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have actually allowed myself to believe that this voice is me.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to be subject to the voice in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to exist within the polarities of my mind as the voices: 'paint, paint, paint, paint, paint' and 'calm down you don't need to paint'.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist in the polarities of my mind.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that I have allowed my mind as polarity to direct me instead of me directing myself.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to react to the voice in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to dis-empower myself through giving my power away to the voice in my mind.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that I must stop the entire polarity equation of the voice in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to give the voice in my head power and control over me.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to be controlled, directed and influenced by a voice in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to wish it'll go away instead of me standing up and saying STOP to both polarity sentences of: 'paint, paint, paint, paint, paint' and 'calm down you don't need to paint'.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself according to the voice in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have actually allowed myself to listen to and consider the voice in my mind.

So - realize that the voice is not you - STOP through self-forgiveness and self-honesty and self-application in every moment.

I forgive myself that I have allowed a voice in my mind to tell me who I am and how I must experience and express myself.

I suggest you watch the video on Leonardo da Vinci - it'll assist you.


Feedback on the above Perspective

Thank you Winged/Jack, I was very pleased to have received specific words of forgiveness to assist me in this. One of the more difficult parts of the process for me at the moment is, Yes, Knowing how to place my experience into words to do forgiveness on. I will refer to this again if need be, but it was great, thank you, it created a ladder for me to climb up so as to see into the window of my "situation". A Boost! I’ll see if i can get that window open myself.


Remember when the words to place the forgiveness in seems difficult - the self-honesty is not clear enough. I found, when brutal in my self-honesty, the words flow exactly as the dimensional beings are placing it like a river of living water and then is proof that you are actually becoming alive

So, push yourself. We will place some assistance -but not all as each must birth self and stop being a robot.



Backchat is– chatter within/behind the back, how odd that we have inner chatter and gossip chatter within ourselves and within conversations that exist within the nature of secrecy and deception going on “behind the back” of one’s mind and “behind the back” of others. Backchat says much of a being – firstly, that we have additional selves talking at the back of our minds, and secondly that we do not have the courage to speak frankly/directly with others to their faces / multiple personality disorder and relationship disorder – creating the disorder within our minds and our relationships, and so disorder within this world/reality. Backchat is our inner demons coming out to play in the darkness of our minds, and in the corners/circles of secrecy with others. Backchat reveal the possession of human beings, with their own self-created demons manifesting us into the demonic-nature of humanity as exposed within this world in how we treat/consider ourselves, others, the earth, the animal-kingdom and this physical existence. Exorcize the inner demons revealed through backchat – release yourself with self forgiveness as you are the key to your own salvation / redemption of the darkened nature of one’s plagued soul/beingness, and set yourself free from the religious habits/patterns of mind/consciousness and begin one’s process of creating for self and for all a new self, a new life – free from the demons/hauntings and burdens of the past, so that we can create/live a world that can stand eternal as heaven on earth.

Why and How Heaven was Simulated in the Mind

2012: Why and How Heaven was Simulated in the Mind

In this interview we discuss the nature of relationships beings experience within their Minds to/towards interdimensional-/dimensional beings. How such relationships and the very interdimensional-/dimensional-beings, in fact only exist within the Mind as simulated versions that were pre-programmed into and as the Unconscious-Mind of human-beings on Earth. Within this, how to practically assist/support yourself to release yourself from such mind-relationships of heaven-simulations and actually assist/support self with practical self-living in/as reality in this physical existence.

The Mind is Illusion / Thoughts are not Real


A point to consider here that we have noticed do come up often is the statement “my Mind isn't real” / “my Thoughts aren't real” / “my desires aren't mine”, however to consider here is what exactly we mean with when we say: The Mind is Illusion / Thoughts are not Real is the following:

Firstly, it’s to understand, that: whatever comes up within self / within and as the Mind: is Self, and so is / will be self’s responsibility to sort out. It must be understood that it is REALLY in fact only you, and you alone within that Physical Body, from the perspective of a Being that is responsible for what goes on in and as the Mind as what we've become. Yes, there’s MORE beings in terms of the Physical-itself that exist within and as the Physical, however, self is separate from the Physical as the MIND and so from this perspective: self is alone within and as the Mind of self in separation from the Physical Body, and so self’s responsibility to stand, be/become equal-to and one with the Physical as Here as REALITY.

Within this, self is not going to transcend separation / the Mind by simply “saying” that the Mind is illusion / “desires aren't my own/mine” or “thoughts are illusion”, I mean if it were so easy as an “instant realisation” that human beings could just speak and realise: then, we’d have a change world/humanity with human beings being equal-to and one-with the Physical and living within the equal and one principles of Physicality.

So, within this, what we mean with when we say, for example “Thoughts are illusion” is to understand this in the context of Thought’s RELATIONSHIP to the Physical Body and this Physical Existence. That when we say “Thoughts are illusion”, it doesn't mean it is illusion from the perspective of “one can just close one’s eyes and “see them gone” and then they’ll just disappear”, it means that: Thoughts are creations of ENERGY a substance that is generated on a Quantum Physical and Quantum Mind level in the Physical Body, through essentially consuming REALITY to create ILLUSION, as the energy generate friction/conflict in the very physical, actually ‘break down’ physicality/substance and transform it into Energy – the detail of this we have walked in the Heaven’s Journey to Life Blogs. So, in this – one can look at the energy, sound and physical Symbolism within the word ILLUSION as follows:

ILL USE I O N - So, in looking at the N – representing a relationship, O – representing a cycling/looping, I – representing self. Thus, ILLUSION is the ILL USE of the relationship (N) between SELF and the Physical as the I as self has been cycling/looping O in and as the infinity system of Energy/Consciousness at the consequence/expense/sacrifice of/as the physical body. Thus, to Align self from ILLUSION as the Ill Use of self’s relationship to the Physical body, because Self has been existing as the I of/as the Mind as Consciousness that has been Cycling/Looping (O) in/as the Infinity Relationship (N) between self as ENERGY/MIND and the Physical Body, where ENERGY is dependent on the sacrifice of the Physical to exist. To from here – REALIGN self’s relationship as SELF WITH THE PHYSICAL a DIRECT equal and one relationship to in fact BE the physical HERE.

To walk this Process from ILLUSION to REALITY, to/as what is REAL HERE, you first have to understand the DETAIL of how you accepted and allowed yourself to separate your SELF into and as the I as the mInd as Consciousness as Energy’s relationship to the Physical Body. Thus, why – it’s not going to be as easy as making simple statements/having moments of realisation regarding one’s relationship to the Mind, you in fact have to UNDERSTAND you as the Mind as what you are, to be able to CHANGE it.

So, from this perspective, we as the MIND are the ILLUSION, in how we created our SELF in relationship to the Physical as Reality, as what is Real here. And the Mind is Illusion from another perspective, in that – it CANNOT EXIST without the Physical, it is an reality/alternate reality that is dependent on the Physical to exist/survive, whereas this Physical existence can continue by-itself whether humans as their Minds in the Physical exist in this existence or not. Plus, it is Illusion from the perspective that, when/as you cross-over, all your personalities, thought processes etc. cease to exist and there’s one point, maybe more of self’s original beingness that is ‘left’ when you die, because ALL that you were as the MIND as ENERGY was dependent on the Physical Body existing to generate the energy for the personalities/thoughts to exist.

So, to understand thus here, when we say “thoughts are Illusion” / “the mind is the Illusion” – is not saying “It’s not real at all” – we have made it REAL as ourselves as what we've become as the Mind in the Physical, we have “made the Mind as Illusion flesh” in how the Mind permeate/infiltrate and throughout our lives essentially consume the Physical. Thus, in this – our relationship at the Moment is as Illusion in the Physical, and so thus the process of Rebirthing as Life, we’re really in fact walking from and as an ILLUSION into and as REALITY as the rebirthing of ourselves in/as the Living Flesh.

So, take this into consideration in/as your processes, especially with walking through Characters/Personalities, I would really suggest having a look at how we’re walking/guiding you through walking Characters/Personalities in the Heaven’s Journey to Life Blog, in this it illustrate the Process of walking from Personality/Character as Energy as an illusionary version of self as an ill use relationship of SELF to the Physical, and re-align one’s SELF to/as the LIVING WORD as the Living Flesh in making self’s life/living REAL, HERE – which is/will be a process.

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To understand the relationship between the Mind and the Physical Listen to the Quantum Mind Series at Eqafe

Further Support

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