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2007- 2008

Practical Support when working with Alternative Therapies

Using Alternative Therapies within the context of walking this Process is to assist and support the body to clear/ diffuse points by working with them on a physical level, along with the practical written/self-investigation that is essential for Self Support. This is then directly related to supporting the body along with the application of writing/ living Self Forgiveness and the tools for Self Support to walk oneself into correction based in common sense as what's Best for All, which must be the starting point for any and all forms of support that one is able to apply in this process - this is then bringing yourself Here by establishing this end result as a process of Self Realization until it is done.

For example, if you are just for now placing-in a feel good energy - because the starting point is only based on an energetic experience - the point will re-emerge later on because the starting point and origin of such energy is not being investigated, written out and corrected within self. Hence the importance of only supporting the physical body to release the points that have been worked-with and identified through the process and tools suggested for Self Support. Thus use these alternative therapies/ support within the starting point of supporting self to walk the necessary corrections, not only to keep the experience and only changing the energy and mutating it into another experience.

The process implies moving through the point with Self Forgiveness and the practical tools to then look at the Practical Application of it, which is usually the Corrective Actions required after one has written out Self Forgiveness. Within this, we are assisting and supporting the body to understand that there is a point of resolution existent within self that we can simply support/ assist with to implement within our own application at a physical level.

When working with any therapy just adjust it and bring in Self Honesty, Living Words and Self-Acceptance. Many therapies are based on feel good movements and the movement of energy. This is then where we are able to establish and walk the process of being the Living Word, which for each is their own path, their own self to correct and create. Nobody is able to tell you how to apply yourself.

Now we have established that if you are generating energy and moving it around within you - then the mind will be most appreciative which is not what we are aiming at here - trust yourself in being capable of supporting yourself and utilize methods that will assist you along.

You are able to adjust any therapy to bring in honesty, living words and self-acceptance. Many therapies work with feel good movements and the release of energy. As we have already discussed, if you are generating energy or unblocking energy, the mind will be once again supported within its patterns and cycles. So it is suggested to work toward the whole movement of points to release and the placement of sound to correct the unblocking of energy.

Work with the points with regards to what is being shown. Why am i blocked here? Where am I suppressing myself or where am I still living according to my limitations? Then you move the blocked point out of you, or you correct it with the movement of sound. The working with sound is the correction through Self Forgiveness and then walking the Practical Living Correction, which is Practically applying yourself to establish you as the point of stability and consistency within/ as yourself. What is important is to not work with energy, because energy is the mind which means that you are keeping yourself locked into the mind movement as energy - this implies that no actual self-correction is taking place.


Each therapy is able to support you in your intimacy and assistance of self - and as you assist yourself you are doing it universally. All therapy is able to show you something even if it is that you no longer require it. It is suggested to work through your preferred therapy with the intention and understanding that it is a step toward not requiring it anymore. This is realizing that as you walk this process, you will be able to correct the points much quicker and without much fuss.

Eventually you will see the point (be it a pain, an ill feeling or a discomfort.) You will ask yourself what the point is connected to and then you do your Self Forgiveness, release the point by pulling it out or allowing it to move out through you and replacing it with Life, Sound and speaking the words. This is to place within you the understanding that you are no longer identified with and standing as this point. So one learns to work with Self in a moment which is a process that requires constant and consistent application through Self Trust, Self Honesty and Self Intimacy. You can always reference to all the Desteni Material for further support to develop the above mentioned points.

If you are busy with a correction/therapy and you feel as if it is not assisting you, then ask yourself: Is it because I resist the outcome which is to walk free of illness or pain or suppression? Or do I feel as if this does not support what's best for all because it keeps me locked into energies and something that I will always have to do to 'feel' better?

It is strongly suggested to work with the Desteni Material in a constant and consistent basis, as this has proven to be the best way to support oneself with a solid foundation based in Common Sense to then be able to support oneself using that which is here as alternative therapies to assist the body through the process.

Ayurveda (indian medicine for mind-body-spirit)


how can we relate to Ayurveda (indian medicine for mind-body-spirit) today? What were its origins? how relevant is it today?


All medicine relevant in the moment of its relevancy as a bridge--but when dependacy exist as a co-dependancy--separation exist.

Within walking within the process of realizing the oneness and equality that is here as ourselves and everything/everyone else involved will find our oneness within our self honesty with all and within that we will develop the self trust that will propel us in self standing up as life unlimited. There will be no need for temporary, as self is bridged.

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)/ EFT


After one has written out Self Forgiveness, is it effective/ supportive to apply the 'Tapping Tecnique' on the points to release oneself from the point that one is working with? Is it effective to speak Self Forgiveness while tapping throughout the entire process of speaking Self Forgiveness aloud?


Yes by all means do this technique together with Self Forgiveness. It really assists the body in releasing the structural 'holding on' of whichever emotion you are walking through at the moment.


Emotional Freedom Technique is a technique to discharge emotional charges within the body based on memories, to diffuse fears such as: fear of speaking, fear of judgements, phobia etc... It works with affirmation statements such as ; "even though I fear speaking in public, I fully love and accept myself", while tapping or rubbing specific points.


Utilizing the EFT method will only intensify/compound one’s process within the Mind due to EFT being used as an ‘outside external source’ in separation of self here, that only focus on particular points of emotional/feeling energy/electrical-charges as diffusion, that simply mean; you’re taking out the energy/electrical-charge in relation to those points but not actually changing you as the system/construct/design of Mind you’re existing as in living-application that the points of emotional/feeling energy/electrical-charge reflect. 

EFT compound your Process in/as the Mind as it’s being used as an external-source wherein trust and dependency is being placed instead of realising that self can only change self as the point in living application, through identifying, in self honesty, for self here, what the emotional/feeling point that reveal in thought, reaction, memory and picture reflect of self as the design/construct/system self is accepting and allowing self to exist as of Mind. 
Thus, in essence self honesty is being attempted to be replaced with a method as EFT instead of self living self-trust in/as self-honesty in identifying these points for/as self, wherein self is the starting-point here and only self. 

Realise that in doing this for self, wherein self alone here is the starting-point of self’s Process, so self develop absolute self-trust in living self-honesty, to be/become self trust and self honesty in actuality as the living word equal and one as the Physical. 
 However, in utilizing EFT that become a method, a point THROUGH WHICH self is attempting to/trying to become self-honest/trust self, this is already implying that self do not trust oneself to be self-honest with/as self here in every moment, but need an external-method/point/way to be this that self believe of self FOR SELF. 

 All this is manifested Separation and in that separation you’ll only compound/intensify your own process because you’re not trusting you to live/be self honesty here for/as you yourself. 
 Realise that EFT completely misdirect focus because you’re placing your attention on an energy/electrical charge of emotion/feeling which, is not the actual-point that exist . It is simply a reflection of the actual construct/system you’ve manifested you as in the physical through the Mind. 
Within this, in wanting to access / pinpoint these points through an external-source, herein also revealing, that self is not the starting point within self honesty of seeing these points for self, in identifying these point for self but, attempting to/trying to place responsibility into/as a method/way outside separate from self. If this is accepted and allowed, the question to be asked is how can self ever really be certain that self is actually self-honesty in living expression/self-trust in living expression if self is depending on an external source to be that for self? 

EFT accesses the emotional-feeling platform-base of the Mind Consciousness System in/as the Human Physical Body that consist of/exist as electrical energy. 
Understand that, through tapping specific points on your Body, you’re within that tapping of the specific-point on your Body, recalling/re-accessing the specific point, and in the recalling / re-accessing of the point from this outside-separate-method being utilized, you actually recharge/regenerate and re-activate the point within and as you that exist as electrical-energy manifest. 
 Then within rubbing the specific-particular point on your Body, you’re within the rubbing, re-amalgamating the specific-point existing as electrical energy within and as your human physical-body, almost/like, within the rubbing, rubbing the point into and as your physical-body to merge with your physical-body. 
 If this is continued to be done, the tapping and the rubbing, you’re actually creating manifested physical layers of electrical energy in/as your human physical body and in so doing will over time actually manifest systems/constructs within/as your human physical body. 

Realise that, each point you tap/rub and access through the EFT method, that exist as electrical-energy of emotions and feelings, you’re only picking-up the conscious-mind dimension of that point within your Conscious-Mind. 
However, realise that. because such points reflect a system/construct/design you exist as of Mind in the physical, within that one singular point/a singular point , exist the information-network of its existence that spread through the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious-Mind. 

Therefore, even attempting to use self forgiveness through this method is useless, because: You’re only applying self-forgiveness for the Conscious-Mind dimension of that Point that you pick-up within the Conscious-Mind you’re currently existing within. 
While what’s actually busy happening is: within the tapping/rubbing – you’re re-accessing/re-activating/recalling all and everything that point exist as that stretch through the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind of yourself within/as the Physical, wherein at the same time of the rubbing/tapping – amalgamating/merging the electrical energy of that point within and as the physical, into and as the particular system/construct it reflects that is manifest as you in/as the physical. 

Thus, in essence , what you’re doing is reconfirming your existence within the Mind in relation to the particular-point you’re accessing through this Method and why self-forgiveness being used through the Method, wherein self is not the absolute starting-point Here in the first-place , thus is useless. 

Therefore, I suggest realise, that self is the starting-point AS self forgiveness Here and not attempt to apply self forgiveness through using methods, as this is accepted and allowed separation, equaling separating self from self forgiveness through using a method through which to apply self forgiveness, instead of self being the living-statement of/as self-forgiveness. So that, self ensure that self can trust, within self honesty – self as self forgiveness – because self is the starting point that walk here for/as self, doing it for self, by self, as self within the principle of equality and oneness here. 

Each one has all and everything that is required to walk this Process, the Mind as self is here assisting and supporting self to walk this process in absolute detail and specificity, because you’ll find nothing as specific as the Mind to show/reveal to self points that require transcendence. 
With walking self honesty, self trust, self corrective action, breathing, writing as the Principle of equality and oneness as Life, with the Mind showing/revealing you to you as what you’ve accepted and allowed yourself to separate you from, there’s nothing else needed/required as an external-source, but self to Realise that self must be the Source of it all to be able to get this done effectively for self as all as one as equal Here.




You do not require a ‘teacher’ to heal you, you have to ‘heal’ yourself, because if ‘healing’ is done ‘for you by/through another’implies separation and Self Dishonesty, because you are not applying you effectively in taking Self Responsibility for what you have manifested within you through accepted and allowed participation in the mind. Realize that that which you experience within you and your world, you have manifested, placed and designed through defining you as ‘who you are’ according to the mind.

One is not able to‘heal’ others. Each one within this existence must take Self Responsibility for what they have accepted and allowed to exist within themselves and their world and ‘heal’ themselves.

Because in ‘being healed’ / ‘healing others’ Self Responsibility is abdicated from that which is being 'healed,' which is the necessary realization of how each one individually have caused, manifested and created what exists within them and their world.

The apparent 'healing-methods' exist within and of the Unified Field. This means that such 'healing' application is part of a programmed design within this world of mind systems - to support the integration, manifestation and infusion of mind consciousness systems within and as human beings and this supports the entire unified field as the 'world system' of all human beings as mind consciousness systems.

So when a human being is 'suddenly miraculously healed': The pains existent are created and existent due to the nature of a person as the mind through accepted and allowed participation. As the Mind Consciousness System further integrated and infused within and as his human physical body, which 'relieved the pain' and ensure the pain doesn't manifest again, all the constructs of the mind that develop causing the pain within and as the human physical body, is transferred through the unconscious mind, into the unconscious mind of other human beings within this world.

Thus the 'pain' that was relieved will now manifest within another human beings and this will be experienced by another human being: So the situation balances itself within the unified field - for one not to have pain, another must have pain - the polarity design placement of the unified field.

Understand that human beings that 'want to be healed instantaneously' do not want to take Self Responsibility for themselves as all that they have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become within them, but are looking/searching for an 'easy way out' as to 'side-swing' standing up within self and actually facing self as to how they have manifested this experience within themselves and within their world; yet hiding in fear of taking self responsibility and have it be done 'for them through someone else.'


The only effective way to ‘heal you’ is through Self Forgiveness walking the Practical Application in every moment of breath, living Self Honesty in every moment by not accepting and allowing you to participate in the mind and within that, establish Self Trust and Self Expression as ‘who you are’ Here, in every moment of breath. This is the process of stopping the mind and manifesting you as the living expression of life as all as one as equal = which is an extensive process that requires much self discipline, self commitment.

In assisting and supporting you effectively within this process, you’re standing up and taking Self Responsibility for you.

Understand that each individual being is responsible for what they experience and manifest within themselves and their world as themselves, as the experience of you within you and your world reflect the nature you have accepted and allowed you to be and become. The only way to assist and support you within and as your individual process within you and your world, is to stand up and take Self Responsibility and apply you effectively within and as this process here.

Thus, it is to STOP PAIN entirely - though, this is only able to be done by each human being taking self responsibility for themselves and assist and support themselves in stopping participation in the mind, causing themselves pain within and as the human physical body. This taking self responsibility is done through self forgiveness and self corrective application.

As we have explained within this process: All and everything of each human being has been inverted. Thus, human beings that 'want to be healed quickly', attempting/trying to 'run away' from self responsibility in facing self: The system integration will occur yes, though that which caused the pain as all the system constructs that has been accepted and allowed will no more be transferred into other human beings through the unconscious mind, no - it will reintegrate within and as them and will manifest accordingly within themselves, their world and their current experience of themselves, four times the extent and intensity of the previous experience which they 'wanted to be healed from' until the question is asked: 'Why?' And begin a process of introspection to eventually take Self Responsibility.

Understand that whatever you accept and allow within you - you will manifest the experience as you within your world accordingly.

And this is what all must realise and understand - that each one of us is responsible for what we accept and allow within ourselves as that which we experience within this world as ourselves. And thus each one must individually stand up and take self responsibility within themselves so we, each one, as all - may stop what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves.

You will inevitably face yourself within you - it is impossible to run away / hide from yourself. Suggest you start with your process of applying self forgiveness and self corrective application in every moment of breath as we have suggested you do - because there is no easy way out.

We have to stop what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves once and for all - and this is done through each being facing all and everything they have accepted and allowed within themselves, to from here stand up within self and take self responsibility as all as one as equal as life: To ensure that we will not ever again accept and allow what we have done unto ourselves and others as ourselves.



NuHealth - (New Hell) - another different method of maintaining the 'balancing equation' of the minds polarity equation of the world between health and illness, sickness, diseases and ailments health and illness, sickness, diseases and ailments etc.

The principle and foundation upon which NuHealth is based and founded upon is: Separation and is of the the White Light preprogrammed construct understood as the word Karma that entails the 'way of life' by NuHealth.

NuHealth is but a method to suppress Self Responsibility, to not realize that the mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions is the very reason the world is what it is in this moment Perspective=====experienced by all of humanity. It is the mind that has created all that continues in this world and that is of this world - and participating in the mind means that you are as responsible for what is existing in this world as all of humanity as the rest of humanity is.

Thus one 'hides' behind NuHealth 'prolonging' your life to 'live' better/healthier where all your focus and attention is on your health, your minute little speck of world you call 'my life'. Instead of realizing that there's nothing 'wrong' within your human physical body - the entire 'problem' exist in the mind - the source cause for ailments/pain/tension/disease/illness is the mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions and the fact the human beings have separated themselves from the human physical body as the manifestation of life within and as oneness and equality.

The NuHealth regime doesn't pinpoint the complete and total source that is the actual cause and reason for the influence and effects the human body experience which is the mind. Fear is but the outflow of the mind. You may look at the effects which is the pain experienced in your human physical body, but you don't investigate/ get to know of how each one is the source of such 'problem,' which is the mind in its entirety which we have to take Self Responsibility for.

Therefore, you don't actually 'solve' anything with NuHealth, you actually suppress you while enhancing and 'boostinh' the mind even further presenting you with the belief/ idea that you are apparently 'healthy' and have 'achieved' something because of it, yet this is not so in fact.

There is absolutely nothing 'wrong' with the human physical body, the human physical body is of life within and as oneness and equality. It is the mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions that manifest the effects / influences the human physical body experience in this world.

At the moment if you participate in the mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions, you are actually less than the human physical body, less than life itself of oneness and equality.

The mind is a system - the mind is not of life.

Reiki/ Chakras


If Reiki is a programmed construct that works with energies, is it an actual healing form? On Chakras, do they still exist within us? Are they of any use now?


The chakras were a part of a system created to contain and store energy generated by the human beings' emotions and feelings within a single structure formation in/as points on the body used as plug in points by the White Light. By plugging-in it is referred to how they were able to be accessed to direct the being's actions by either feeding information into these points, according to how you were to experience yourself or they were able to 'monitor' your expression through these points. The demons also used these points to access emotional and thought compounded energy for them to 'feed' off.

Who we are as Life doesn't require such energetic systems, energy fields or layers as we are complete. Yet it is within this understanding that we are exploring exactly what we currently exist as within the context of being Mind Consciousness Systems. When all these points and layers are taken away what remains?

With regards to Reiki, what has been realized is that if the mind requires energy then this is the reason why we have specific requirements for energies that exist outside of us, as well as all forms of 'healing' that comes from an outside source. The energy that the mind requires is part of its mechanism to be able to continue existing/ functioning which implies binding us to a constant and consistent need to always have to 'survive' and then heal. This ensures that you are never well/ okay if you are not dependent on something outside of you to obtain that experience of being healthy/ healed.

What the mind then creates is an idea that you require something outside of you to feel well/ to heal yourself which creates seperation from yourself as all that exists is within you - yet we are walking this process to realize and live this as an actual expression of self.

So if all that exists is within you and who you are is infinate, then we don't actually require anything else in separation of ourselves.

Self Correction

The way it is suggested to approach this and any other alternative therapy is asking oneself: How does this assist me to understand and support myself?

An example is using Reiki from a metaphysical perspective when looking at the heart chakra asking pertinent questions that are related to what the chakra indicated, such as why do I allow emotion to be my ultimate expression? Why am I heart sore when that means that I am defining who I am according to a relationship? From this point it is to understand what the body is revealing and correct with the tools of Self Support. This is also realizing that the chakras were specifically design to support the mind's design which implies that participating in 'balancing them' is only perpetuating the same constructs and only aligning the energy according to the pre-programmed patterns, instead of actually supporting oneself to completely stop participating in such energetic movements which stem from our own mind as thoughts.

So it is suggested to work with assisting and supporting oneself to see how one is able to understand oneself through seeing and realizing what we are accepting and allowing ourselves to exist as. For that, the process of Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Action is the key to reprogram ourselves, stopping participation in such energetic experiences and instead, support ourselves to establish ourselves as the constancy and consistency that the physical actually is. Breathing is the key point of support as it is the most constant physical indication that we are here as living beings.

It is suggested to use the Structural Resonance articles and videos to assist and support oneself with specific Self Forgiveness and practical corrective application in relation to the various points in the body that are related to specific constructs that we have created and become within the understanding of existing as Mind Consciousness Systems. In this process of understanding how we have crated ourselves, we will be able to assist and support ourselves through using the same tools to stop existing only as energetic systems and eventually, equalize ourselves as life.

For further understanding on specific points that may emerge within the body, it is suggested to use the Structural Resonance articles/videos. Then assist yourself with writing, applying Self Forgiveness and the Practical Application.

Tai Chi


This is a perspective on the 'idea' behind energy and Tai Chi being neccesary for energy to flow. In previous articles and forum discussions we have discussed energy. in the history of man kind videos you are able to find vids on the creation of energy and how the mind utilizes energy. To pay credence to energy is to admit that you enjoy having to be the mind. Let me put it this way. Who you are is not energy. Who you are exists into infinity. Energy is what the mind utilises - it is how we have been designed by our creators to be enslaved to the limitations of the mind. So if one is to not accept the limitations of the mind then it is just a matter of transcending the idea behind energy and the need to be a mind creation.

So now from this perspective one is able to rather look at any therapy or modality such as Tai Chi from the following perspective: To assist in free movement of self and your body. To practice the free movement of self with breathing and self awareness.

Tai Chi: The movement of self

It is referred as a therapy where you establish a point of self support to move freely and establish self intimacy. Realize that the movement is yourself, it is thus not only a set movement by another. Move as you would move you, free from limitation. It is suggested to adjust movements according to what works for self as a self-movement point that supports self intimacy including that which is around us as well. There are no wrong movements, just honesty.

One can utilize Tai Chi when stopping the mind to focus on breath. Focus on movement of the body while you breathe and that is all. Any thought moves: you stop it. One can say that it literally is an exercise in only being aware of your movement and your breath. It is also quite useful to be self-intimate. In the moments that you focus on breathing and the movements, you are being intimate because in establishing that focus on how your body moves and how is tunning into you. From there you are one step closer to establishing more self-intimacy as you are now more internalised and focused only on self, physically here and breathing.

If doubt steps in just stop breath and start again. Unconditional trust. Break the exercises into steps and breath. Dont expect anything immediately, just unconditional work with self.

What is Metamorphic Technique



I have used this extensively for more than 10 years. I suggest this technique, especially for children from birth daily.
And, teach as many as you can this technique, it really assists.

“It is a technique for transformation. It is not a therapy. There is not intention. We have the power to heal ourselves, to transform, releasing the blocks that create energetic patterns that will condition us all our life.”

This is what I experienced 

I used a therapist once a week 

The experience is silent and stable, in the silence I direct myself assertively and find great effect in my day as I walk.




I am an acupuncturist so I work with the electro-magnetic energy flowing in the body. Do you have any pragmatic advice of how I might help to lessen my patients identification with mind consciousness systems with acupuncture


The electro-magnetic energy is of the mind consciousness system integration within and as the human physical body and contains the human beings’ mind consciousness system information movement.

What would be an effective suggestion is the following: When working with a being with acupuncture, I’d suggest to the being with whom I’m working with for effective absolute release is to in the moment the release is experienced, to move with the release out through the top of the head and the tip of the toes – meaning to pull the release within and throughout the entirety of themselves – this is then an actual physical release of the electro-magnetic energy and the interdimensional support and assistance will move with and as the being to completely release the specific energy accumulation within and as the human physical body of the mind consciousness system.

Though, it is to transform the entire practice of acupuncture to a process within which you assists and support another as yourself – with regards to what the specific points within and as the human physical body indicate where the acupuncture points are pinned with regards to the being’s nature of the mind within and as which they exist. 

So that you’re able to work closely with the being – having a look at the primary areas within which the acupuncture is focused then from there assist the being with regards to what the specific points indicate within them with regards to the relationship of themselves with their mind and how that is manifesting the specific points of pain within and as the human physical body. 

Because in just releasing the points – the being will simply recreate the exact same manifestations – in transforming acupuncture into an application where you assist and support another as you – working with the points indicated by the acupuncture that the being manifested through and with mind-participation, would assist and support you extensively within and as your process also.

Therefore, I have the following suggestions: 
When working with a being – place the being one and equal in you as you – the being you’re working with is then you working with you. In this – as you place the pins on the specific allocated points on the human physical body – have a look at what you experience within you; for instance, let’s say you pinpoint a specific place upon and within the human physical body and within you, you experience an reaction of anger, then you inform the being, as you, that this point indicate compounded compressed anger within the being.

I’d transform the entire practice of acupuncture to assist and support another as self, in explaining to the being that with regards to acupuncture, for specific self assistance and self support together with the acupuncture, is working through and with the points the human physical body indicate as where the mind is manifesting suppressed emotions and feelings. Explaining to the beings how the human physical body through pain is actually revealing to one where and how the mind with the participation in emotions and feelings is manifesting pain to indicate where one is able to assist and support self in releasing the emotions and feelings of the past within one.

Then suggest the self forgiveness and self honesty applications. 

Though, what is important to consider is you have to apply and live this process for and as you also – self forgiveness and self honesty – to within and as your process and your experience within your process – assist and support another as you. 

In transforming the practice of acupuncture in such a way – you’re stopping the existence of the mind and the very existence of electro-magnetic energy which has fueled this existence to be what it is and how it is – this done with each being with who you work with. 

And within this you will realise that the beings you're working with is yourself - one and equal in you as you. 
Would be interesting. Sunette


While the acupuncture is being done – move with the release throughout your human physical body, meaning to release the compound effect out through your head and the tip of your toes – move it out completely. 
Then – as the acupuncture is being done – breathe, be here in and as breath, then in every moment, you have a look at what comes up within you, what arises within you while the acupuncture is being done. So, in the moment as the acupuncture is being done and the points come up within you – any reaction or thought – you immediately stop them within you. 

Then, afterwards, you’re able to look at all the points that have revealed during the acupuncture, and apply self forgiveness – especially on the points where any emotional or feeling reaction came up, and also memories.


acu puncture 

 accusing puncture 

 acute puncture

Thus, proof of that which is punctual as it is created as the unified field. 

needles and pins 

Needlessly to note, that the need to fix the puncture will pre design the repeat of the puncture as the accurate point from whence the puncture came is never deleted or purified.


Will self-forgiveness and using acupuncture heal on a physical level?


Consider: That utilizing self forgiveness together with acupuncture will not heal, it'll merely bring out to the fore the manifested physical constructs of mind you've created, to from here in practical living action in every moment self correct you.

Self forgiveness nor acupuncture heal any physical ailments - physical pains are specific indications of mind manifested constructs in the physical, which will only release and be transcended within self forgiveness and self corrective action being lived and expressed one and equal as you here in self honesty. 


Chinese herbs/ Herbs


Are Chinese herbs supportive in our process? I have a friend who is studying the irises of my eyes, and he said that he can determine what kinds of herbs I need to support my body as myself in my process of releasing "systems"... or in his words... "the parasite"... because he has a Toltec background to understand systems. Chinese also (based on the I Ching). He said that acupuncture could assist me as well.


With regards to the Herbs assisting and supporting the human physical body = cool.


Breatharianism/ No Eating/ No Drinking/ Sungazing


I started to research about hunger and food from the perspective of the application of an Equal Money System, and I found that there are some humans that don't eat food, and what surprised me the most is that they don't drink water or any liquid whatsoever either, so my belief system broke. They are called Breatharians. I found this video about Victor Truviano who apparently doesn't eat nor drinks anything for several years now, and declares that he is not unique or superhuman but a regular, normal human being, so it seems possible for the rest of humans to feed off of thin air?

Is this people like Victor Truviano having a miraculous mind constructed preprogammed life? or are they in real Oneness and Equality with Life?


Whenever Light or God form part of the construct used, the life is preprogrammed and designed to make you lose faith in yourself because you cannot do what is proposed. The air is the same substance as food and can thus be programmed to be used by a few humans just to create inequality with the rest. As there has through time developed a great diversity of forms through the preprogramming, we have for the moment to consider what is best for all within the context of this diversity. Not every one will be able to eat the same way or the same food. What is good for some will be poison for others. Once we have a system that support all life equally, we will give attention to practically solving the problems we have caused through our accepted designs. The tools with which we establish equality within is self forgiveness and self honesty --then we move to without as a group and establish the same through the accepted ways of law and leadership which is Politics. There is not yet real equality and oneness in the Universe. That will be established as a group, not as individuals that promote separation and uniqueness. We establish equality and oneness through that which is common within all and we solve the problem of support within that context.


Changing the Physical Body into a Non Eating Design

In process, we have to walk through the mind, to get in the physical - to change the physical, physical is not going to automatically change just with changing the mind in relation to the relationship with food, when we walk through the mind into the physical, we'll have to change our internal relationship with the body itself as we all our external production of food to get the relationship to equality and oneness again

So - you're not going to change it by not eating foods/certain types of foods - your body already conditioned itself to the relationships towards food as it exist. However - there are many indulgences - lol; that can be changed to moderation - it's all about moderation and not falling into the trap of consumerism

What would be the guidelines of modification if it is necessary to have the best food support for the body? We're going to have to do extensive research here as we walk our physical processes in engineering foods that really assist/support Our relationship /living with the Physical as the physical and not the mind - however, for within establishing an equal money system- there is sufficient research in foods/origins and their consequences - so, what we do is develop a programme of researching each individual's physical condition/status - all of it, and what foods/diet would support/assist the physical in its current condition and walk from there / also within that - develop the human relationship with the physical, transforming the physical transforming foods - it will take 'reverse engineering' of foods/our physical relationship to get it to equality and oneness again -a very long process ahead.

When we eat, we consume another living being, at the moment; there is nothing we can do about it, so there is no point to judge ourselves for eating. Once we have walked and transcended many other things, we’ll be strong enough to find a solution for eating.

Psychodrama/ Freedom Breathing


I have seen people in group therapies, the simple fact of being together, facing suffering, personalities, minds, in a self supportive communion moment, is by itself a beautiful and a strong cure. But in a meditation conducted by a theatre teacher using Osho techniques and psicodrama I watched something that amazed me.

The meditation is named "freedom breathing" and consists on open mouth strong breathing, like if you were running for a long time until you feel pain in a certain part of your body. I felt a lot of pain in my abdomen and then you let your pain go out as an emotion; some people felt anger, some fear, some laughter, I felt sadness mixed with anger. So you can scream, or cry or take a cushion and yell with all your strength to it and also grab it and hit it to the floor.

The goal is to take out the emotion installed into your body by these cathartic means. I screamed a lot, hit a lot and cried a lot; in fact I could not stop crying for several days, even when I was happy,easy, calmed, or sleeping tears came out from my eyes. After a week of being like that, I felt like a little baby, like a kid, so happy and released,,so free that for a long time I was always in a humorous mood and with a lot of creativity”


What happens within these ‘techniques’ is the following: You possess yourself with the energy-bodies that has accumulated within your unconscious-mind and physical-mind. These energy-bodies are ‘entities’ that we create through the Mind over an extended period of time throughout our lives, and they layer and accumulate within the human physical body/mind and would usually ‘come out’ / ‘discharge’ through events that happen/that we confront in our world/reality through conflict. But, what always happen when these ‘energy bodies of emotions/feelings’ discharge, is that the very system/pattern/personality that created it becomes ‘solidified’, because every time a discharge manifests, a ‘electrical surge’ disperses throughout the system that created the energy, and in that surge, the system further integrates into the physical, and then the mind ‘resets’ itself and you start recreating the same energy-body – ready for the next discharge and reset; and so human beings solidify and further integrate/validate their existence as the Mind.

This ‘technique’ you mention here, then acts the same as an event/confrontation you’d face in reality where energy-bodies of personalities/the mind ‘discharge’; but in no way actually assist/support you in your process of self-awareness in the physical; because you have not walked the process through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind and investigated the detail of how you created the emotions/feelings as energy-bodies of personalities that created the reactions in the first place and then be able to REALLY stop it: once and for all. One can only in fact develop self-awareness and once and for all stop energy-bodies/personalities as reactions through walking the practical process in/through the mind in getting to know yourself as it to find out how you created yourself in the first place and to then only really in fact change you. This ‘technique’ only ‘resets’ the mind, solidifies the personalities/system into the physical that created the energy body in the first place and so you time-loop yourself in the mind, and will recreate the exact same energy-body again. The ‘experience’ you had afterwards is simply the polarity-opposite of what you initially initiated through the mind with becoming possessed by, discharging and resetting the mind/system/personality within the ‘technique’ and so, for a while you’ll experience/be the ‘opposite’ until all the old shit simply returns in the thoughts, backchats and reactions and there you’re back where you started.

Therefore, understand – energies is simply the friction/power source of the entire Mind Consciousness System and only working with ‘energies’ of the entire Mind, will in no way assist/support transcendence of the mind in the physical, because energies as emotions/feelings is the OUTFLOW of the entire Mind, like the ‘end result’ and you will find no answers to yourself with only approaching yourself through Energy. To realize/see/understand how you create energy/reactions – you have to walk yourself through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind to find the programs, words, definitions, memories, people, past experiences that interact/interplay to create your reactions/energy experiences in the Physical.

So, this ‘technique’ is A LOT of fun for the Mind as it solidified itself in the physical, but compromise any chance for self to in fact reach self-realization within any points, that self has in fact practically walked for self through writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application.


(continued) but what surprised me most was a middle age woman, when connected to pain she touched her genitalia and started yelling to somebody "let me alone, go away,I hate you, I hate you"

The meditation guide went with her and started pushing her deeper, acting the roll of that character, and said "yes I will fuck you, I fuck you you’re mine" so she went even more angry, and said "you are not my dad, you’re a monster" so it got clear that she was very young abused by her own father, and the guide said "yes I’m your daddy and love fucking you" he didn`t touch her just words "I can use you, I can do whatever I want with you, you are my girly"

She went so pissed off and screamed so loud and repeated so many times "I hate you go away" until she vomited a black substance and got laid on the floor, unconscious for a while, then she woke up crying and the guide took a couple of people to assist her hugging her.

After she recovered she shared to all the she didn’t know she was abused and less by her own father, she didn’t remember anything until that catharsis, that her father was dead and now she could forgive him; and also that she was seriously ill in that part of her body. Some months later I got to know that after that experience the cancer tumor she had on her uterus disappeared, with no medical explanation.

For me is clear that the abuse that she suffered during her early childhood stuck as a mind system of resentment and fear emotions in her genital zone - and when she got to that catharsis that system was released. Is that possible?


It is very easy for the Mind to Manipulate Energy – meaning, to take energy experiences/reactions you have and control the information/memories/images/past experiences that comes up in your Mind. So, in relation to her relating her energy-reactions to abuse, it’s very easy for the mind to filter memories of thoughts/backchat/internal conversations or conversations with others or even movies where she may have had similar energetic reactions towards when she saw abuse through others/in magazines/in movies, and all of that comes rushing into the conscious-mind where it becomes distorted and then the being can believe that what they initially only reacted to in conversations/had seen in films/movies etc. actually happened to them: when it did not.

Remember, at the moment – you are in no way the divertive principle of the mind, and so – it’s very easy for the mind to manipulate/control its own information for its own survival. Therefore, we suggest writing, self forgiveness, self corrective application where you stabilize yourself in the physical with breath as you walk through your mind and get to know how you created yourself as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind so assist/support you to ‘return to the physical’ and learn what it means to live with/as self/expression and not as thoughts/energies of the mind.

With regards to the ‘miraculous’ cure – many dimensions/dynamics are at interplay here – with regards to the human physical body, some bodies simply have the capacity to correct itself, others do not and is much in line with the beings’ individual process in existence. So – relating a ‘miracle cure’ to a technique – then this should work for all, equally as one: which it does not. So – careful of relating miracles to techniques where existence and the physical is much, much, much more and there are many dimensions within existence that are at work and can in no way equate an apparent ‘miracle’ to one point, because you have no reference of what that beings process in existence is.


So, I would suggest sticking to utilizing breathing in EVERY MOMENT, to assist/support your process of walking into the physical out of the Mind, to walk through your Mind practically – in writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application and actually get to the origins/causes/sources of what create reactions/energies in us in the first place, so that we can stop energy and birth ourselves as the living word to actually walk self-expression in the physical – all of which is a process, and no ‘miracle technique’ exist: only Self walking it step, by step: practically.

This technique is no different to self throwing an energy-tantrum, then feeling a momentary release but then the shit just come back again tenfold. So – stabilize yourself in your body with breath, and stabilize you within the mind through writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application. This is how we see who’s really Real/Serious about life, about considering/regarding all as one as equal and Really wanting to make a difference in this world: those who realize that there isn’t a miracle-cure – that we’re going to have to walk this step by step, breath by breath and those that do walk this – has the courage and integrity to see this through. Anything else – will only perpetuate the Illusion, walking with breath in the physical out of the Mind: is returning to reality to sort out this existence as ourselves.

Meridians/ Acupuncture/ Balancing Energy

The Relationship between Consciousness and Meridians

2012: Energy Dependency vs. Self-Trust

Interviews on Energy and Experience through the Mind and what is the physical-alignments of physical energy in the body and how to - for example, assist and support the body with the meridians / acupuncture so as to not utilize such practices to 'balance energy' as that balancing is the balance of "mind energy" - but, to utilize such practices is establishing where within the body you're accumulating mind-energy that is disrupting the 'physical body equilibrium / natural expression' and assist/support self with writing and self forgiveness.

In this interviews we illustrate how Consciousness has been programmed within the Nature of Energy of emotions and feelings, where we would trust this 'Mind Energy' in moments of decisions/choices and the consequences this starting-point of self-separation create for ourselves within our worlds, and the difference between this and establishing Self-Trust where SELF becomes the directive principle in making decisions/walking into directions within one's life instead of the Mind/Consciousness/Energy.