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What is to happen in 2012?


Jack indicates that nothing will happen on 12/21/2011 except that the World will be more "fucked" up by then. Then, he seems to indicate something will happen then. Then, in other dimensional being videos, they indicate that major things will happen at that time. Can this be clarified? What, exactly, will happen on that date?


Within the video interviews I discussed with regards to 'nothing will happen in 2012' - is from the perspective of the 'unified consciousness field' as all that human beings have believed and perceived 'could possibly or might happen', nothing will - 2012 will literally come and everyone will have perplexed and confused frowns on their faces - 'waiting for something extraordinary and great and profound' to occur: When there will not at all (from human beings perspective of the unified consciousness field). 2012 have become another 'form' of a 'religious movement' within this world - literally, another 'method' of 'attention diversion', 'instilling fear within human beings as to be controlled and directed accordingly (instigated by the 'elite', 'placed in by Anu as 'part of the 'grand design').

Though, yes, from hereon, well, since the Interdimensional Portal opened - much will 'happen' from the perspective, as human beings face and experience the consequences of what they have accepted and allowed - therefore a 'rough time ahead' as humanity see what they have done and become and everything will 'compound' within this world as it will within human beings.

Yet - 'the end' will come from the perspective of 'the unified consciousness field' and the 'mind consciousness systems' as what human beings have believed and perceived themselves to be - but it doesn't mean that existence will END, 'cease to exist' - yes, from a certain perspective it will - but 'that something else' that remain, that is here - is who we are, who we really are. So - human beings 'fear' the END which is 'illustrated' by human beings of this world, from the perspective of that they will 'die' and 'cease to exist' - yes, as we continue within the process, when all is done - 'who human beings perceive and believe' themselves to be as mind consciousness systems - will be no more - but the living manifested expression of who we are as life.

When we did the video interview - our 'aim' within this process is to 'get this all done by 2012' - we realize that at this moment we're not able to 'determine an exact date' as the process 'depends' on our directive principle movement in application here, so - all that will happen within this existence with regards to process as this world in it's entirety is that everything will 'compound' as all of humanity, as each individual human being - face the consequences of what has been accepted and allowed to be one with and equal to.

Quote: Am I still a living being? Am I stuck in this state of "nothingness". If nothing exists, then what exactly will I experience? Will I just be caught up in black nothing? Will I be able to communicate with others?

It's interesting that human beings believe that when the mind stops - all of that which has been designed by the mind through our allowance and acceptance according to the definition of ourselves as a mind system - that we'll 'cease to exist'. It's not only about stopping the mind - but as you continue this process of stopping the mind through practical living application - and also live words as you: as The Living Word - you will express you in every moment of breath, here - no mind - but the living expression of who you are. This is the process of the amalgamation of you as life within and as oneness and equality - through stopping the mind and living words as you.

I am not able to give you an answer to the question you ask specifically - you have to live the answer / solution as yourself through practical application - otherwise if I 'give you the answer' - it would be knowledge and information in your mind separate from you - instead of you practically living and applying you in every moment - where the process of the amalgamation of life as you become the living expressive manifestation of who you are within and as oneness and equality as all as one as equal.

So - live and apply - stand up and see for yourself.

Perpective Given By Jack (through the Portal)

Whats the point of the whole 2012 craze?


So nothing in 2012, I don't see the point to make a diversion or deception with this date. What is it?


Let's have a look at it this way: The 2012 'saga' is a 'projected illusionary manifestation' of all of humanities mind's 'collectively as one' manifesting their 'greatest fear': 'Fear of death' / 'fear of not existing' - because of the 'predictions' related to 2012, especially with regards to the Mayans - thus, it's really all of humanity 'manifesting' the 'collectives' fear of death / fear of not existing.

The 'diversion' / 'deception' with regards to this particular date is pre-occupying human beings within themselves as they experience themselves in this world with fear - much of what proliferates in this world cause fear within human beings - so, human beings are easily manipulated and controlled in masses - with one point: Fear of Death. So - I suggest to really not be 'consumed' by 2012 - then you're existing THERE in 2012 instead of here as breath - living you. No more to accept / allow you to exist in fear - unnecessary - and the 'hype' about 2012 also - because most human beings are then 'enslaved' by their own mind within fear of the future instead of 'dealing with what is here in the moment'.

Will we transcend the mind consciousness system in 2012?


Will our consciousness systems be removed by 2012 and will we still have to support ourselves with money?


The mind consciousness system will not change by 2012 or be taken away--you have to do it for you--and make sure every one in your world do it for themselves as well.

Illness and pests--are attacking systems--so if they exist--systems exist--and it indicates the effectiveness of self honesty--thus illness reveals self dishonesty and yes--the answer is self honesty in action in your inner and outer reality no matter what the resistance.

The world will not change but by the hand of man -- and we will suffer till we realize this and do the changes in our world that is necessary.

Yes--you will still make a living like now--all will become worse--till we act with our own hands to change the situation--world events will force this upon us..

Everything you are that is not in a position to deal with in this one life--is removed--what remains is what you are able to deal with. What is removed is the inner parts that was stretched over many lives and was brought to this life to be handled--obviously--money and related matters will be dealt with equal and one within the individual process you are to establish self honesty as life--these points are unique for each being and is the result of the life of each in every moment--all will be individual and alone in process and will have an effect in accelerating it through the presence of self in the worlds of those you touch in some way or another.

In this reality--your own actions within self honesty determines what happens with the stuff you use like money and homes and cars and relationships and family.

Thus be aware and study self and life and see what is practical for all to be here in the physical and live as one and equal--there is a solution--but each will find it in self only.

This means--if you would act and clear your world in purity as self honesty and enforce the force as life for life--the process will accelerate--as the process works as per actions--and if self do not assist in purifying other selfs--one must first go through the process of understanding purifying intervention as life and that no choice actually exist and that takes about 300 million years from now with the appropriate lives to finally understand action as one as life as the purifier.

Perspective Given By Bernard Poolman

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