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Decision and the Self-Application of the Decision to walk in Self-Honesty using the tools of Self-Forgiveness, Self-Writing, Breath and Common Sense to change to a self-satisfied, responsible, trustworthy, firmly standing being of Life.

2007 - 2008

Practical Self Questioning Guide to put the Process of Self into further context

When I look at myself, I stand as Life as all as one as equal - and in this I see all others as myself as Life equal and one. Then, I look at the design of myself as a 'person' - and in Self Honesty investigate all I have accepted and defined myself as, as a 'person' - to see what I am Allowing / supporting. Do I as all of the accepted experiences, definitions, and designs of myself as a 'person' support what is best for all as Life Equal and One as Me? Or do I as a 'person' support separation through seeing myself only as a 'person' as definitions and designs of self interest within a bubble?

Translation of Tablet found in Gobi Desert


The great CAUSE or DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLE saw his son the CHRIST, the perfect man. He said, This is the LORD (authority) GOD, the LAW of MY BEING to whom I have given dominion over heaven and earth and all that in them is; and this perfect ONE need not be in bondage to any mortal concept, as my PERFECT IDEAL is raised above any bondage and has the same power and dominion that I have. Thus I speak through the LORD GOD my BEING.

It is not any command that I give unto you, except if you co-operate with ME in the DIVINE CREATIVE WILL, you will have need for no other and you will set up no graven image before ME or yourself. Thus you will not call images gods; but you will know that you are GOD in whom I AM well pleased, and you have the same dominion that I have. Now come close up to me, my son; amalgamate (blend) with me, and I AM yourself, and together we are GOD. Your body is the GOD-BODY which is idealized and which is in existence before the human race was ever projected into form. This is humanity's being, God creation. All humanity have this perfect form and image if they will but accept this true image/form. This is the temple of GOD that belongs to man and is complete for man.

You will not make any graven (impressed) image or any likeness that is in heaven or earth or in the waters of the earth. You will not make any substance into any image or idol; for all creative substances is yours to use, pressed out to you in fullest measure. You will not bow down to any created things nor will you serve them; and thus there will not be any jealous thing, nor will there be any sin or any iniquity that may be visited upon any of your children unto any generation; for you will stand steadfast with your eyes always fixed upon the cause, and therefore your ideal of that cause cannot diminish. Thus you will show forth the same love that I manifest for you.

You will honor this CAUSE OR DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLE, knowing that it is your FATHER and MOTHER and your days will be greater than the grains of sand upon the seashore which are without number.

You will not wish to hurt or destroy or kill, for the creatures are your creations; they are your sons, your brothers, and you will love them as I do.

You will not commit adultery/deception, as whatever you will have done unto your father, your mother, your brother, your sister or your loved one; for they are loved of the CAUSE as the CAUSE loves you.

You will not steal any beings true power or form to give yourself more power over another or thus enslave another, for you but steal from the CAUSE and if you steal from the CAUSE, you but steal from yourself.

You will not bear false witness against any creation, for in so doing; you bear false witness against the CAUSE which is yourself.

You will not covet/desire anything for in so doing; you but covet the CAUSE which is yourself. By holding yourself one with the CAUSE, you have that which is perfect and is truly yours.

Thus you will not make images of silver or gold (money) to worship as gods, but seeing yourself as one with all things pure, you are always pure.

Then you will not fear, for no GOD, save yourself, will come to prove you; as you will know that the CAUSE - not personal but impersonal - is for all and fully envelopes all.

Then you will erect an altar and, on that altar, you will build and always keep burning the undying fire, not of gods, but of the DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLE which is GOD. You behold yourself, the CHRIST, the perfect, the only begotten of the TRUE PRINCIPLE or CAUSE.

Knowing this fully, you may speak forth the word (GOD) and that word becomes visible. You are the creation and the CREATOR, around, above, below, within, ONE with the DIVINE PRINCIPLE - CAUSE, GOD.

The heavens obey GOD's voice, the silent voice of GOD speaking through man. GOD speaks. Man speaks. God always speaks through man. Thus when man speaks, GOD speaks.

Desteni Perspective:

As this directive principle we are equal and one, yet to be it as self-amalgamation as equality and oneness to be here in every breath as self. The book's called life and teachings of the masters of the far east and came out in the early 1900's

I want to start new and wish I can change the decisions I made

You're able to do this - in the following way: You 'go back' within you - 'look at the memories of your life experience' and apply self-forgiveness and release them. Because what you're doing is allowing / accepting the past as memories which you 'hold onto' within you to influence who you are in this moment. Realize it's about WHO YOU ARE HERE IN THIS MOMENT that 'makes the difference' to your experience here, not what exists 'outside of you', it's about WHO YOU ARE HERE IN THIS MOMENT and if HERE IN THE MOMENT is fucked up - Realize that it's because of MEMORIES of the PAST which still exist within you, which is FUCKING with you - THAT'S IT, THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT. So, to STOP THE PAST from influencing YOUR EXPRESSION HERE IN THE MOMENT - you have to release the past you hold onto within you.

So here - what you do it the following: Look at your past, all that you 'regret' / are ashamed of / which you 'feel bad about / sorry about' / guilty of / anger of and you apply self-forgiveness for it, because have a look, if you hold any emotional attachment to any 'memory' of what happened in the PAST, it DETERMINES your experience here - then you as who you are is not here, but you are enslaved in the PAST and thus will constantly and continuously experience the PAST and this RECREATE the past the whole time, always until you Realize: I am creating the past experiences the whole time because I'm still allowing it to exist within me. So, let's say for instance you have a memory of beating the living shit out of another guy - for no apparent reason but 'because you could' - though, you actually beat him up to show you how you are beating yourself up through anger / resentment / fury within you - you apply self-forgiveness: I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to beat up this guy and allowing me to exert my anger / fury and frustration out on him. I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to Realize that I was beating him up to show myself how I am beating myself up within me through accepting and allowing myself to define who I am as anger / fury / frustration. I forgive myself that I have forever held onto guilt for allowing and accepting me to do that to another as me. I no longer accept / allow guilt - as I Realize that I did that to understand to what extent I am beating myself up. If you must, you locate that person / phone him and say you're sorry, you facing yourself no matter what his reaction is, because it's about you facing you in that moment - you say I Realize that I was beating you up because I was beating myself up and no matter what your reaction is, I am saying sorry for allowing / accepting me to have done that to you as me. Or just apply self-forgiveness - until you're able to look at such a memory for instance and there is no reaction within you, then you say: DELETE - and you see the memory 'wisp away' and you move onto the next memory and so you release you from the past, so you as who you are can live / express you here in the moment.

So - you 'can't unmake' the decisions you've made in the past - but you can sure as hell make sure you don't make such decisions again, by releasing you from the past completely - Realize that you've made the decisions you've made based upon what you understood in that moment and based upon 'who you were' in that moment - so, release the past within you as I suggested - STOP CARRYING THE PAST with you - so that in every moment, you live you - and your 'decisions' are made as you as who you are - and NOT BASED ON THE PAST.

I feel so hurt, I want to be strong

Saying: 'I want to be strong', is saying you aren't strong, which is separation. Saying: I thought I was strong, is saying you have a perception / idea of what 'strength' is in your mind, instead of you living strength as you - the question of course is what is strength really? What strength is, is self-will and self-discipline - strength is who you are in every moment, not accepting / allowing you to participate in the mind, not accepting / allowing the thoughts, feelings and emotions to influence who you are, nor to accept / allow you to react to others when they 'express' themselves. Let me tell you a 'secret' - 'power is in strength' - the power presented in this world is not 'real power' in a living manifestation as who you really are. Actual POWER is strength in application, this you will realize as you apply and live this process of stopping participation in the mind, by not accepting / allowing you to be influenced by anything or anyone - in STOPPING in every moment the thoughts/feelings/emotions, applying self-will and self-discipline - this is where you live self-strength and understand what power really is.

Look within you and your world what is 'causing' this hurt within you, you will also see it's all exists as 'memories' / 'thoughts' which cause 'emotions / feelings' within you, even people within your world you 'react to', write it down / type it, so you see it in front of you. Don't try and fix it in your mind, up there, it's impossible to 'think about it' or try and figure it out with the very 'thing' that's causing it - write it down, everything that's causing the 'hurt' within you and stop it through applying self-forgiveness. If you struggle / get stuck with self-forgiveness - send me / e-mail me the 'points', then I'll assist with self-forgiveness.

I feel I am falling

I was once told: You cannot fall - I found this quite difficult to 'grasp', because the experience I had was that I was really falling - down into the most deepest darkest pit of turmoil, frustration, anger, sadness, shame, sorrow and it always got worse, and it was explained to me that falling is not really actually falling: 'Falling' is actually the experience of you revealing to you / showing you where you are not yet standing stable and constant within you - a specific 'point' that you are still accepting / allowing you to be influenced / controlled with or by. Then, when you 'stop the influence / control' and stand up, the 'falling experience' disappears and you Realize: I am here, I am still here! So, the 'points' that are 'causing the experience' of you still falling is that which you're still accepting / allowing to influence you, such as the past, your thoughts, emotions and feelings - the people in your world - so, you have to stop it, Realize that 'falling isn't bad', it’s just showing you where diligence in application is required. So, you stop it in every moment, not accepting / allowing the thoughts to run in your mind, the emotions/feelings to culminate - writing about the past / memories and applying self forgiveness to stop them.

I wish I were still a child

Let's look at a child: Innocence in self expression in the moment, unconditional in self expression as who they are in the moment. A child has no MIND, thoughts, feelings or emotions which they accept or allow to influence or control them, they're just here in the moment as who they are - open and vulnerable saying: This is who I am - I love me, I accept me, I enjoy me. Thus, this process is the 'return to innocence' of you as you as who you are - because it's still here as you, it is not lost - it's just that you have 'forgotten about you' and accepted and allowed the world and others to influence you / control you / direct you within you through accepting or allowing you to react towards them - then of course believing / thinking you are the mind within you of thoughts, feelings and emotions which is not who you are - so, now you have to 'walk this process' of 'returning to innocence' through self application of self forgiveness, and focusing on breath so you can 're-learn' how to trust you and how to unconditionally express you in every moment - with no interference of accepted / allowed reaction within you. To become as a child once more - no more mind influence.

Giving up on people:

Then give them up to themselves and realize that they are you. Remember your own process that brought you to your current awareness was a process, use the points that awakened you thus far to assist and realize that more similar points will happen in your process as well. Embrace this and see that pain always is a gift that bring our focus to introspection, if we do not see and hear, the cycle come again from a different angle, until we move, yet it is a journey - a journey to Realize what mess we create when we do not understand what we are creating and we miss the responsibility in our presence as creators responsible for creation and created.

Be gentle with yourself, only consciousness experience guilt and pain, till consciousness is no more.

How much time do we have to learn all of this before it's too late?

Understand that it’s not about ‘time’ – you either will you within this process to stand up and take self responsibility for you – or you’ll manifest necessary experiences within you and your world to in such a way force you to have the will to stand up and take self responsibility.

Thus, it is to focus here, remain here in breath as you, apply self honesty in every moment of breath to not accept/allow you to participate in the mind, apply self forgiveness for thoughts, feelings and emotions to release the hold of the mind systems within and as you, together with self corrective application – where you stop accepted and allowed participation in habits/reactions/behaviors of the mind and so you purify the nature of you – to no more be of the mind, but one and equal as life. So you establish self trust and self expression – together with self awareness, you becoming aware of you – not the ‘mind defined personality of you as who you think/believe’ yourself to be – ‘who you are here’ one and equal as life. Be aware of everything you touch within this world, for instance, the pillow you rest your head upon, the tile upon which you walk – as it is one and equal as you, aware as you and also within and as this process of becoming self aware as with you.

Process and the Future

You’re here as each one within this existence is here because we placed ourselves here – within and throughout eons’ of time in this existence.

This current manifested reality within which we exist – is what we have manifested and designed, including the current experience of all of humanity within this world – because of our accepted and allowed nature as what and who we existed as for eons of time. Now – this world, this existence within which we exist – is the manifestation of the nature as ‘who we are’ within ourselves as that which we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be one with and equal to: And if you have a look at the current status within and of this world – it is most certainly not acceptable.

In this: We have realized that each one is individually self responsible for the experience of not only ourselves, but all of humanity, all of existence as ourselves as we are here currently – if you have a look at the experience of all that exist within and as this existence: We did this – through our accepted and allowed nature we have defined as ‘who we are’.

How we did this is through accepted and allowed separation – we separated ourselves from ourselves as who we really are as life as all as one as equal, this separation manifested as the mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions, memories, perceptions, ideas and beliefs – and we, through the mind in separation and self dishonesty, manifested this existence in the image and likeness of who and what we have become within ourselves as the very nature of ourselves. Thus – the only way to stop what we have done unto ourselves and all others as ourselves which has manifested this world, this existence as is experienced currently – is to stop participation in the mind, through not accepting/allowing you to participate in thoughts, feelings and emotions of mind, to apply self honesty in every moment of breath to so establish self trust and self expression, and to focus on your breathing, remaining here as breath as you. Together with self-forgiveness and self corrective application as you participate in this world. Within this application – you assist and support you within this process of amalgamating you with and as life as who you really are.

The money system of this world will fall – this is inevitable, because money has become god of human beings – thus it must end. Realize that whatever you experience within your world, the experience of you within this world – is because of the nature you have defined you as being. Thus – I would suggest not to accept/allow money to be your god, from the perspective of it controlling you/influencing you as who you are here in every moment of breath – but to apply self forgiveness to release the ‘design of money’ within and of your mind, to in such a way ‘set you free’ from the control and enslavement to money – but to live here in every moment of breath as you.

I suggest to go through the video interviews and material on the Desteni website – there are many perspectives of how you’re able to assist and support you within and as your individual process.

What are some solutions to escaping a time loop?

Impossible to escape a time-loop, if your starting point would be to escape a time-loop, you’ll manifest a time-loop within a time-loop to realize that you’re not able to ‘escape it’. I would suggest to have a look within your world with regards to who within your world you ‘fear facing’, to whom are you ‘reacting’ to within you, to what are you reacting to within you within your world currently – I’d suggest to make a list and then face such ‘points’ within you and your world that you ‘fear facing’ and ‘still react’ towards through practical application – meaning to as you for instance stand before the being and ‘fear/anxiety’ come up to speak in self honesty according to what you experience within you, to push you through that fear and speak self honesty: This is ‘transcending a time-loop’ for instance – otherwise if you don’t a time-loop will ensue. Thus, to not ‘manifest time-loops’ – ‘push through fears/reactions’ within you in every moment as you participate with you and others within this world in practical application.

Communication in full expression of Self


I have a belief, an understanding that I am bringing into the physical.

This is my belief:

I can come to a level of being that will allow for me to communicate a full expression of self. The same ability will also allow for me to have a full expression of others.

My desire to bring this into a reality stems from the thought that should I be able to share myself on a level that leaves no room for miss-understanding, and receive the same way, then too.... those that have been shared with will be able to do the same....

I believe this would allow us to live in peace and have an understanding of Love to such a degree as to usher in a new time for humanity. I feel this is the beginning of a new evolution.

Here are my questions:

What is the surest most affective way to bring a conscious belief like this into something my entire being accepts and understands?

Will this ability to affect my conscious beliefs allow for the growth needed to attain my desire?

If not, what then?

Have you seen this path I'm on?

It is also my understanding that others have seen this in a variety of ways and have chosen to pursue this as well.


What you are expressing is an understanding of equality and oneness-- what you are not sure about is how to do it practically -- in this I recommend you read Equality and self-expression -Structural Resonance from Veno, in fact, all that we present is placed as support to understand equality and oneness as a practical living model. I am placing my journey in understanding how to live practically as you have already felt the answer to be. Remember though that you must prove to yourself even when no-one agrees with you or respond in kind.

Awareness of the problems in this world


How was I able to ask the same questions back in ~2002-2004 that you are now answering? I had a very big problem during this time about the brain just being made of chemicals. I saw free will as an illusion, and sex as enslavement. This was before I 'fell' into the ignorance of the masses. Was there a program inside me that caused me to be this way, or was it a small amount of awareness that somehow snuck through?


There are many that have asked the questions, came to certain realizations with regards to the current experience of us all within this world, this existence – though have not discovered a solution that stand for all as one as equal, from the perspective of realizing the extent to which each one is responsible for the very reason the questions are asked and the realizations originate from with regards to the current situation in this world, on earth.

So, many understand or see the problem, but have no ‘solution’ – not realizing the solution must be self. Thus, from your perspective of the experience you’ve had – this makes the process for you ‘simpler’ from the perspective of common sense, because you’ve experienced and understood what is currently existent within this world, ‘how it works and what role you play within it’, now you have the solution that is you – to live the solution to the problem that is seen and understood within and as this world and our current experience within it.

Amalgamating the self as life


"Amalgamating the self as life" can only be done on Earth? Is this also possible in the dimensions?


Yip - only on earth is the amalgamation of self as life possible as the process of birthing life from the physical.


Breaking the Cycle


You have such a vast amount of work on hand, I have less and less time ... is there a reference within it, that I can use to help us break this circle, that folk will be more willing to seek this honesty, without hitting the wall of "self"?


All the video interviews and material is specific in assisting and supporting each one within and as their individual process while existing within this world, therefore we suggest to go through all the video interviews and material – it’ll assist and support them much in giving perspective within and as their processes.

Thus, while participating in this world, it is to:

Remain here focused on breath as self. Apply self-honesty in every moment by not accepting and allowing self to participate in the mind, but stop the thoughts/feelings and emotions as they come up inside you. Apply self-forgiveness together with self-corrective application. Write your experiences within you and as you write apply self-forgiveness.

Inform them to just start – they have to do this for themselves, begin here in breath, together with self forgiveness and the writing is also very effective.

There is no ‘easy way out’, nor is there a ‘nice/gentle’ way out – because we have been all but gentle and nice to ourselves and others as ourselves within this existence.

People need something to get hold of


I hope I’ve sent you my feeling on this matter, which while I agree, to live in the here and now, is to put all else beside ... alas, folks do not think this way, they need something to "get hold of" rightly or wrong,


They will not find something to get hold of – because this would be separation – they must hold themselves within themselves here in breath in every moment.

This is a tough process for each – most certainly, but must be done and each must and will face themselves to that we will not ever again accept and allow what we have done unto ourselves and others as ourselves.

What is the Source?

You will have to see, realize and understand the ‘truth’ of you for you yourself as ‘who you are’. It cannot be given and it cannot be shown. This is only able to be done through you yourself assisting and supporting you in practical application here in every moment of breath.

We’ve realized that all of us are together within this existence – therefore, each and every single one of us is individually responsible for what currently exist as a manifested experience of ourselves as who and what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become. Therefore – each one as to stand up and take self responsibility, to stop what we have accepted and allowed within self and this existence as self, just have a look at this world: There’s one huge problem here – and we’re it.

So, we’re assisting and supporting each being to stop participation in the mind, live self honesty, self trust and self expression here, focus on breath here, apply self forgiveness together with self corrective application: Have a look – each one is able to apply this within themselves equally – and so stand up and take self responsibility.

We’re not here to prove anything to anyone, you have to see, realize, understand the ‘truth’ of you as you - as the inevitability of each one standing up and taking self responsibility is certain – whether here on earth or the dimensions, and the dimensions are also within and as their individual process – each one equally – and so it will be on earth also.

So – see, realize, understand for you – through assisting and supporting you yourself here in every moment of breath – you’ve got nothing to lose but the mind, which is not who you really are.

What is this 'Life' that we are?

Life as you – is who you are – in other words, no-one is able to give it to you or show it to you – you have to realize, understand and see and live this for you as you.

We present the tools with which you’re able to assist and support you with, within your individual process – though, you have to live and apply the tools as you unconditionally and birth you as life from the physical within and as oneness and equality as you.

Therefore – I suggest go through the video interviews and material on the website, then participate on the Forum, so that you’re able to assist and support you and answer your question for yourself.

Will Mankind ever Hear?

Yes - this is unfortunately so, as you look at this world and just want to say to human beings, scream actually: WAKE UP!!! CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOURSELF, OTHERS AS YOU AND THIS EXISTENCE AS YOU? But, here with regards to what / who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become, a process is required to literally 'peel of the layers' of self submergence in 'hiding from ourselves' because of fear and shame of what we have become - then in this realization stand up and take self responsibility.

So, there's most definitely quite a process ahead for humanity, for all of us - so within this, I suggest you remain focused here in breath as you, 'prepare the way before you as you for you' - and live and express and apply you in every moment of breath. So we may live the solution as ourselves and no longer accept / allow ourselves to participate in the mind as the system of the world - but express who we are in every moment of breath - in honoring ourselves as life.

There is much in this world that is unacceptable to say the least - yet, we're here, we did this - so we first focus on getting ourselves sorted out within ourselves, during our individual process - before we direct our world and others as ourselves. So - don't be hard on yourself - you first focus on you and don't accept / allow the current status of this world to influence / affect you.


The nature of man and suggestions to purity

We do urge all to, before they participate on the Forum to first go through all the material and video interviews to be able to assist and support themselves within this process effectively while participating - because human beings on the Forum have actually gone through the video interviews and material and are practically assisting and supporting themselves in stopping participation in the mind - to live here in every moment of breath in self expression: Establishing self honesty and self trust through self application and self forgiveness.

Thus - we present the current 'problem' we face as the 'nature of the mind' we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become, so that each one may realize that each one individually is the solution to the current accepted and allowed nature within this world / existence as what it is and has become as ourselves - and that we must stop within ourselves through stopping allowed / accepted participation in the mind - stand up and take self responsibility accordingly - thus, it's each individual human beings' individual process.

So, you're able to assist and support you effectively through going through the material and video interviews - then participating on the Forum if you have any questions. Practical self support assistance is also given within the video interviews and material from the perspective of how you're able to assist and support you to stop participation in the mind, to live you here in every moment of breath in establishing self trust, self honesty and self expression through self application and self forgiveness.


Universal Love and forgiveness

The question you have to ask yourself is: Will you walk this process for you as life as all as one as equal whether it takes 350 million years to be done or three generations or one lifetime?

I understand your enthusiasm with regards to the process – though important to not have enthusiasm ‘create perceptual movement of self’, by not remaining here focused on what is actually really at ‘hand’ within and as this process, including with what is necessary to be done practically – it’s not as simple as ‘one two three’ with human beings in this world, and yes, there is something ‘missed’ which is that that which you read in the Structural Resonance documents – is all that human beings are – only that and that only – a mind consciousness system, and the nature of beings = self-dishonesty. And because of this, the process of each one takes seven years minimum to be completed – dependent on effectiveness, discipline and commitment to self as life as all as one as equal.

Therefore, I’d suggest you first take a moment for you – to go through the video interviews and material on the site – to really understand the current situation we are within. Because it’s not just about human beings themselves becoming self-aware, but also becoming self-aware as all that surrounds them within their world which they touch – thus, this process of seven years is for each individual human being to establish oneness and equality within and as themselves with and as all that exist, in every moment of touch realizing that that which is being touched is self and there exist no mind perception/idea/belief of anything or anyone that exist within this existence as this world currently.

Understand that this process is already done from the perspective that oneness and equality as life is directing all of existence as one, yet we are able to accelerate this process by standing as the manifestation of life as life here in every moment of breath, absolute in practical application as the living expression of life as life as we participate in this world within and as self-awareness, directing others as self to realize who they are as life as all as one as equal.

Either you direct you in assisting and supporting self to stand here as life as the manifested expression of life as life and walk unconditionally no matter what in every moment of breath – or life as who you really are will direct you – which is a process of much suffering, pain and hardship for you to realize that you have to and must stand up and take self-responsibility.

Thus – either you be your own force and will you to apply you effectively here in every moment of breath to stand up and take self-responsibility for all life as self – or life as you will force you to stand up and take self-responsibility through certain specific necessary experiences: This is the process that is here, that is done – one and equal for each and all.

Have a look at ‘co-creation’:

Understand that we have been co-creating for eons of time; co-creation is the reason why we’re where we are in this moment within this world currently. We have been ‘co-creating’ since the very beginning of our existence which manifested this very creation as is, because we all participated in creating it = Co-creation.

Therefore = co-creation is not the solution, as co-creation is of separation. Therefore = each and every single one of is responsible for all and everything that exists within and as and of this creation – because we created it within and as our participation of all of existence through co-creation.

Create sounds like cremate – the more we continue to create, the more we destroy, the example of ‘creating’ is right here within and as this world.

Have a look at where we are now in ‘creation’ which we ‘co-created’ together as one = all and everything of ourselves exist within and as separation, we are in separation of ourselves as life, in separation of this very ‘creation’ we ‘created’ through ‘co-creation’, we are separate from each other = all and everything exists within and as separation because the very act of ‘creating’ is separation in itself.

And we’ve constantly continuously been lost within the cycle of ‘creating’ – not realizing that ‘creating’ through ‘co-creation’ is the very problem we face within this existence, this world.

Because have a look at your current ‘starting point’ with regards to your ‘project’:

First point of separation: The principle of ‘co-creation’ – bringing lots of beings together with ‘co-creation’ for a ‘goal’ / ‘attainment’ / ‘reason’ as ‘oneness and equality’ / ‘universal love and peace’ which is your second point of separation. Where are the beings themselves as ‘who they are’ in all this, the beings individually?

You have your ‘starting point’ as ‘co-creation’ which is separation, for a goal / purpose to be ‘reached’ which is separate from self – and you’re not taking into consideration that current placement/status within which the beings you’re approaching or who is approaching you, not taking into consideration their very nature as ‘who they are’ currently as a mind consciousness system of self dishonesty.

And what you’re establishing now, the principle you are establishing this ‘project’ upon as the starting point thereof – is exactly the same way we started this existence, this ‘creation’ within which we experience ourselves. Various different expressions as being coming together to ‘create’ through ‘co-creation’ for a reason/purpose/goal separate from self = which manifested this ‘creation’ of separation within which we experience ourselves.

See, if your starting point is separation, all and everything you do will be of separation.

So, what you’re actually supporting within this project is not oneness and equality as life = but the very nature of separation within and of human beings which has manifested this ‘creation’ within which we experience ourselves currently. So, you’ll actually be supporting the very nature of this world, this ‘creation’ as it exist in this moment here of separation.

Therefore, ‘co-creation’ or any means or form of ‘creating’ is not the solution, nor human beings coming together for ‘co-creating’ (which is separation’) for a purpose/reason separate from self (which is separation). This project you are looking at – is exactly what we have done for eons of time creating/cremating ourselves and all that exists within and as this existence – just giving it a different ‘face/name’.

Again, what is being ‘missed’ is the individual human being as ‘who they are’ – because it’s not about ‘co-creating’, ‘creating’ or even doing this process for ‘oneness and equality’ / ‘life’ – you have to do it for YOU AS Life as all as one as equal – here is the ‘difference’ in starting point.

Because if you’re doing this process for a goal/purpose/reason outside of you, for instance doing it FOR oneness and equality / life FOR a solution to this world/human beings within a starting point of co-creation, bringing many beings together without effectively realizing that it is the very nature of the being as ‘who they are’ that is the ‘problem’ = this is separation.

Applying this process for YOU AS life as all as one as equal in realizing that what is necessary to be done is to STOP ALL CREATION, stop that which creates which is the human being as the mind consciousness system entirely, in stopping - to stand up AS life as all as one as equal here and assist and support others to transform and purify the nature of themselves to life as all as one as equal so we may stand here, each one, as life as all as one as equal as the nature of ‘who we are’ = this is oneness and equality in application = and if a being refuse to hear, a being still lost in the mind continuing to support this ‘creation’ of separation and dishonesty – you ‘send them away to their individual process’ – this is what we do when we ban beings from the website as mind’s refusing to take self responsibility, stand up and assist and support self to amalgamate with life as all as one as equal. Why? Because we know that life as who this being really is will accordingly direct this being within and as their individual process through any and all means for them to ‘wake up’ – because they themselves decided they’re not ready to will themselves and force themselves to stop participation in the mind and stop supporting this ‘creation’ of the mind as the experience of all within and as this world.

I would suggest approaching your project in the following way:

Transform your ‘website’ into your individual process, your individual experience within and as your process – The process of amalgamating self as life. ‘Name’ the website: Oneness and equality as Life and then underneath have it read: The process of amalgamating self as life. Then you’re able to have an introduction section within which you explain what you’ve discovered and that you’ll be documenting your process here on the site for each one participating to view in assisting and supporting themselves within and as their individual process.

Why do it this way: Realize that in you standing up for you, you applying you in this process to stand here as the manifested expression of you as life as all as one as equal – within and as the principle of oneness and equality = you are assisting and supporting all other human beings as you – then your starting point within your website/project is oneness and equality.

Then you make the statement of you, for instance: I am in the process of amalgamating me as life as all as one as equal as ‘who I am’ as who each really is – to stop all and everything I have participated in within this current ‘creation’ as the current situation within which this world is in, in this, I am standing up and taking self-responsibility for me.

With this website here, I am documenting my process – and I ‘invite’ those who self honestly within them realize that we must individually stand up and take self-responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed to exist within this world to participate in this process of amalgamating self as life as all as one as equal. Because this world cannot continue as is – we have to stand up.

In documenting my process here, it’ll assist and support you also, because in the principle of oneness and equality – I am you and you are me, and so, in assisting and supporting ourselves, we assist and support others as ourselves – to no more accept and allow anything less than who we really are.

This is but an example, I suggest.

And with all the other beings coming and participating with you – it’ll assist and support you much within your individual process also, much so!

Because in applying this process in this way: You are applying you for you as life as all as one as equal – then your starting point is oneness and equality as you, and this your entire ‘website’ / ‘projects’ foundation will be oneness and equality as beings participate in assisting and supporting themselves to amalgamate self as life.

It’s about the beings, ‘who they are’ – just as it is about you, as ‘who you are’ – as each one individually stand up and take self-responsibility – so we will stop this creation of mind in separation as, within and what we exist and experience ourselves in this moment in this world and as this world = which must STOP. It’ll only stop if each one stop within themselves – and this stopping is a process of seven years for each one max.

So, while you’re within your process – you’ll assist and support you much, through assisting and supporting others as you – you will realize much, you will understand much.

Then, as beings start participating with you, becoming ‘comfortable’ within and as their individual processes, you suggest to them to start their own site within which they share their experiences and progress within and as their individual processes – and so you ‘expand’ being’s application within and as their process – so you establish self-trust and self-honesty together with self-expression as you, and so with all others participating.

And beings not ‘willing’ to share their experiences openly are actually self-dishonest and thus cannot be trusted with life – because in sharing your experiences openly to all, here is application of self-honesty and transcendence, knowing/realizing this is your individual process within and as which you’re assisting and supporting yourself. And so you’re able to determine who’s self-honest and who’s self-dishonest as beings participate together with you in their processes– those who open up their own site and share their experience of their process of amalgamating self as life is self-honest here – those who don’t and have excuses/justifications not to = self-dishonest.

Have a look at what I suggested, and let me know.


“Regarding visiting the portal, i am open for anything, just want to work on myself on self-forgiveness, self-trust and breathing awareness to get ready for that. I want to work on that self-forgiveness list listed at the main page of your site from Veno. Is this the complete list?”

With regards to the self-forgiveness lists on the Forum – no, it isn’t the complete list. It’s merely a foundation from where to start – realize that self-forgiveness is an ongoing process, applied in every moment of breath, thus - when a being says: I have applied self-forgiveness and now I am done – self dishonesty.


“Have you investigated the nature of the unmanifest infinite source?”

There exist no such ‘source’ – as ‘manifest/unmanifest’ source would be separation within and as polarity. All and everything is manifested in its very nature = equal and one.


“This is the only way the petrol pump talking would be real to me. How do you explain matter being conscious of itself and how do the portal view this?”

Everything that exists is aware – as it is us, as we ‘created’ this ‘creation’ as ourselves within and as separation – now, we’re in the process of ‘bringing humpty dumpty back together again’ – in realising that we’ve separated ourselves from ourselves through ‘creating’ / ‘creation’ – now it is to become one and equal within and as ourselves as all and everything that exists as ourselves to once again ‘merge ourselves’ with ourselves and amalgamate as life as all as one as equal – to manifest who we really are here as all as one as equal as life.

Therefore, everything and all is aware as us – now it’s the process of becoming self aware as life as all as one as equal – this entails all and everything that exists as ourselves as all and everything must stand within and as oneness and equality as life.

Feedback after this post:


It sounds like my real true self talking to me in all self-honesty.

No problem about how long it will take for me to birth me as all as one as equal as life. That is what i had been searching for and had been waiting for since i was a child , to find me as all life again.

I have tried many paths but there is something missing and i think this is what's missing, the true data about who i am as separate and who i am as all of life and the process to do it where others living have done and can be asked about how they did it.

This is the only truth there is, and this is what i am looking for all my life. What will get in between me and myself? Just the mind consciousness systems. Well, all my life i had been deceiving myself, i already experienced that. It caused a lot of pain. That path is infinite pain. I know i had been there.

This path of finding me again and birthing me again as all as one as life , can be painful only because of the programmed information on what i am supposed to be and getting away from that "supposed" beingness . I can tolerate that pain. It’s like growing pains. But the bliss of finding me again, the wait in between is more painful. The state where i will feel me as equal as one as all expression of life in its totality, that is happiness. That contentment as me as who i really am.

In my meditation before, i felt i have touched that reality somehow and i cannot forget the joy and contentment i felt then. The thing is i feel there is more to experience to being me as all life....that is where my contentment will be....there is no doubt about that. I have within me a knowingness of how that is.

The process is there to do , so....i am ready. There is no other choice! The other choice, i already had chosen before and it was painful.

This idea of a website where i will share with everyone how i birth me, this is the one i had been looking for from Masters i had studied with.

Ananda Murti, L Ron Hubbard, Khalki, Buddha, Jesus, all had their ideologies but there was no account of what they did daily to birth them to who they really are (well maybe they didn't, that's why they did not share or maybe if they did the truth will be known to people and they will be vulnerable to criticism). That's what i actually am looking for so i can birth me. It's ironic that the answer to what i am looking for is within me and i will have to do it in this lifetime.

What i will do now is to transition the network for universal love to my individual process of birthing me like a reality show. That's original. Very honest. That sounds fun and exciting. That sounds like me.

This is what my plan is: 1.I will complete my list of groups co-creating for Universal Love co-creation ( from the separation point of view). 2. I will announce all statistics and my realization.... That the reason why we have not changed this world is because we have not birth us individually.....etc. (will let you know soon what exactly i did to transition) 3.Then, i will tell them that my decision is for us to stand up and birth ourselves individually and announce my website for my daily birthing process ...with your suggested name and everything, just because what you said was exactly like what i will say, fascinating. Is that what happens when you stand as one as all...? 4. I will ask all the members to stand up and birth themselves and challenge each one who wants to stand up and birth themselves. Anyone serious about making a difference in this world? "Let's birth us first, let's stand up and do it" , and then i will ask them to do their own account of their daily self-birthing process, if not, maybe Then i will make myself available to help them as me....

Will talk to you soon about how i did the transition, the result etc.

Next week i will drop the bomb to them, let's see who will take the challenge?

Note: today, when i logged into the chat room, i saw 3 people there as i share my experiences for today to them, that's cool.

Thanks for Being.

Perspective on this post:

Just one point I’d suggest to have a look at:

for Universal Love to happen, people will have to be self-honest and will have to stand for life in its totality.

For oneness and equality as life to manifest as the expression of ‘who we are’, each one will have to be self-honest and will have to stand for life as life as all as one as equal.

The reason I’d suggest to for a moment, not focus on ‘love’ is because human beings’ perceptions/ideas within their mind-designed nature is so extensively abused with regards to the word ‘love’ that a perception will be derived of the word ‘love’ in the contents you’re using it, which will influence the being’s individual starting point as themselves. But for each one to practically apply and live self love in every moment of breath would be to not accept/allow anything less from self as ‘who I am’ – not accepting/allowing the mind to influence/control self in any moment.

Also to take into consideration not to exist within and as any expectation / feeling of how ‘one and equal as life as you as the manifested expression of who you are might/may be’.

Remain here in breath within and as your process and apply and express you accordingly – because ‘who you are is here’, must just be realized as you within and as the manifested expression of you here that stand infinitely.

Other than that = sounds cool.



Transcendence? How do I awaken/become the Being that fuels the Construct? How do I break away from the universe of Anu? How do I do it NOW?


A process - cannot do it too fast as you will leave and not transcend. Start with forgiveness, that was all I could find brings peace for a moment.

Realize that you are all, even every atom is you equal and one. Look at one atom in the next in breath -where was it before? What is your relationship with this atom? Are you always in one breath aware on an individual basis with every Atom, every Nano particle as one or do you take them as you for granted? Prove this to yourself constantly and yes - they do communicate.

Take the journey of the atom, through all the breaths it participate in - all the conversations it had -all the other atoms it met - all the plants it moved through.

Our lives are something like that - yet we take much for granted because we trust the mind.

First yourself as everything, this relationship must be restored as all as one -proven to yourself.

Otherwise -


Have there been people who have stood up before?

Many stood up before, we found many, even those on earth that left profound legacies, yet to no avail. They always tried to solve the problem and not stop the problem.

The problem cannot be solved; we are not what we have accepted ourselves to be.

Stop the problem of separation and dependency, then no problem.



What is the purpose of freeing our minds if we have to get right back into this body, which will still be on this filthy planet? What is our purpose here? Did I choose to be here or does the self realization guide us to the purpose of being on this planet?


Yes, we will return to this ‘seemingly filthy’ planet until we have sorted it out, and have a look: It’s not the planet that is filthy, the planet would not be filthy in the first place if human beings didn’t ‘play superior god’ upon it, thus – it’s not the earth that is filthy, the ‘filthiness’ you speak of is what exist as what we are, the ‘nature of ourselves’. The current nature of earth which you deem as ‘filthy’ but reflects what each one has become: Creating the mess we are within, manifesting the filth we have become within.

So, what’s the ‘problem’ we are ‘facing’ – certainly the ‘problem’ is not earth itself, it is those who dwell and inhabit it’s surface as human beings perceiving themselves to be ‘more than’ what exists here, as the planet, as earth – reigning dominion over that which provides us unconditionally with life = earth as nature providing us with breath. We have taken much for granted – even each breath we take that nature of earth provide for us unconditionally, that which sustains and nutrition our human physical body unconditionally – as we exist within and as our self-centered existences of the mind, deeming ourselves to be apparently ‘more important’ that anything/anyone that exists, this includes the animal kingdom. Have you yet seen the documentary: Earthlings? If you have not yet – I suggest you do as it explicitly reveals the very ‘nature’ we as human beings have become and what we have done unto ourselves and others as ourselves as the animal kingdom, nature, earth.

So, in asking ‘what is the purpose’ – I suggest you watch the Earthlings documentary, because this documentary illustrates what we have accepted and allowed to exist within this world, due to us separating ourselves from ourselves as the animal kingdom, nature, earth and other human beings, including ourselves.

Yes, this planet, this earth may be ‘filthy’ – but we did this. And if we don’t stop – it will continue to intensify as we exist within and as the nature of our own manure reflected as how we exist within this world = until we stop within ourselves, and take self-responsibility for who we are and what we have become within this world. This world, is each one’s individual responsibility – the sooner beings start realising it, the sooner we will stop what has become of us and this world as ourselves.

To make a ‘change’ is impossible. We have to completely STOP, entirely STOP everything and all that we have ever been and every done and ever become to no more exist in separation within ourselves, but stand one and equal as who we are as all that exist = which will be a process, but will be done. Here is a document I suggest you read with regards to: Why Changing this world will not last:

There are being currently assisting and supporting themselves by opening personal blogs on the Internet within which they are writing their process of stopping the mind, the mind within which we participate that have caused this world to be what it is – to establish themselves as one and equal as all that exist as life. Thus – the starting point of stopping what has become of this world, ourselves – is ourselves – by stopping the mind and establishing oneness and equality within and as you as and with all that exist. Here is a video interview I suggest you take a look at which contains examples of being’s blogs – this is how you’re able to stand up and take self-responsibility for you, to stop what we have done and become within ourselves and this world as ourselves:

The Norm of Normalcy


I've seen about 10 or so of your videos, and they fascinate me. I’m psychic and can also communicate with those on the other side. what I’d really like to see you do, is something mundane. Possibly go for a walk outside and video that. i just feel like you are not normal, even though i know you are


Not ‘normal’…

Normalcy is the conditioning of human beings to the enslavement of ‘sameness’ within society and shaping themselves to ‘fit into’ ‘how a human being should be’ as everyone else is – ‘existing by and as the norm’, ‘existing by and as society’, ‘existing by and as the enslavement to the example of those that have gone before us’ = instead of living self here in purity of individual self-expression.

You merely perceive her to be ‘not normal’, because you’re not able to categorize the expression within and as the video interviews within defined sections of knowledge and information based in the past of memories, through other human beings, within and as your mind = according to which you have defined ‘who you are’.

And Winged – no, she’s absolutely not ‘normal’, and the expression within and as the video interviews: Is not ‘normal’.

For we don’t ‘follow or live by’ the norm of normalcy – but express here in the moment ‘who I am’.

(Bruce L.)

Why do I exist / Why am I here?


Why do humans exist? What's the purpose and why do animals exist? Is there any reason?


The question consuming the minds of many: Why do I exist / Why am I here?

I have found no reason for why we exist and I have found no purpose for why we exist, found no reason or purpose for why I am here.

Yet: I am here. Yet: I exist.

Whether you are in this world, or within the Interdimensional existence – you’re here in this world, you’ll be here within the Interdimensional existence, you exist here in this world, and you’ll exist within the Interdimensional existence. Meaning that – whether you’re on earth or within the Interdimensional existence: You’re still HERE and you still EXIST.

We, the animal kingdom – all ‘beings’ that exist was initially designed and programmed through mind consciousness system insertions with a ‘reason’ and ‘purpose’ to exist and be here – the reason: Slaves to a being who desired to be ‘God’ and the purpose: To prepare a Kingdom for this ‘God’ to exalt him into immortality.

The ‘point’ I am making here is that reason and purpose is what a mind requires to validate and confirm its own existence, that a ‘reason’ and ‘purpose’ for existing, a desire for a reason and purpose to exist – is a enslavement program designed within and as the mind consciousness system of human beings within and as the physical human body.

Because the belief that you require and need a reason and purpose to exist: Is separation, because then you’ll be existing through a reason and through a purpose in separation of you, instead of you existing, instead of you being HERE: I exist, I am here.

Thus, it’s not I (through a purpose and reason) exist, it’s: I exist. Thus, it’s not I (through a purpose and reason) am here, it’s: I’m here.

I, me, SELF exist HERE.

So, you’re here and you exist – the question however: Do we want to continue existing and being here as we have for eons of time accepted and allowed ourselves to exist and be here within and as this existence?

We propose that each ONE stand HERE in self-honesty, EXIST one and equal as LIFE within and as SELF, I, ME – so that all may stand HERE in self-honesty, and exist one and equal in and as LIFE – so we all may be one and equal as life here in self-honesty – and manifest a existence within which we exist here as who we really are as life as all as one as equal.

Because at the moment, we’re accepting and allowing ourselves to exist and be here in separation through accepted and allowed participation in the mind.

And so practically assist and support self in being HERE in self-honesty and existing as LIFE, existing, meaning living as life as who we really are – is to apply self-forgiveness, self-honesty, self-corrective application, breathing and writing – which is discussed within video interviews – to self realize who we really are and stop the mind.

Within this, no reason or purpose as desire to exist or be here is relevant – because we are who we are as LIFE HERE and we LIVE who we are.

(Bruce L.)

You are what you see yourself to be


You’re so close. you got so much of it right.....saw through a lot of the traps....but somewhere you got caught before you reached the end...remember that bit about enlightenment being no journey, but what we have right here, and that's it??? well, that's it...there are no portals, reptile control....there's information, energy, and imagination, and that's about it....


Then that’s what you always will be and remain as and experience – as you accept and allow yourself to limit you within the definition of yourself of the mind as ‘information’, ‘energy’ and ‘imagination’. And thus all that you will see and believe yourself to be – it’s a shame, but – hey, you’re your own creation, either limit yourself by seeing only what you want to see according to how you were conditioned by your own mind – or release yourself from your self-defined conditioning and self-realize you here.

(Bruce L.)

Expecting an outcome vs. Self expression


The silence of you will come 'like a thief in the night'.

Many experiences of you, you won't even 'notice' - only when you look back - you'll see. Why? Because then your experience is not based in knowledge of a probable or possible outcome of an experience in the future.

Thus - the experience of you is of innocence - innocence of self expression - and not of the knowledge of the mind.

Thus - don't except an 'outcome' - do not desire an outcome - merely focus on you in every moment of every breath in self honesty as you - that's it - simple.

Do not exist in past present of future - as all 'stages' are of the mind - exist in the moment with every breath as you - the moment as you is who you are in the expression of you of innocence.

Going in loops/cycles


Right - the experience with regards to 'loop holes', which is the experience of continuous cycles, which then 'leaves' you with the experience 'repeating endlessly', as you referred to you your experience.

When you experience this, as though you are continuing in cycles which are repeating endlessly - the 'problem' is your starting point.

If your starting point for any application is of system manifestations - you have a 'problem' - because not matter what you do within you or your world - no matter how much or what you apply - you'll get nowhere - and this is when and how you remain within and of the system. Why - because if your starting point is not of you as you - and your starting point is of system manifestations - you're still within the system, the mind, of the mind consciousness system within you - and then your application 'means' nothing because your application is not done as you for you within and as your own individual process.

Let's for instance look at this cycle you're experiencing:

Fear of government and its institution - Don't want to feed this construct anymore - Fear of no participation (By Stopping to send them Money) that the institution will retaliate: (This is the geometrical triangle shape system within which human beings remain trapped - leaving them within and as continuous cycles.

This is a mind consciousness system loop - which manifest when you for instance don't really actually 'want to' take responsibility for you - and you are keeping yourself in this loop because somewhere there's something within you, you just don't want to 'give up' or 'let go' of which you 'fear losing' and thus you rather keep yourself remaining in such loops - and it's seen in your words:

For instance:


But after forgiveness, I still have the feeling of dread hovering in my head. I don’t control the thought... and they are still hovering like a vulture over me... So I say to myself... you are keeping those vulture in place... so I forgive myself for that... and still feel hopeless...


Here's where self-honesty comes in: You are in control of your thoughts - it's only you that don't allow yourself to direct your thoughts effectively - and the only reason you're not doing this effectively is because you 'fear losing' /'fear giving up'/'fear letting go of' something - which is usually your mind consciousness system which are your thoughts, feelings and emotions which you have used to define 'who you are'.

So by saying the words for instance: 'I don't control the thought' - you're shifting responsibility - stating that the thought has power over you - blaming the thoughts instead of you taking responsibility for you and directing them effectively in every moment - actually stating that you are inferior to thoughts. And also: 'See them coming a mile away but still not able to stop them' - it's great that you see them coming - though, honestly, you are able to stop them - if you say that you're not able to stop them - you're deceiving yourself and again you're making a statement that you're dis-empowering you through allowing thoughts - and that you are actually allowing thoughts but not stopping them because you 'fear losing'/'fear giving up'/'fear letting go of' 'something' and therefore you'll have the thoughts continue within you, continuing to allow them and because you're not stopping them - you 'blame it on the thoughts' for your experience you're allowing and accepting to have.

You're actually 'seeing the thoughts coming' but you're not doing anything about it: Forgiveness without corrective action is useless. Therefore: Knowledge without application is useless. Meaning you 'know' what thoughts are and where they come from and the consequences of allowing and accepting thoughts to continue - yet - you're not doing anything about it - you're not stopping them - and it's got nothing to do with 'not being able to' or 'not being in control of them' it's that you're still allowing it and the cause of this is your starting point: The cause of and for why you are not stopping your thoughts - but just allowing them continuously and purposefully - using excuses such as 'I am not able to stop them' or 'I don't control the thought'.

Therefore - your starting point 'problem' is the following: What do you know: That when you'll apply forgiveness in every moment with stopping the thoughts and applying corrective action in every moment: You'll most definitely change - you will most definitely inevitably change - because what are you 'giving up' and 'letting go' of: Your mind consciousness systems as thoughts feelings and emotions. And this is all that you have ever known yourself to be - thoughts feelings and emotions as a mind consciousness system - which you 'fear losing' - because you 'fear losing' yourself as this mind consciousness system.

Now you as this mind consciousness system realize that you're going to 'die' - not exist any longer when applications such as forgiveness with corrective action will be applied in every moment, effectively and specifically, together with self-honesty in every moment which 'brings forth' self-trust and self-expression as who you are - experiencing self-realization and self-revelation. And when moments of self-realization is experienced - it is within and as such moments when 'parts of' the mind consciousness system 'die' while you're within your process of self-revelation and self-realization, and no longer has control over and of who you are. Where you no longer trust the mind consciousness system as that which you have accepted and allowed yourself to become - but you start trusting you as who you are.

Therefore the mind consciousness system within you, as that which you have believed and perceived yourself to be, will use excuses and justifications such as: 'I am not able to stop them (thoughts)' or 'I don't control the thought' - to purposefully not have to stop the thoughts but to continue with the thoughts, use excuses and justifications such as 'I always had trouble controlling my thoughts' to not have to stop the thoughts, to not have to forgive the thoughts together with applying corrective action, because you fear losing the mind consciousness system within you as that which you have accepted and allowed yourself to be one with and equal to as the definition of 'who you are'.

Thus - you 'fear losing' yourself through applying forgiveness with corrective action, together with self-honesty in every moment - because you have defined 'who you are' according to your thoughts.

(And it's not about controlling thoughts - thoughts may have control over you if you allow them to yes - by your allowance - but it is for you to totally and completely stop the thoughts through forgiveness with corrective action together with self-honesty in every moment.)

And it is thus - because of this - because you fear losing you as the mind consciousness system that you have come to believe and perceive is 'who you are' - that you'll not stop your thoughts - but have them continue purposefully - and because you're doing this - because you're still allowing the thoughts because of fear of 'losing you' as this mind consciousness system - justifications and excuses will arise to just not have to stop the thoughts.

And therefore - forgiveness won't be effective - therefore corrective application won't be effective and therefore - self honesty does not exist. Because you're not doing forgiveness from the starting point as you - from the starting point of actually stopping your thoughts feelings and emotions to discontinue them - to have them no longer exist - to have your mind consciousness system 'die' so that you're able to realize you as who you are - but actually manipulating by saying: Hey - I am actually applying forgiveness but it's not working - but you're not really applying forgiveness as you as who you are to actually STOP the mind consciousness system within you completely and totally.


And the strange thing about that is that my intellect understand all the reason why.... it is like there is a split in 3d... when system get threaten... it seems it splits my mind in two different entity to maintain polarity(one say's yes, the other say's no) like a safe guard or a firewall of some sort.


So - your mind will 'play tricks' on you to keep you in the 'matrix' that is this consciousness existence - which we have accepted ourselves to be one with and equal to - therefore you will manifest, create and experience that which you have accepted yourself to be one with and equal to - and this is your guideline within your process: That which you experience and manifest is that which you have accepted yourself to be one with and equal to.

Therefore - you have accepted yourself to be one with and equal to thoughts -therefore you will manifest and experience your thoughts.

What does it 'mean' to be one with and equal to thoughts - it means that you have defined who you are according to your thoughts and thus don't want to 'give them up' because you know that if you do - you'll change - you'll apparently 'lose' all that you have ever been, come to know, come to trust, come to 'understand' - as who you apparently are according to the mind consciousness system manifestation within you which you have come to believe and perceive yourself to be - and thus will use excuses and justifications to not stop your thoughts - even though you 'understand' the consequences of continuing in participating in them. And thus those justifications and excuses for not applying and stopping your thoughts - through 'fear of losing' yourself - will manifest in the form of 'loop holes' which constantly continue endlessly repeating...

Thus - your Self forgiveness must be for SELF as SELF - SELF forgiveness - not just doing forgiveness because you 'have to' or to 'become something' or to 'prove something' or to' fulfill a desire' within you of 'becoming something' - no - it is SELF forgiveness - for you as you ALONE (all one).

Where do you start - within you as you for SELF as SELF - to make sure that you're doing forgiveness for YOU as YOU for SELF as SELF - that's where you must make sure your starting point in this process of SELF forgiveness is clear as YOU.

You'll only 'know' when your starting point for SELF forgiveness is effective when you no longer 'lose yourself' in 'loop holes' created by the mind consciousness system within you, which you allow, through 'fear of losing you'.

But look at the interesting nature of this 'fear of losing yourself' starting point: You're manifesting exactly this within you - through manifesting and experiencing 'loop holes' which endlessly repeat themselves and thus 'losing yourself within such 'loop hole' manifestations: Thus manifesting and experiencing that which you have accepted yourself to be one with and equal to within your starting point which is: Fear of losing yourself - thus manifesting and experiencing just this: Lostness within 'loop holes'.

Not to just watch the videos - but practically implement them within and as your every moment application as you - apply forgiveness with corrective action - not to just apply forgiveness - because forgiveness without corrective action is useless - when you apply forgiveness - you must stand up within and as the forgiveness and apply yourself correctively - to thus not repeat the same application over and over and over again.

Then to also make sure your starting point is clear:

I forgive myself that I allowed myself to believe that I'm able to 'lose myself'. I forgive myself that I allowed myself define who I am according to my thoughts. I forgive myself that I hadn't allowed myself to realize that I fear losing me if I were to earnestly apply forgiveness and stopping my thoughts. I forgive myself that I didn't allow myself to be honest with me in every moment in realizing that words such as 'I don't control my thoughts' and 'I am not able to stop them' - are of excuses and justifications because I feared losing me as my thoughts.' I forgive myself that I hadn't allowed myself to stop my thoughts. I forgive myself that I allowed my thoughts to continue because of 'fear of losing me'. I forgive myself that I allowed the idea/belief of 'fear of loss' to control me. I forgive myself that I hadn't allowed myself to realize that in having a starting point as 'fear of loss', accepting and allowing myself to be equal and one with 'fear of loss' - I will manifest and experience 'fear of loss' such as being 'lost' within 'loop holes'. And so you continue...

Then corrective action which is to actually stop the thoughts - which is to make sure you don't again allow justifications or excuses for not allowing yourself to stop the thoughts - which is to have a look where within your world - you've still defined you as separate from yourself - to apply forgiveness for defining yourself to something separate from you and then to not allow yourself to again define 'who you are' to that which exist separate from you such as thoughts.

Now you've got a 'flagpoint' - meaning that when you experience yourself going in cycles that repeat endlessly within you: What do you know? You know that your forgiveness is not effective because you're still defining you according to your thoughts and there's something within you - you don't want to give up or let go of and thus fear losing it.

So - clear your starting point first - have a look within your world and within you, you fear losing to which you have defined who you are - and allowed and accepted yourself to be one with and equal to.

Here is a documents on the Forum I suggest you read and apply:

Practical Equality and Oneness

Further perspective:

I have walked my own process for many years and fought many inner battles--what I found consistently support me is forgiveness and self-honesty - that also assisted in articulation and self-expression

Sometimes difficult, because to see what I will become is so uncertain, but through consistent application, the unpredictable stepped forth more and more and that is always more than what I imagined possible

So I suggest, assist yourself and unconditionally focus on each moment

I found in the greatest self-limitation exist the greatest self-expression, thus I focus only on that which is from the substance of earth - and unplugged my mind many years ago – fascinating, I found that when my mind was soaring and my imagination running, I ended up in obsessive, compulsive behavior and lose contact with the moment that is earth and nature expressing as me

Purifying Self

When I walked the road you are on at the moment, I came to an interesting conclusion – that the problem cannot be solved and the mind cannot be trusted and mankind/dimensional beings cannot be trusted and the problem cannot be solved with the device/mind that created it.

So, consider this - if this something/life/essence as us is so pure, why do we not then stop, give up everything and create from this pure self again. Then our starting point for creating is defined clear and pure. This makes sense, if we manage to honor the common sense and be honest, we really do not want to give up what we perceive we have when we are in control of our world, then what if we are not in control of our world - will we then let go easier?

We have a creation starting point that keeps repeating the same stuff with different names.

Fortunately -earth will no longer co-operate as will all that is of earth.

We are assisting with making this as "painless" as possible.

Certainly this was not what was expected. I very much shared your views in general up to 7 months ago and really had a difficult time adjusting to the premise that we have allowed this so extensively.

This was challenged in all possible ways and even now - if something step forth not tested yet for honesty and consistency - we test.

So as you say - we have just the moment and I would love dearly for all to find peace, gentleness, self-expression, and all to be able to see what is possible for all of us as one.

It might take a moment.

(Bernard Poolman)

Explanation of 'who we really are'

The answer is in the practical actual application of self-forgiveness and self-honesty. Who is equality and oneness in each that is the only point that exist stable always - equality and oneness. The “I” do not even exist, only the nature of what man has become. This nature is impure due to billions of years of self-deception.

Thus the process--a process of individual self purification--either here or hereafter-- not an attainment--as this cannot be attained--because life does not exist yet and will be birthed as purity as per the practical examples given--yet--the pointing of fingers and judgements of self forgiveness and self honesty is strange--show the lack of insight maybe?--or the fear of the truth of what the nature of "life" has become?

It is impossible to find the answer to self without self forgiveness in taking responsibility for all as self in self honesty to develop self trust-- from this life will self express--as no mind exist -- yet I am here as equal and one as life as all.

The Word Process, does the use of this word by Desteni entrap people?

No word entraps, it is the thought we allow about the word that entraps.

So, we are all walking a path, as we "see" something, we share it.

I noticed that when we are in process, we are not self-honest in the absolute "degree".

That is mostly because we are not aware yet where we are not honest yet and then a process follows to reveal the point. That is why we build trust, when we "see" in a moment another point in dishonesty, we are directly honest and correct it.

So process is revelation of inner dishonesty to be forgiven and let go to build trust in the freedom of self-expression.

Thus we progress to the next revelation.

What is Truth?

Truth - hmmmmmmmm - your truth, the truth of you, is who you are and 'choose' to be in every moment of every breath within and as self-honesty - applying self-forgiveness of thoughts, feelings and emotions because they are not who you are - you are not the mind.

There exist no truth but the truth of you who you are in every moment of every breath - is the truth of you self-honest or self-dishonest in every moment of every breath?

Self-honesty: When you see a thought, feeling and emotion stepping forth from within you and immediately apply self-forgiveness - because the mind is not who you are - to remain here as the breath of life within and as oneness and equality - the breath of life as you.

Self-dishonesty: participating in the mind because you think, believe and perceive that the mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions are actually you - taking the breath, the breath of life as you for granted.

You have to prove you to yourself - who are you in every moment of every breath?

We're here to challenge you so you may challenge yourself in realizing, understanding and seeing that you're not the mind.

==How can we make a difference, given we are working towards self-progress?’

Yes, we have ‘removed much’ – yet, still each one within this existence is within and as their individual process of stopping participation in the mind, not accepting or allowing anything less than who we really are and within this realize ourselves in amalgamating with and as life as all as one as equal. Therefore – each one is self-responsible and will thus determine the experience of themselves within their individual process for themselves.

You begin with yourself – you prepare you to assist and support others as you effectively – for how are you able to take responsibility for another in assisting and supporting them, if you had not yet proven you as living proof of your individual process effectively? Though – to assist, what I find effective is to share with another my own experience with regards to self-application within and as my individual process – not to ‘forcibly tell them something to want them to listen and believe me’ – because then they will resist, because you’re telling them something, not sharing your own experience of you as yourself.

For example, when someone asks you a question about you, how you’re experiencing you – as human beings will start noticing the change within and as you (though now don’t go an expect someone to notice you – as this would be separation, ‘wanting someone to notice the change in you’ – you just be you within and as your process) and within your process, specific beings, with specific questions will start ‘entering your world/moments’ – then within this, within conversation – you express you, ‘who you are’ in the moment within and as self-honesty.

Therefore, it’s about sharing your experience of you in the moment – not ‘telling’ someone, because that would just be knowledge and information – though, in sharing yourself, another is able to relate – but do not expect an outcome as this would also be separation – ‘expecting something to want to happen’. Therefore – it is your starting point of you within conversation that is imperative. You, here sharing your practical living experience of you.

Another suggestion is to take the being in and as you and ask yourself: What would I have said to me if I were in such a situation/experience? Within this you will realize that the beings entering your world or with who you converse – are actually you assisting and supporting yourself, so observe others as you – as it’ll assist much within your process with regards to what is necessary to be self-forgiven, or have a look at in practical application to purify you.

What to do and how...

You pretty much put the situation in a nutshell. We found the same questions - what to do and how.

Thus, the dimensions are in training to assist effectively during this time. This requires the purification of the being, the same purification that is to come to earth.

The point is to stand in the sphere of influence, but to understand that each must stand as self. From my perspective, I intervene where necessary and thus there is no shame. I actively find ways to express and share common sense, as that is the greatest support that may be given.

Another point - as equality and oneness is directing, no mistakes are possible, thus if I intervene and nothing happens - cool. If I intervene and there is a result - cool.

The problem is practicality, what to do practically. In this I find to only work with what I can touch and to put myself in a physical position of effective support that I may be able to make the decision that is prudent when the moment arrives.

We are thus preparing ourselves to stand effectively self-sufficient in all ways in this world, thus stopping all reliance on world systems.

Understand that the problem is in the unconscious mind, this is corrected through writing in self-honesty with self-forgiveness. Thus the blogs are a practical way to support others, because people like stories and in self-honesty and self-forgiveness common sense is born.

We have manifested the situation already and will have to walk through it, yet intervention is possible, when enough stand up.


Look for yourself, remember that recognition is addiction. Self-recognition expose self to self-honesty and that brings self-trust and unfold in self-experience as self-expression

Practical Self Expression

This is fascinating and we just understood how to place this in words.

All creation is in 3 steps

Creator = self-honesty

this self-honesty in the moment create trust with yourself

Thus -Created = self-trust

Self-honesty and self-trust empower you and is the only real power in existence and give the certainty and confidence for self-expression in that moment

thus giving Creation = self-expression

So practically in every moment I am honest with me, because honesty is not transferable from moment to moment - because if I base the next moments trust to the previous, I enslave myself and the result will be a breach of trust with me and instead of self-expression, self-deception will step forth.

So - when a new moment enters my awareness - I honestly as self as all as one view it - then I trust my honesty and I express myself.

Why do I then become fulfilled - I will build trust with me which is the ability to remain new in every moment and look at it as if the first time, and so I am reborn in every moment and in that I build my self-value as I trust my honesty with myself and I empower me as I understand that my Self-expression is based on my self-honesty and my self-trust that I proof to me as me in every moment.


Imagine if each one in creation walks like this, then we have man unified as the I am


I AM== Father==Creator== self-honesty

thus creating son== I am== self-trust

thus expressing as one - the father and I am one

The trinity of creator as myself explained and all is equal and one in this , because it is available to each to use this way to self-empowerment.

All that remain is choice - but choice does not exist - because if I am self-honest -what choice do I have? If I am self-trust -what choice do I have? And if I am self-expression - what choice do I have?

See choice is self-deception and see so is free will = self-deception.

Right and Wrong


So the only force we can use to stop the mind is through Forgiveness and Correction of bad habits. How can we know what is wrong and what is right?


The force as you of self honesty, self forgiveness and self corrective application in every moment of every breath. These are tools to assist and support you so that you may assist and support yourself in stopping the mind - not only 'bad habits' but to apply self forgiveness in every moment when you see a thought, feeling or emotions arise within you - and the apply self corrective application. For this. Read Veno's structural resonance documents.

Right and wrong are polarities that exist in the mind - it's got nothing to do with right or wrong - but WHO YOU ARE in every moment of every breath: Are you the mind system, allowing and accepting thoughts, feelings and emotions to consume and overwhelm you - or are you standing up as you unraveling you to live who you are as life?

Should we stop creation?


If nature is one and humans are not one then why don't you stop creation by making humans sterile - I guess? Do you want us to stop building houses, growing food, or what?


There is nothing 'wrong' with this physical manifested existence - the only 'problem' that exist is the minds of human beings that has separated them from the very nature of themselves as life which this physical manifested universe represent. No - the only 'solution' for this world - is to stop the mind - the mind that has been accepted and allowed to exist - have manifested this very existence we experience ourselves within and as - which is unacceptable.

All we're stating is that you must stop the mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions through self honesty, self application, self forgiveness and the 4 count breathing application - because who you are is not the mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions.


I don’t trust anyone or anything


I don't trust in anything or anyone, if I don't "trust" anyone, I’m not willing to consider to work with anyone, I trust myself(alone) I mean I have realized for myself that it doesn't matter how many times I fall , I’ve myself, there's nothing to worry about that.


to 'clarify' your idea and experience of 'trust', and within that - seeing the actual 'nature' of trust to assist/support with clarification in relation to how to practically assist/support yourself more effectively and specifically within and as the process:

The idea of ‘trust’ you experience within yourself, as the actual nature of that trust, is in fact actually ‘reliance’, and not actual living, real Trust. And, within the very stance as statement you made in relation to you saying “I trust myself, but not others” is indicating just-That, meaning: In terms of the absolute nature of Trust; when ‘trusting Oneself’ / ‘Living Trust as Self-Trust – the point/experience of ‘trusting’-Others won’t be an issue at-All, because – you trust you absolute in who you are, here in and as every Moment of and as Breath in and as your actual living as the Moment. And so you become/are living-trust through and as your proven constant, consistent living as equality and oneness in-fact, as breath in-fact as the physical, here in-fact. So one assist/support self to become actual, real Trust, the actuality of/as Trust as the Living Word as-Self. All of which is a process, a lengthy one - in proving self to self within and as constant and consistent living as the principle of/as equality oneness in, as and with the physical – and, before we can get to that we’ve got to stop, stand-up and change ourselves as the manifested separation within deception and dishonesty we’ve become as the Mind. So – in establishing Trust within existence as a whole, Trust as Self and Trust with Others – each one will initially first walk their process of/as establishing and living proven Self-Trust, and so all will become equal and one within and as living proven Self-Trust and only then Trust in-fact exist – which, obviously you can see for yourself we still have a way to go.

However the Process starts with self – and it starts with establishing the process of self-trust, and to do so, one must obviously first understand the nature and implications of what self-trust actually, practically mean within and as the principle starting-point of/as equality and oneness.

So, at the Moment what you’re experiencing as trust is actually ‘reliance’, wherein you’ve formed an alliance, a relationship-alliance (reliance) with and as the Mind Consciousness System as-you – due to the constancy/consistency of/as the patterned/pre-programmed network-design manifestation as a closed-system that operate/function automatically. So, you’ve come to rely on the nature of the system as constancy/consistency, order and pre-determination. And so – in/as the order / pre-determination manifestation of/as the system – you’ve come to rely on you as that system, due to the comfortability, security and safeness you experienced within-yourself from-It, and so the idea/perception of/as ‘trust’ emerge / flow-out as a resonant-experience from/of that relationship-alliance as reliance you’ve developed with and as the system as you. And you don’t rely-On others because you haven’t established a ‘relationship-alliance’ with others / other-people that is pre-dominantly done through relationships of all forms, from partners to friends to colleagues to acquaintances, wherein through relationships one develop a reliance on the constancy/consistency of pre-determined, pre-programmed habits of others, experience comfortability, safeness and security – all of which is misinterpreted as an idea ‘trust’.

So – you don’t actually trust you, you rely on your Mind and the experience you have within that, is actually your acceptance within/as comfortability, security and safeness.

So – to understand self-trust, to assist/support oneself in understanding self as trust and assist and support self within and as the process of establishing/living self-trust: Is to start to assist/support oneself within and as practical-living disciplined application. Wherein, one’s approach is not that of establishing a relationship of alliance with and as a separate part of self, but that self assist/support self in establishing self-reliance, self-consistency/constancy and in that – self become the starting-point within, as and through diligence, perseverance and application – and, so – within that, being the process of establishing self-trust in actual living fact. So, start with your process of blogging, vlogging, applying self-forgiveness, stopping participation in/as the Mind, practical corrective living – walking every day, with every moment and not accepting/allowing self to give-in/fall; but push and motivate self to move and walk and stand; to initiate the process of assisting/supporting self to become the living-word as trust.


The point again is the interrelation between others, I don't enjoy with people, I never did, my attitude is always like repellent arrogant cold and distant, and this create more separation I understand this, but I’ve to move within my understanding to reach the "point" of release about this separation, and it's hard obviously.


Your experience here to/towards others is an example of Manifested-Ego, wherein one’s separated oneself into Isolation within and a belief of self to such an extent, that – one cannot interact with others, equally / comfortably here; as the extent of possession within and as energy is so severe that all that exist is the experience of yourself. And so you manifest a resistance; as the resistance indicate all that you separated yourself from, and the experience of the resistance indicate the extent to which you’ve separated yourself from that which you experience resistance towards. So – in your case, your separation is quite severe and extreme and is going to require humbleness and integrity to assist/support yourself in realizing that you’re not more than anything/anyone within this world/ this reality.

And, it is in fact/indeed separation – because, others is you, parts of you – and your process within, as and through self-expansion/self-realization happen through interactions and participations with and as others, because through that – you face you as parts of you, you see you – and so can become better equipped with and as the required information/points with which to assist/support self to stop personalities, change self here into and as actual equality-living as one with and as the physical that is real.

So, stop ego, stop superiority and become humble and grateful with and as the opportunities and others as you that’s available in assisting and supporting you to self-realise.


My 7 year process


My 7x7 means 7 years in 7 cycles (not that I’m looping) I want my process to be as firm as pure and clear as possible throughout my life.

First Stage: I started as an observer and wonderer from 2~8 when I had memory. I was born with some pieces of principles in me. I have these questions in my mind such as:

“if humans being can do it, why can’t I?”

“we’re all human beings, why are you acting as if you’re greater than another?”

“I’m just being myself, but you’re never happy the way I am? What the fuck?”

“people around looks like the ones who need to get themselves educated, but how come all of them are telling me what I should do? That’s funny, I’ll show them what it is to live when I grow up!”

“why is the world reversed?”

“why are people so spiteful? Intending to fuck others around?”

“why people don’t unite? Why are there countries and races? I can sense unity brings peace, but how come no one gives a damn but trying to control others through lack of understanding about unity? Maybe they do understand but insist in control from point of greed and spite?”

“why people speak about shit like they know it all but without any application? Wow, that’s weird”

“why no one see the way I see? Am I the one that is blind?”

“why do we need money? Why is the world not sharing stuffs unconditionally?”

“why people go into arguments everyday? Why people escape their responsibilities?”

“what’s so significant of church? Sounds like fairy tales, why believe in make up stories? Who the hell is the writer? The writer himself must been a human as well, so what’s so significant about him?”

“we all speak the same words, live in the same world, why are people using words as if they’re more mature? Mature sounds so old to me, people like getting old? That’s so disgusting…”

“War looks nonsense and disgusting rather than being exciting, why does the winner go in rapture after a victorious genocide? How can they feel no guilt? Creepy.”

Second Stage: I begin to have realizations as an observer, but same time I grew fear of survival, I got distracted easily from family threats, so I tested and accepted self being abused by the society from 9~15, my eternal dark times at this stage, suffering, sick everyday, starving, suffocating, punished, threatened, exhausted, rage, anger, violent, sorrow, depression and suppressions.

Third Stage: I started to stand up for myself, stop unnecessary acceptance and allowance and communicate brutally with my parents from 16~22. I realized our mind is like a monitor, but I see mine different from others, but in fact it’s just the indigo design that is different, the only difference is I’m aware, they’re not. I tried to explain to them about this, people laugh about it so much like I’m still so young with imaginations and metaphors! So, I see it’s useless to speak about. I did got to a period when I was released myself in rapture, freedom, but…fallen from fear of survival in society and confusions…really horrible experience of depression, so I need to make this up twice as hard again. Desteni materials confirmed many points of my realizations were valid, so I moved on with the points, adding principles and practical solutions.

Now I’m going in to fourth…

Fourth Stage: Gradually stop all desires, greed, lust, fear until they’re totally released and disappear within myself. I will confirm my relationships with family and friends either with me or not with me. I’m going to start building up my own life from 23~30, get to make myself money, practical living, continue breathing practice 1~4, investigate on Desteni materials, understanding self. Getting myself to start my process writing blog and vlogs in these years. Development of self support patterns.

Fifth Stage: Stabilize my career from 31~37, use Desteni tools to support myself effectively and skillfully than before, realize what I can do to support others in real life, if possible I’ll start to guide others. Look back what mistakes and time loops I got stuck, stop the same problems repeating, realize what problem is still submerged in me. Stabilized awareness of breath as myself.

Sixth Stage: Master self from 38~44, guide youngsters about the Equal Money System, how the world operates, what is abuse, how to stop, what to concern about self and others. How to live practically as a real being on earth. How the mind works. How to support self from physical reality.

Seventh Stage: Final stage of self perfection from 45~51 and on, work with either a leader or be the leader myself to guide more as a group to establish equal money system society in a smaller scale. If possible, larger scales and spreading on.

So this is just a brief outline I want to share about my process, but it’s not just a dead outline, things may change unpredictably to what will happen.


Interesting Lay-Out / Plan – though, understand that: Reality never turns out to be quite the same as one intend through the intentions of the Mind. And, that you’re on a PLANet, ‘part of’ the ‘greater’ / ‘whole’ as the World within/as Existence and thus, cannot plan-Out a individual ‘plan’ for yourself, alone from the perspective of thinking/believing that you can alter/bend reality/everyone within it according to your individual plan – it’s only a Projection; you’re still subject-to and dependent on the world/reality and existence as a whole in how we all move together.

Yes – our process is individual, yet when your responsibility expand as you expand into and as equality and oneness, you walk with and as all, until all as you are here as you, equal and one. So, initially you walk alone; yet – you’re walking alone with everything and everyone. The plan/layout you present takes into consideration only yourself and your individual projection of intension, so – take note that due to this – you’ve got to realise, take into consideration that nothing may manifest as you intended/projected.

Therefore, cool to utilize it as a Only a guideline for yourself in terms of a point of walking within/towards – though suggested to not live “for” the plan/layout, otherwise you base your starting-point on a projected future plan/layout and within that define yourself, your living and your application according to it. And within that acceptance and allowance, you define/establish you within/as separation to/towards a projection, then – when the projection fall, you fall, because ‘you’ existed as a ‘projection’. Then you time-loop back into reality to realise this one point:

That all you have is yourself, and who you are and what you live in every moment of breath – as you walk/participate in reality and face yourself as you experience yourself in your world from moment to moment, day to day. This is what Matters in Matter (the Physical): Who you are and what/how you live in every Moment.

What you also didn’t take into consideration within your projected plan/layout is your individual internal-process, as the physical-unconscious that you have to face, which is your manifested-consequence: Points/parts of you that you created/designed throughout your life that you still have to face in-reality, stand-up from and change. This an example of experiences in the physical that would change your entire reality/self.

Then, a point to be watchful of that is prevalent within your post: Ego. The belief/idea of being ‘more than / better than’ others because of the self-perception created within/as knowledge and information; wherein one create a Personality that is apparently ‘free’ in some regards and then one approach everything/everyone from within that ‘free personality’-Design and completely fuck-up relationships and one’s environment/world, because you think/believe/perceive yourself to be ‘superior’. Please – just because you have insight into some details of your own existence, does in no way make you ‘more than’ others, and in no way to give you the right to treat others ‘less’. Interesting, that – many that acquire ‘knowledge and information’ and gain insight from it – immediately project their own believed superiority onto-Others and act-out towards others, but never actually consider utilizing that understanding in becoming a living example of support/assistance – but used to boost their own Ego.

So, I suggest focusing more on reality, one what is here in you direct-environment and who you are in your participation in every moment. Start focusing more on Self, Here – ‘who I am’ in every moment, and walk/apply yourself from this One Point. You have to start with you – you’ve got a Major System you have to transcend that is not easy, and the moment you project anything onto others – there’s a problem, especially when you haven’t proven to you that you’ve actually applied/transcended anything within the Mind. So, realise – you’re just as much in the system and of the system as everyone you mentioned within your post; just because you ‘see’ does not mean you ‘are’: You’ve got to prove the ‘who you are’ in your living-action in your world/reality as you participate in/as the principle of equality and oneness.

Remember the most important point: Self first – you’ve first got to prove you to you in becoming a living example, before attempting-to/trying to take-on the world that is you.

Here some points to take into consideration within the walking of your process in reality, and to not make your projected layout/plan as THE way/only way of your individual process, so as to ensure no separation manifest, but that self, here remain as starting point.


Being defined as a Memory


It's difficult to know where to begin when people define you as a past memory or do not support you within your decision to walk the process.


A point to consider with regards to the experience of "others not supporting one within the decision to walk process", is that - to look at the point of 'hope', wherein we tend to go into the projected-expectation of having the 'support' of others, based-on our definition of what support was/has-been in relation to the Mind as 'feeding personalities with the required energy to continue functioning within a pre-programmed reality'. Then, when the 'projected expectation' created within one's imagination does not manifest - the emotional-reaction of disappointment ensures.

Though, realize - that: The 'disappointment' that is experienced is actually, in fact a polarity-manifestation from/of the initial expectation that was generated within/as self and therefore, not necessary to take personally or accept/allow it to affect 'who you are' and 'what you live' as the decision you are in walking process, as what's best for all within and as Equality and Oneness.

What you'll find quite astounding within this Process, in walking YOU - is that, you never actually 'knew yourself', or 'understood yourself' - because you've always defined yourself to/towards your environment and others within it. And, within that - in relation to the point of support, never actually considered SELF-Support, because you never considered YourSELF and Who You Are. Therefore, with regards to Support, know that - you're in a process of re-defining support for yourself, to become a living example of Self-Support so that we can start showing by living example what Self-Support is within Physical-Living, so that All can stand equal within and as this Point of and as Self-Support, then we become the Living-Expression as Support-itself, and not just a idea of support based on deception. So - start enjoying exploring you, instead of giving attention to that which wasn't ever real in the first place, and make yourself a Living Reality that will become the Reality for All equally as one.



I started juggling half a year ago and I found it to be very supportive to not participate in the mind.

The reason for this is that as soon as you start participating in the mind with thoughts etc. you are much more likely to screw up (drop the balls/ unable to perform a trick). Instead if you just focus on the physical experience of juggling it is way more fun and you progress a lot faster.

This actually counts for any activity or sport but juggling is a cool way of proofing this to yourself.


I'd furthermore suggest considering, that - what you actually experience(d) is how the Mind influence / affect our Physical-Living / Participation in reality within the context of focus/attention with and as what is Here. Meaning, with regards to Juggling, you've got to forcefully move you into focus/concentration as the moment in/as the physical with what you're participating-In; which is thus channeling so to speak, for a moment, all your attention into/as the juggling/physical-point you're working-with. Your experience was prominent in relation to what you saw, because your attention was focused/concentrated to/towards only one thing within/as the physical, where you have like a momentary opening into/as reality of experiencing a moment with the physical.

Though, consider that, you merely focused your concentration/attention to/towards a physical point for a moment, moving your focus from the mind to a physical-point here. Now, to become a constancy within/as self-living is to walk as Breath, where, your starting-point isn't focusing / concentration / attention where you can be easily diverted between the physical and mind as you experienced with the juggling, juggling yourself between the mind and the physical as you see-saw between realities. But, as you assist/support yourself to walk as Breath, you become Living in/as the Physical, and you become a living-constant/consistency Here that cannot be swayed/diverted seesawing/juggling between realities, because you are reality, here, the physical. This is how you assist/support yourself with/as Breath to actually be Here in/as the Physical, then - to assist/support self to face self, stand-up and change self in/as the physical as the Mind, is to live/apply the tools - to become a actual Living-Example of equality and oneness Here, so that we can change this reality as-Ourselves for-Real.


Do not stop the mind?


Its not about stopping the mind but to not allow and accept yourself to be directed by polarities, right?

At first, I thought that I had to have no thoughts in my head and I would then experience "myself".

The more I live in SELF HONESTY while applying self forgiveness, my mind is not being directed by polarities and then I will be self directive in every moment.

I am noticing this happening and the more I apply the tools, the less my mind is directed by polarities and it happens on its own. 

Living HERE takes no "effort" as it happens on its own the more self forgiveness is applied in self honesty.

I am living HERE sometimes and might not notice it because I then am
conceptualizing this process of what being HERE means.

I am making it harder than it needs to be by thinking being HERE is a greater experience than it needs to be.

I can experience emotions if I am self directing them and have a starting point living self honesty.

I do not need to be emotionless, right?

Being directed by the mind takes "effort".


I apply self forgiveness in self honesty and living HERE one and equal becomes who I aM.

Also, who came up with the common sense principle of self honesty and that we 'Stand up for ALL as One as Equal'? We are programmed beings controlled by our mind of self-interest so how could somebody think of self honesty because how did someone come up with honest/dishonest in the first place? 

Who says we are born lifetime after lifetime facing our same emotional issues?

Are these "facts" or "beliefs"?


No, no Feelings exist, then only Expression, that is the Actual Living-Self Here that emerge from the Darkness that Remain when All Stop and Self-Realise: I’m Still, Here.

Fascinating though, that People Fear not Feeling, as in emotions and feelings as mind-generated defined Energy-forms that is Reactive in Nature, consisting of memories, and determined by/through external-forces as one’s Environment and other Beings. 

Such Feelings and Emotions are not Real, it lasts for the time it lasts and then it’s gone and Self Remain. 

Feelings and Emotions as Energy cannot sustain its own existence but through participation. Otherwise, it doesn’t exist, and will only last as long as the Participant (which is you), participate. Thus, Energy as emotions and feelings in defined Form is not Real. 

What of Actual Real Feeling, with and as your Physical in the Form of Touch?

Do you Actually Really Physically Feel what you Touch? 

Are you Aware of the Physical Actual Real Experience of Touch as Physically Feeling what you Touch? 

This is the only Feeling that is Real, Feeling what you Touch, Physically. 

This is not Energy-based, but Actual. 

So, fascinating that people Fear not-Feeling, when the Feelings they Fear not Feeling aren’t Real and do not determine their existence in this World, meaning = you won’t die if you don’t feel feelings. You won’t cease to exist if you don’t feel feelings, you’ll only Realise what you’ve taken for-granted as the Physical that is Here and the fact that you haven’t actually ever experienced actual, real Feeling. 

So, don’t fear not Feeling, you’ll only die if you stop Breathing. lol.

Become Physical, meaning, stop participation in Energy as emotions and feelings of Mind. 

Focus on Breathing, Physical-Touch, being Aware with and as your Physical Here – then you’ll realize: 
You haven’t actually ever Breathed before, you haven’t actually ever Felt before and you haven’t actually ever really Lived before, but, limited yourself to an existence of Energy that only fed off your Physical, tiring you to submission to the System, to enslavement in all-ways. 

Energy takes time and effort to generate within you through thoughts and memories that pre-occupy your entire existence, missing all that is Here with and as and in you. 

Stop Missing yourself that is Here in the moment of Breath as the Physical, Equal and One. 


Who am I


I feel I've messed up my life, I distanced myself away from reality, broke it down in my mind and rearranged it. 
Now, the very thing I've created is beginning to grow, of its own accord, interacting with my life via my personality on an almost daily basis. I experience suffering in some sort; anxiety, thoughts of inadequacy, bitterness, lonliness, until I come in contact with "truth," the things I've denied through my personality.
 I dont know what is real anymore. I'm trying to get Self-Forgiveness, but I feel I just gotta "bite the bullet" and just be myself, honest, without reservations, open, sincere, truthful, not hiding behind delusions and fantasies; smiling fake smiles, laughing fake laughs, crying fake tears, and instead just being 'honest,' letting my subconscious mind push through the boundaries I've set, because in all reality, I was too afraid to feel all my life, afraid to stand up. I feel like I've forgotten who I am, trying to please everyone else. Trying to live out this fantasy in my mind, 
this dream that is rapidly decaying.

And now (fill in the blank) is back in town and I never feel more pathetic when I'm with her because she is just herself, yet she has all the things that I want, and guess what? She doesnt care about those things. They are of inconsequence to her. She has higher standards, 
she is just and truthful. And so bright that it shines light on all my insecurities, all my doubts,
all my secret unborn thoughts come rushing to the surface and I become helpless. I feel powerless. And she sees this and she hates it because she feels we are equal. She holds me to the same standards, expects me to be just, truthful and bright.
Yet, I've lied for so long I retract, I go to a cold, dark place in my mind, I wither away and fizzle into almost nothing. And its so scary, it's so goddamn scary seeing who I've become, without even realising it. It's not who I've been, not who I am, but the role I chose to play, the 'me' I chose to be.


Best to bite the bullet and take on the matrix. 

It will remove all of this eventually.

Self Spite

Realise that, yes, this is a self created situation due to you not being firm and directive within self honesty through directing you and your world effectively in taking into consideration the situation equal and one here as you with everything that is involved. 
Thus, you cannot blame her, be irritated with her or agitated with her, with regards to the current situation playing out and your experience within it, because within blaming her, it merely, simply indicate that you haven’t taken directive principle, taken self responsibility and because you didn’t, the situation as it is now is playing-out/manifesting as all the consequences that go with it. 

Therefore, realize that whenever you blame someone or something else for a manifested experience taking place in your world , wherein anger, irritaion and judgment is directed to/towards another, wherein self is the seeming ‘victim’ of the situation, know that this is Spitefulness, a deliberate act of Spite directed to/towards another, because Self was the one that didn’t stand up effectively in taking responsibility for self’s world in directing self here equal and one, and then deliberately spiting self through playing the ‘victim’ of the experience/situation manifesting self as the ‘victim,’ when in fact, self is the Cause.

You’re still ‘trying to be nice’, seeing yourself as Inferior towards her, and within this inferiority using ‘niceness’ and ‘being good’ within your accepted and allowed definition as being a ‘good/nice’ person to attempt to, through niceness and being good, manipulate the other being and the situation into a solution: This won’t work.

So, what you’ve done is: 
Because of you seeing you as inferior within your current self-definition of wanting to be seen as a ‘good/nice’ person, you exist within ‘fear of standing-up and being self-directive’ in taking self responsibility for you and your world. Therefore, because of this fear, existing in inferiority (in fear and horror) and defining you as wanting to be/attempting to be a ‘good’ / ‘nice’ person, you’ll attempt/try to Manipulate others and your world through using ‘goodness / niceness’ to ‘have your way’ in your world, instead of standing up in self directive principle in living self responsibility and directing you in your world as your world equal and one here. 

Then, if/when another doesn’t submit to your Manipulation through goodness/niceness, you play ‘victim’ to through ‘victimhood’ manipulate yourself and the other within making them the ‘villain’ that is causing your victimhood status, then through this, justify your actions towards the other and experiences within yourself through blaming them as being the cause for how you’re experiencing yourself and what the current situation manifest as.

See , this is all Self-Spite in action. 

Because the cause has been you, yourself, since the beginning through Manipulating instead of Directing equal and one Here. 

Manipulation is Spitefulness within deliberately not wanting to direct, but rather manipulate/control because you fear standing up because you want to remain within your self-definition of ‘being good/nice’ and reaffirm that self-definition through playing ‘victim’. 
It’s fascinating with people that define themselves as being ‘good/ ‘nice’ as they’ll always create situations wherein they’re the victim and others are the villain to protect their own self-definition within goodness/niceness. 

So, realise that: The situation that is now playing out is a manifested consequence of self not standing up and self directive principle but manipulating through spitefulness within manifesting self as a victim to protect self definition within being ‘good/nice’ of Mind, and so Spiting self, in essence. 

Have a look here for example: 

Each time I asked her to Try to take into consideration the noise problam, she got angry and said that this is saperate apartments and that she can do what she wants. 
‘You asked her to Try,' this is not being self directive, this is again Manipulating her, in actuality, because in ‘asking her to TRY’ you’re leaving room for her to allow her to actually continue as she has = you’re thus leaving-open an back-door to have the situation continue as is, so that you can continue blaming her, so that you can continue existing in spitefulness and remain within your self-definition of good/nice in creating you to be a victim, creating reasons/justifications for ‘why you want her out’ through making her the villain/cause, when it is you that isn’t specific within you and your world. 

I'll correct my self, not by letting her stay but by explain her the situation again, maybe this time, she will change her behaver and will be ready to make changes in her life if she wants to stay here, otherwise, she may go. leave the choice to her. 

Here you’re doing the same within stating: ‘Leave the choice to Her,' this is abdicating self responsibility and your power within self directive principle, leaving a door-open for her to continue as is, because you’re ‘wanting to leave it up to her,' without you being the directive principle of the situation absolutely , which will lead to you again creating a situation wherein you’ll manifest you as the victim and her the villain when it is, in fact you that is the Cause.

So, in all this, what is definitive is that you don’t want her to Stay, yet, you’re making up excuses and justifications, creating excuses and justifications through creating her and the situation you’re both experiencing, to validate why you don’t want her to stay. 

The question is: Why are you doing this, deliberately Spiting another, creating the other’s experience and spiting yourself within creating your own experience, what are you actually really doing and within that: What are you not willing to realize? 

I’d suggest consider that: 
You realized that you prefer being alone and that you ‘tried-out’ renting the place for another and it hasn’t worked out, so, now, you experienced guilt, because you’re realizing it isn’t working out and because of your self-definition of goodness/niceness, you don’t want to be straightforward and direct with the being in letting them know it isn’t working out and that the room is no more for rent. Instead of doing this, you created the situation with her deliberately, to so create reasons/justifications/excuses through her and within her as the situation, to validate you ‘wanting her out’ / ‘kicking her out’ so that you don’t seem to be the one responsible but that she’s the problem within it all. When, in all of this you’re the Cause, because you weren’t straightforward and direct since the beginning because of accepted/allow guilt. 

Therefore, realize that: 

Because of the Design of the Room(s), you’re going to have this experience with no matter what being stay there. So , either not have someone stay there, or be direct and clear from the beginning with regards to the agreement of staying there, pull up an agreement that is to be signed wherein within that agreement, it take into consideration both parties sharing the Flat.

So, draw up a definitive agreement, if the being staying there doesn’t live by that in consideration of you and the current design of the Flat, you give them three ‘warnings’ and then let them leave because they didn’t live by the simple principled agreement that was placed in considering the flat design and you living there. 
Thus stand up and take definitive directive-principle instead of manipulating through creating situations of self victimhood within spitefulness because you Fear standing up and taking self responsibility for your own decisions. 

Intensification of Process


Intensification and acceleration of process.

This is to share my recent experiences and write myself as living words, as an expression of self honesty. 
The experience lately has been of circumstances being placed to force process in ways that seem surreal and incongruous to me in terms of my normal, accepted experience of life.

Someone near me seemed to have suddenly become paranoid and psychotic, changing from a normal person, even a friend for about 4 years, into some kind of demon that was filled with anger, hatred, and a desperate need to control and manipulate, which lasted for a period of about 3 weeks. 
When this began and I started receiving threats, insults, and bullying from this person, against me and members of my family, I reacted with intense emotion that was fueled by self and family preservation instincts, and a strong moral conviction that I was in the right and they were wrong.

I have never experienced this intensity of feeling before in my life; no one has ever been this vicious to me and made such dire threats and attempts at extortion. The most surreal aspect of it was that this person showed a need to get me to say and do exactly what they wanted me to do, or they would use financial and legal means to destroy the livelihood of me and a member of my family. For a period of a week or so when it began, I experienced a smooth, powerful, controlled anger that at the time I saw as that of a soldier who has dehumanized the enemy, or that of caveman tensely guarding the mouth of his cave with a spear.

Until I was able to sort out this feeling, I lived as the energy it provided and was in a state of war. 
Then my cat, a young, strong, healthy male cat who I loved and relied upon for companionship, developed a blood clot and died in the space of a couple of days. 
This event was so unexpected and incongruous that it made reality as I experienced it seem like it was being stage managed to create the maximum amount of pain so that my process would be accelerated.

I began self forgiveness for my reactions to these events, and to the best of my ability, started to interact with this person as oneness and equality. The emotional time loops and the mind consciousness systems I had placed through my initial reactions to the other person and to the physical death of the cat presented the most difficult and urgent test yet of my self discipline and use of the tools. 
Another instance I noticed of stage managed support came in the form of the ascension tools, as expressed by Darryl, and then re-expressed by common sense in their own topic here. 
Has anyone else been receiving this type of brutal support lately?


This is the brutal support I have walked through and sometimes fallen in since 1984. 
It has intensified every time I stood and in that purified me as here as life. 
This is still so, now daily as the process intensifies. 
Thus, initially it will be events driven, eventually is will be self driven daily in self honesty to stand no MATTER what. 
Have fun.
You will really get to know yourself and in that will direct yourself to who you would like to know, I suggest that liking to be, to be life equal and one here as all in purity and simplicity, breathing, as it will be a while till we are all through the MILL

(Bernard Poolman)


I met with my business partner on Tuesday, after a couple weeks of a cool off period of very limited email contact. 

In that time I've continued with the work described in this thread, moving away from a protestant work ethic based approach to process that I was allowing to separate work on myself from what happens here in every moment.

The idea of transfiguration showed me how I could simply stop doing it the way I was, and instead be in breath and practicing self honesty and self forgiveness in every moment, and I just did it. 
Now I am doing it in every moment from when I wake to when I go to sleep. When I sleep, I move through dreams to test my reactions. It is not a difference in degree, but in kind.

This situation with the business partner has provided the impetus to make this total change. 

One of the biggest systems here is the interaction with the business partner that has developed over four years, and manifested itself as a crisis in what happened recently. Now, this takes the form of my mind wanting to argue with him in my head. Things that he has said, and things I imagine he will say, arise in the mind, and mind will form a response. 
I realized that my tendency was to suppress these mind things, to try to breathe through them and make them go away.

So, instead, I started observing them and my mind's reactions to the words my mind was imagining him saying. So instead of suppressing a mind argument that I was judging as 'something in which I refused to participate,' I listened to my mind and worked through the words it was saying, and started doing sf on the causes and worked my responses to him into self honest statements instead of arguments. 


“So, instead, I started observing them and my mind's reactions to the words my mind was imagining him saying. So instead of suppressing a mind argument that I was judging as 'something in which I refused to participate,' I listened to my mind and worked through the words it was saying, and started doing sf on the causes and worked my responses to him into self honest statements instead of arguments.”

You got it. 

I did the same and found it works and silence the mind.

(Bernard Poolman)

What is a good starting point for suggestions


The 'phrase' 'if I were you' - assist and support the being you're communicating with - to consider and look at another perspective, in allowing themselves to 'open themselves to considering suggestions'. 

'If I were you' - place the one suggesting the consideration and the one opening themselves in allowing support and assistance from another within considering the suggestion - in a one and equal 'positioning' so to speak.

Because the one suggesting, within the words 'if I were you' - immediately in that moment place/have placed themselves equal and one with the others' situation/experience/circumstance and thus is writing/suggesting what they'd do if such an situation/experience/circumstance would manifest in their world/within themselves - that they're not physically directly experiencing - but can within this suggestion, stand equal and one as the being and the situation/experience/circumstance and assist and support from within this starting point. 


What is Carefree


Is to stand up as one and equal as life, as self being carefree, what ever may happen? And a forgetting and forgiving? Being daring and bold?


Carefree is still being connected / defined within your mind according to bliss and harmony, you're imagining what it could possibly be like to stand equal and one and what your experience within it could possibly be like, and it is most certainly not carefree.

It's about being self responsible in every moment of breath for what you accept and allow within your actions and words and self correct you within self forgiveness and self corrective action when you realise you haven't been self honest to so assist and support yourself to live self honestly always constant, consistent and stable HERE. 

Start your process within this simplicity and all else will unfold, within walking as the tools as self forgiveness, self corrective action, breathing and writing in self honesty. 

The mind would want all the answers before opening the door yourself and walking through it for yourself, when the answer is you in every breath as who you accept/allow yourself to be, express, speak and act. 


How am I to realize fully


I breathe. I am here. I realize that my self is multidimensional. 
I realize that I am my self existing as this chair I sit in, this desk I write upon. 
The carpet that feels comfortable and scratchy against my toes. 
The walls that make up this room. The books that rest upon the shelf. 
The crickets and the grass that surrounds them as they sing in the night. 
One and equal with the dogs that lay on the floor behind my chair.

I don’t understand how can I realize and be one and equal to something that I haven’t experienced! Isn’t that kind of half realization? I mean, yes, you realize something but to be that you have to experience it! I don’t know for example what it feels to be a book, a chair, or a dog? I can only build perceptions and worthless beliefs and opinions! I can only experience that through being a portal. 
So how am I to realize that fully?!


We made that mistake before, the giving into the accepted and allowed limited belief that I must physically practically experience something/someone equal and one before we can become them, before we can be them in actuality equal and one. 

Though, observe this: 
If each one within existence believe in such accepted and allowed self limitation, how many billions and billions of years must we walk, so that each one can satisfy their own accepted and allowed limited self belief to first have to experience each and every single expression that exist... 

Therefore, realise in you assisting and supporting you HERE, to stand equal and one with you HERE, as all that exist, first starting with yourself, then your family, then your friends then the world, you stand equal and one HERE in self realisation, self realised, in this realisation, all else exist within the actual standing of equal and one as you HERE, without having to have to experience it all physically. 

Though if you want to continue within the limited self belief, by all means, you'll only unnecessarily prolong your own process and your experience within it, but you'll only get to the same point of realisation, I don't have to actually physically experience it, it is me already here, completely - I stand here as it - to realise this is a process of walking in every moment of breath in self honest practicality. 

I'd suggest stop limiting yourself and trusting you here in every moment of breath to walk self honestly. 




Opinion or Support?


All power are opinion. 
Power that is real cannot be seen, because it is based in equality and oneness as life expressed here. Life is power and is equal and one as life in all life here, any opinion implies no life, thus no power.


Preference vs. Opinion


Preference vs. Opinion: 

Preference can be a formal word within which opinion is hidden. 

Within preference self honesty required to identify the starting point with regards to for example: I prefer vanilla ice cream rather than chocolate ice cream, from the following perspective: 

If there exist no more or less than with regards to vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream but simply realising that it's ice cream with different tastes, and no judgment as opinion exist within you of the tastes, and you in a moment would prefer experiencing the taste of vanilla ice cream rather than chocolate - herein, preference is related to what taste you would like to experience in the moment and not based in opinion, it's you deciding to experience the taste of vanilla and not chocolate, this is you self directing you in the moment with regards to what taste of ice cream to experience in the moment. 

Preference as a formal word to hide opinion, here self honesty required within yourself in the moment: Am I 'wanting vanilla', because vanilla is what I always have, it's a safe bet because it mostly tastes the same. Wherein chocolate would be taking a risk, because I've had experiences with chocolate ice creams and I don't want to taste the taste of chocolate ice cream because of past memories of tastes I've had with regards to chocolate ice creams. 

So, if your decision in a moment between for example chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream is based on memory or an experience/movement within you directing you to make the decision, this is opinion.

I'd say, to solve the equation of preference, to assist and support self to ensure that no hidden opinion exist within it, as it is such a very fine line: 

Eat both the chocolate and vanilla at the same time together. 

Herein, you eliminate the opinion/preference relationship saga and enjoy the tastes of both and assist and support you to ensure that it's not done within opinion/preference as hidden as opinion. 

Therefore, conclusion: 

At this current moment within beings' process: Preference is a formal method, hidden word to hide opinion, therefore I'd suggest, when faced with a decision, have something different or have both.

(Albert E.)



Is Confusion real? Or just opinions not formed yet?


Confusion is opinions fighting each other within yourself, because in standing here one and equal as the moment as a situation and all else that is involved, no confusion exist, because you are the moment as a situation and all else that is involved one and equal here and herein: Self directive principle exist = no confusion. 

Confusion only exist as separate individual opinions formed about a situation and all else that is involved of all individual beings that is involved in such a situation. 
Wherein you're not standing one and equal as it all, then you're attempting to make a decision within all the separate different individual opinions formed about the situation, the moment, all that is involved and all beings that participate, and in the attempting to make a decision within all the different separate individual opinions: Havoc in confusion sets in. 

So,when confusion manifest about/of a certain point: 
Know that you're not standing one and equal as that which the point exist, but have opinions about / of the point and are attempting to direct yourself through your opinions about/of the point, instead of self directing you as it one and equal. 

(Albert E.)



Are goals opinion or practical?


Oneness and equality is not a goal, it is the common sense certainty where all life in form are supported practically here. 

Goals are attempts to make opinions real and feel good about bullshit. 

A practical plan to bring about oneness and equality is not a goal, it is common sense practical action. Anything that "seems" are opinion.



What is certain as practically best for all here--is common sense--and is certain in its inevitability. 

Obviously, all personality cannot see common sense, and will hide behind what seems the best action according to the flow at the moment and never be certain about anything.

Life can never be a goal, as life is here, and common sense is a sense of life sensing life. 

When life is searched for, it is an opinion that one is not life, formed by the opinion driven personality that was self designed during the formative years as the accepted self beliefs and opinions, this is lived out daily as how self see self in this world. 

Thus, for instance to have an opinion about what animals or plants experience is to enforce one's opinion on it instead of really knowing for certain, this is where self honesty comes in, you know for certain, or you are enforcing your opinion as certainty, thus, first become, either here or through reincarnation, all form as it really is to establish what is real, before an opinion is stated as fact.


Uncertainty is fear of opinion


I would not know what to say to someone who might ask if oneness in equality is not also a “goal.”


The uncertainty towards other beings' is because of your concern of their opinions about you. 

It's interesting what you do: 

When uncertain about what beings' A opinion maybe, possibly, probably could be about you with regards to a certain situation, you'd go to beings B and ask their opinion about a situation to prepare yourself to be opinion-ready so that you can go back to beings A and express your opinion that you deducted from beings B as a means to be safe from your fear of what beings' A opinion about you may possibly probably be. 

Have a look: 
You're always looking, searching for other beings' opinions to so gather your own opinions to manifest an armor of opinions within yourself to safeguard yourself from your fears existent within you of others' opinions about you. 

You're an opinion-fearer that gather opinions as armor to attempt to fight your fear of others opinions with your own opinions. 

Fearing others' opinions about you is also an opinion, an opinion you have of others, hence the fear. 

I'd suggest starting with what opinion you have formed of human beings in general, because this will reflect what you actually exist as within yourself with regards to opinions. 

(Albert E.)


Supporting others Unconditionally


I am not able to give other people unconditionally support since I'm not yet seeing everything, I don’t know everything.


In the physical you will never know everything, but you will know every thing about a single breath - you your world and who you are and what your world is in that breath. What you can do is you make sure that all breaths you take, no matter who you are or where you are - as another self, will have the same support while on earth. To make sure this support exist - is unconditional support, because you have to unconditionalize you - you have to remove the conditions within yourself that make you only know your world and make it possible for you to wait and make it possible for you to have excuses.

Once you are unconditionalized - you will give up this one life so that all other lives you will have – are supported and effective

Realize, you will have lives on earth, as every one you see around you and in the future it will be those lives you now feel you are not ready to face or help to solve the influences that cause those lives. In this action of superimposing each breath on all breaths possible and to find a system that support all breaths of all living things, in this action one is unconditionally supporting another.

There will not be another way than what I have explained here - this is the only way all lives on earth will be "better". If this is not done, the cycles will continue till it has become a necessity realized by all due to the dire straits all find themselves in. This is not necessary for it to become so tough, but due to self interest and self justification, it is likely to become so rough. There is a way to do this differently in the physical

The dimensions are not allowed to interfere; only the human is responsible for this part.

Will you take action?

It is unlikely.

We need real people - not excuses.


Who Am I?

The decision Who I am will determine what I live and do in the system and who I will become as the manifestation of Who I am.

The decision will always be unique to each one as to what you are able to live this life.

See – this question is interesting, because the WHO implies a person, the AM implies an isness/beingness and the I implies a person. So – the answer is within the question: we’re separated into two manifestations/beings/persons within/as our Mind Consciousness System as the WHO and the ‘I – each one asking the other as the mirror who each other is, when the answer is in the here/centre as the AM. Because in the very Mind-itself, as the Mind-itself, it’s been split within its manifestation as the Mind and the consciousness of the mind. You participate / exist as the consciousness of the mind, and the structure/manifestation of the Mind automatically continue its functioning/existing. So in the ‘’who am I’’ question, the WHO is the Mind and the ‘I’ is consciousness, and the AM is the isness/beingness of/as ourselves that is the MIND AND CONSCIOUSNESS together. So, the mind and consciousness is of the same am-ness, as both are extensions/mirrors of each-other from the same source/substance as Energy. Thus, who am I: WHO = the mind, AM = energy, I = consciousness. Thus, understand the process is aligning the WHO, the AM and the I to and as equality and oneness; so that the WHO the mind is equality and oneness, the AM is equality and oneness, and the I consciousness is equality and oneness, and as all three unite in/as equality and oneness: Life can be born from the physical. Because when who am I is manifested equality and oneness, you start the process of birthing/creating/manifesting the who am I into/as Life.

The mind is the machine and the consciousness is what is manufactured by the machine You want to understand the machine and what it manufactures as the accepted facts to stop what is being allowed first -- that is: equality and oneness with the mind to be walked first. Thus -- first equal and one as the mind -- or the mind will be more than you and then you are screwed.

The Mind is a FACTory That manuFACTure its OWN goods as the ONLY Acceptable GOODS and therefore only what the MIND define as GOOD is GOOD and anything else is BAD. Another perspective is that the Mind is a FACTtree that bear the FRUIT of FACTS as KNOWLEDGE as per design of the MIND -- Life do not enter in this at all. The mind is always ACTING --with DRAMA in the HEAD. The character of who you are shows as the characters that ACT as You in the Mind. The characters of the world must stick to the accepted lines in the drama to maintain the illusion as if it is real.

Why Am I?

This is a question asked by Consciousness – because consciousness is an extension from/of the Mind Consciousness System/structure manifested within and as the human physical body. Consciousness has no direct relationship to the physical, and so no direct relationship to the creation-processes that the Mind Consciousness manifests within/as the physical to generate the emotions/feelings through consuming physicality/substance.

Because consciousness only experience/see itself as infinite energy (as explained in the soul of money interview-series) –– therefore, it doesn’t know/realise its origins, because consciousness evolved from the energy of the Mind Consciousness System.

Thus – Why am I: the answer to the question for consciousness is: because your origin of/as the Mind Consciousness System is transforming substance into energy to generate energy for you to exist as ‘infinite energy’. Therefore, whenever this question of WHY come-up: know that, you’ve separated yourself from a part of yourself and is not finding the answer to the question/origin because you’re not standing equal-to and one-with that part/point as you.

What am I?

Again a question only consciousness would ask, because imagine you come into being/existence automatically when the energies within the Mind Consciousness System evolved into/as Consciousness, and suddenly consciousness is here and thus, have no direct-connection to creating yourself’/ remembrance of your emergence into/as existence; because Consciousness is/always has been energy-itself, it does not ask What am I, because it’s always been the What as Energy and so simply accepted and allowed its existence as-is.

But, ‘What am I’ is the question all should have in fact asked themselves since the being, because the who and the I developed from the what as Energy as origins of/as ourselves. So, with asking WHAT one become/get closer to the actual origins/sources of/as ourselves as Energy. Thus, what am I: Energy.

So – in the process of transforming the WHO and the AM and the I into/as equality and oneness, we get to our origins, which is Substance; because as we stop the energy-consumption of the mind and consciousness, we start returning into/as substance, because we’ll stop transforming our substance into energy. Then, the ‘what am I’ becomes substance and we return to our origin point in/as equality and oneness with/as Substance, to from there re-emerge/rebirth as substance and create Life with substance.

How am I?

‘How’ is ‘Who’ scrambled. Thus, as we saw earlier: WHO is the Mind Consciousness System, therefore ‘HOW am I’ is consciousness asking the mirror of itself as the Mind Consciousness System how it came into existence/what its origin is.

But, instead of consciousness investigating for itself, through internalizing itself and standing equal-to and one-with itself, it turns to the Mind Consciousness System for questions: ‘How am I’, ‘how has/did the I of me come into existence?’

Thus, the point to realise here is: Humans have been looking/searching throughout existence for the origins of/as themselves, when the answer is within the very question ‘How am I’.– The answer is within the very mirror, as Consciousness asks the Mind, the Mind is in fact its origin. But, because consciousness separated itself from itself as the Mind, it asks the mind instead of realising it is the mind, and that its origins is from/of the Mind. Therefore – in your question of origin as Consciousness/the Mind, the answer is: Energy as the What. And to see/realise the Actual origin of Energy, one first has to stand/be/become equal-to and one with energy, and at the same time transform self from energy into substance; walking the reverse. So that in this process, you stand equal-to and one with you as Energy, and during that process internalize you to get to the origins/source of you as Substance.

Where am I?

A question consciousness would ask – because it’s everywhere but Here. Because consciousness is energy-manifest, it’s in constant/continuous motion/movement, because energy needs to be in constant/continuous motion/movement to generate itself as energy through the Mind feeding it energy from consuming substance. And so, energy move-itself/motion itself, because dependent on the extent/velocity of the movement of vibration of energy is the determinant of its life juice as energy – so, the less it move/vibrate the less ‘life’/future it has, and when it goes into the lesser, the more it will move/motion to get more energy/vibration.

The Mind knows its ‘where’, because of its direct relationship with the Physical, but its where is defined within: (where am I) I am merged with the physical. But the Mind’s ‘where’ is not in equality and oneness with the Physical. So – The ‘where’ of Consciousness is everywhere in the motion/movement, yet no-(w)here; because it’s not in one standing solid stable position.

Therefore, in process, one will keep asking ‘where am I’ as long as you move/motion as Energy as consciousness, and will be separate with the Here of/as the physical as long as self is existing as the Mind. Therefore – the process is to walk into/as/with the HERE of/as Substance, substance that does not move/motion as energy, but is a solid standing substance of eternity. To do this, you have to take yourself as energy and transform yourself as energy into/as the living word, to LIVE HERE in/as equality and oneness with the physical as substance. And can so answer the question AS SELF IN FACT: Where am I: I am HERE. With the I as Here and the AM as Here and the Here as Here in/as living equality and oneness.

How is Self as Life Confirmed?

Again the ‘How’ as the scrambled ‘Who’ – thus, the How is answered within/as the WHO as the Mind Consciousness System; The Mind Consciousness System itself, together with consciousness confirms this: because that is all that is existing within us/the head/the physical in how through/with the mind/consciousness we move/direct/decide/live ourselves in/as this physical existence. Therefore – How is this confirmed: we are the How as the Who as the Mind/Consciousness: we are our own confirmation = in and out. Therefore, How is self as life confirmed: when the in and out is absolutely, eternally standing as equality and oneness, with nothing else in fact existing within/as self and self’s living but absolute equality and oneness: self is self’s own confirmation within and without = and thus the process of self honesty.